Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's a Wee Bit of Mega Man in This Week's Community Episode

Indisputable fact: NBC's Community is great. If the past three season's haven't made that apparent enough, this week's episode is poised to do so. Titled “Digital Estate Planning,” the episode throws the gang into a nostalgic video game adventure...

The above clip is a little taste of what's to come tomorrow night. But how does this even remotely relate to Mega Man? Observe Jeff Winger's jump. Yup; that's a pretty striking similarity to Mega Man's classic jumping sprite. Very cool, wouldn't you say?

I think Winger's jogging animation is a bit reminiscent of Mega Man's, too, but I can't be certain. Well, I guess I'll have to tune in to get a better look! The three-part season finale kicks off tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. YES. This is a great.

  2. thank god this got renewed.

  3. that slide looked a bit familiar too

  4. This is why Community is awesome.


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