Thursday, May 31, 2012

Neo Devroom Event #2: Ruin Roundup

Following the success of the weapon design contest, the Neo Devroom is back with another community-wide event. This time, your task is to conceptualize a ruin for our favorite Digger to explore. What sort of twists and turns, traps and surprises will Mega Man face? It's entirely up to you.

The general rules are as follows:

"Here it is, folks, the second of GetMeOffTheMoon's Neo Devroom Events! The name of the game is ruin conceptualization--Mega Man's been through tons of ruins with all sorts of unique motifs behind them, so we're on the lookout for rough concepts that could provide the foundation for a brilliantly engaging ruin.

Now we're not looking for maps or intricate layouts here. We're looking to get a general feel for what these ruins are going to be like. Images are optional, but they can serve as a huge asset to your designs.  To add some depth to the event, we're also requiring a minimum of one environmental hazard to compliment your ruin description.  Of course, if you can describe your ruin very well using text only, you're more than welcome to go for it."

Of course, what's an event without cool prizes? The first-place winner will receive a framed Mega Man Legends 3 poster, autographed by Keiji Inafune. Other prizes for subsequent placing winners include a spiffy Mega Man Volnutt t-shirt, and a custom-made hardcover Japanese-bound unlined notebook featuring a painting of Mega Man exploring your ruin.

The contest doesn't officially begin until tomorrow, June 1st, but it couldn't hurt to get a head start. Full contest rules can be found here, and you can also join in the discussion on Capcom Unity.


  1. I cant wait to see what the the fans will come up with this time !

  2. Oh man, this would have definitely been one of my most favorite events to part-take in.

    Too bad I'm a little too busy for that.


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