Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fan Game Puts You in the Shoes of TMoTB's Tuttle

There are a lot of Mega Man fan games currently in production, but this one is just so charming, so downright cool I just had to share it with you all. Behold! "Tuttle's Legendary Travels."

You know who Tuttle is, right? He's a snazzily dress minor character from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Bit of a strange man, but Legendary Travels hopes to shine some light behind his character:

"Tuttle's Legendary Travels is an epic adventure spanning five original islands set in the world of Mega Man Legends. When Tuttle overhears the plans of air pirates about to depart on a mission that promises great adventure and treasure, he takes off in pursuit to seek the adventure and treasure for himself"

"Legendary Travels" is a large-scale project from fAB and Blyka of the Mega Man Legends Station. The project has been in development for a few months now, and the team are preparing to launch a Devroom-style community in which YOU can help make the game. The finished product will be a 3D platformer on par with the Mega Man Legends titles in terms of quality and scale.

Pretty exciting, no? For more information, please check out the game's development blog and FAQ.

Thanks for the tip, Dashe!


  1. They are using my favorite girl design, so that's a plus :)

  2. This is very cool

  3. Ha! Nice! Hopefully these guys will get some of the heavy hitters from the L3 dev room! Now I will wait for Capcom's cease and desist to come in just as this begins looking like a finished game.

  4. Sounds pretty cool. It took me a while to realize the girl was from the fan decision poll for Legends 3.

    As a reader, I wouldn't mind updates on this project, personally.

  5. And yet still no love for MMBNCX? Seriously, you'll have no choice once demo 4 is out.

  6. Chrono X is a sprite-hack.who cares?

  7. That's called ignorance to the extreme. You clearly don't know squat about Chrono X. It has an engine completely made from scratch, and has the most progress of any MegaMan Battle Network fan game to date. It is in no way a hack.

  8. @Anonymous
    Chrono X? it is not a hack. It is being programmed from scratch, in GameMaker.
    Seriously, it has minor differences which shows it is not a rom file of any sort.

  9. I completely agree with anon1, as that is also my favorite prototypical Aero design! :D

  10. Dafuq did I just read? Someone calling CX a hack? *_* You sir are so full of fail it's not even funny. Please know your facts before commenting

  11. Thank you all for coming to the defense. I don't know all of Crono X's details, but even I know its not a hack. I've heard certain writers of video games and comic books having more in common with Rockman No Con[si]stancy than Chrono X.

  12. How could it even be a hack? If it were a hack, the author has done some serious re-modelling of almost all the geometry and characters, along with high res texture the PSX could never handle(and maybe even the PS2). I know you can up the resolution of PSX and PS2 on emulators, but there are certain aspects that remain limited, and textures are one of those things.

  13. Wait, wait, wait....somebody actually is developing a Fanmade engine that resembles Mega Man Legends?!?!?!? Am I the only one who is thinking about the posibilities if the engine is developed as open source?!?

  14. Wow, this looks excellent! Glad to see that more of MegaMan's glorious fanbase is capable of doing things like this.

    @Anon With Chrono X Remark
    Chrono X is not a hack. It's a .exe file made in GameMaker.

    @People Who Defended Chrono X
    Thank you so much.

    However, I hate for this comment section to turn into a Chrono X thing. Let's simply discuss this fangame, shall we? After all, it's big enough for Protodude to report about it.

  15. @Killer336: Okay, I'll say this. The look feels very much like Legends, only much smoother as 3 was hinting at. I like what I see, and not saying it because of how the Aero design I voted for looks in 3-dimensions. I hope they continue with this and wish them luck in their endeavor.

  16. The trend continues. Fan games prosper when Capcom can't even think of "ideas" for the franchise. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

    Oh and yeah, if Capcom has the guts to send a cease and desist letter, then fuck 'em. That would just be completely ridiculous.

  17. I think the modeling and texturing team should take a lesson from the Musashi(the one for PS2).
    Not the cell shading or anything like that. Currently "Lily"'s model is missing something.

