Monday, May 28, 2012

Mega Man X2 Dashes to European Virtual Console This Week

Surprise! Mega Man X2 is coming to the European Wii Virtual Console this Thursday, May 31st. We've been waiting for this one to drop since late 2011, and it looks like Europe's got first dibs ahead of Japan and North American. Official press release below:

"Defend against a band of Maverick Reploid rebels known as X-Hunters with the help of Dr Light’s new upgrades. Seek out the capsules to equip X with a Double Charge Shot, Body Armour and more. X can also ride in vehicles like the Mobile Attack Armour and Mobile Attack Cycle. What’s more, X can use the abilities of defeated Mavericks to turn the enemies’ weapons against them."

As per usual, the Super Nintendo classic will run you 800 Wii Points.

Nintendo of America has yet to announce this week's Nintendo Download; with any luck we could see X2 hit our shores Thursday, too! 

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK


  1. Wow.. I can't wait for Megaman X2 USA hopefully but what about Megaman 6 ? I wonder. Hmm. Thanks for updating, RockmanCorner. :D

  2. @First Anon: 6 will be tricky. It never received a European release, and Nintendo themselves had to publish it in NA. Meaning it's legal situation is... more difficult.

    I must be blunt though. I saw this coming. With this being the Wii's final summer, and a quiet one at that, it was suspected that they'd try to fill it with some VC titles. I wouldn't be surprised if 6 and X3 pop up too.

  3. @Second Anon,

    I hope so! After X3, Rockman & Forte (USA version might be release for the first time in English instead of GBA version??) Can't wait. :)

  4. I want Mega Man 7 on the VC too.

  5. Oh yeah, Megaman 7 too. I forgot about that too. :P

    I hope that American version might have lost Roll translation and ending as well, I think.


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