  18. *looks at bottom right photo of image*

    'Not actual gameplay footage'

    Now that doesn't get my hopes up.

  19. @Protodude: Um unfortunately I feel you are getting hopes up about a game that is already taking a bad route.

    If you look at the bottom right of all 3 screenshots, you'll notice it says 'Not actual gameplay footage', meaning the game may not have a proper engine.

    What you are looking at may just be models posed in a posing program. Meaning already it's taking the route of most BN fangames.

    We don't have confirmation the game has a working engine under the hood, and we don't have anything actually running on that engine.

    I'm extremely skeptical right now of the title. Most fangames that do this before the engine is confirmed to work have generally bombed and gone under. The rare ones like CX, that wait until they have the engine ready and can show actual pictures and footage, succeed greatly and show great promise.

    Please Protodude, while it is rude of me to ask, please don't post fangames until it is a confirmed fact we have a working engine and actual gameplay footage. The last thing we need is things getting the fans hopes up, only to go under.

  20. @Torchman:

    Oh, you'd be surprised what fAB and Blyka have produced in the past. They are more than capable. I have no doubt things will turn out just dandy.

    You can see some of their more recent work here: http://arcade.legends-station.com/

  21. Shut up, Torchman. They're using Unity not some cheap sprite hack for stupid CX stuff.

    This things built from scratch.

  22. @May 9, 2012 10:11 PM Anon: CX ain't a sprite hack son. It's called the team actually gives a shit about quality. Max is willing to take his time with the engine, which was made from scratch in game maker, and push it back to fine tune it, and they have very good spriters and writers. It's why the game isn't out yet. Stop being ignorant of others work. Its statements like yours that causes tension among fans.

    @Protodude: But this is different. This is essentially making a Battle Network game from scratch but harder. I'd rather have something solid to see and hold than those pictures. If the pictures didn't have 'Not actual game footage' on them, I wouldn't be in this state.

  23. Most fan games use placeholder graphics for their game for various reasons. The fact those screenshots say they aren't actual game play shows they have confidence in their game. I will also take Protodude's word for it that they can produce quality. I would like to see that.

    It's probably fans like you that don't earn the fanbase any support. Your ignorance is quite outstanding, that, or you're trolling. You're doing a terrible job at it if you are in fact trolling, F.Y.I.

    If you are a Legends supporter (most likely this fan game's supporter), then fine. The thing with MegaMan is, is that everyone's tastes are met. However, blatant false accusations of other fan games are simply not needed.

    With the state of the franchise, it is even more important for us to support these kinds of efforts. Chrono X is not a hack of any kind. It was built from scratch, like you claim this game to be (and I'll believe it).

    Good luck to this fan game, I wish it well. I can tell you from first-hand experience that it will NOT be easy. Ignorant fans, haters, the workload, keeping the team together. It's stressful and can really get to someone. More power to you.

  24. For those of you giving supportive comments, we thank you. We'll be giving it our all to make this a game worth looking forward to.

    Naturally there will be the skeptics and who can blame them? It is a big project. But we are most definitely committed to making it happen. Both Blyka and I have been involved in numerous projects that have spanned years and we know what sort of resolve is required (for one example check out Blyka's SuperDanny 2, which was developed solo in Game Maker over the span of four years).
    We felt it was important to include the "not actual gameplay footage" message so as not to make it appear that the project is further along than it actually is. We're very sorry to find out it's having such an adverse effect for some people. Hopefully enough time and hard work will sweep away any doubts that people have.

    Sorry Protodude that you're receiving flak for it. We really appreciate you spreading the word, especially as we want to build a following as quickly as possible for the sake of holding successful Events.

  25. I’ not sure whether to be surprised or not. But we still have Phil’s MegaMan Unlimited, which was not mentioned on this post (but I’m sure it was mentioned earlier in February)., and I am currently working on a MegaMan Mania GB game with a friend. Though it’s still in heavy development, but you think it’s worth a mention?


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