Thursday, January 26, 2012

Merti Figure Gets Some Much Needed Color

Hellooo nurse! Figure site FG has revealed more photos and details of the upcoming Merti garage kit from Yama Tai Koku. Below is what you'd end up with without additional painting and detailing:

As you can no doubt see, the completed figure is quite revealing; more so than the source material. Then again, I don't hear anyone complaining.

Accessory-wise, the kit will come with three face plates with different expressions, expressions, three hand types, and Merti's trusty lance. If you want articulation, you'll have to purchase the joints separately. There's no word on additional decals such as eyes, so you might end up having to paint or scribe those on yourself. Needless to say, you'll have your work cut out for you!

Merti is planned to debut at the Winter 2012 Wonder Festival, on February 12th. But if you’re diligent enough, you might be able to find it elsewhere. Good luck!

Source: The Mega Man Network


  1. That isn't completed. You can see parts on the figure where it wasn't fully painted in. Like on her thong armor, you can see the straps to the side. Plus, I doubt they intended her to go bare-ass as well.

  2. The figure itself is great but this character's design is just not fitting for MegaMan.

  3. That doesn't seem fully painted to me. You can see lines for where the black goes, unless I'm way off.

  4. I hope that still has some finishing paint yet to be done.

    Because right now, it doesn't seem accurate to the source.

    Which is more of a shame than being more revealing, honestly.
    (But then, I'm a guy. ;) )

  5. @HyperSonicEXE

    Nope! Thats her all done. Well just in a straight build. The parts are in colored resin. Not paint. Painting would be painting details on her where needed. But thats her just in a straight build.

  6. how the hell im i going to know the ball joints that ill use on this fig?
    (already preordered it) thanks

  7. @RayZX

    LOL!!! Noob. LOL!!! You know its people like you who these type of kits, resin kits, aren't meant for. I'm guessing if you do happen to get it it'll just be still in its box, unbuilt, siting in a corner and collecting dust. What a complete waste of money, time, and the sculptors talent.
    If you happen to get it and don't want it no more cause you can't build her or something, let me know and i'll take her off your hands and i'll give her a good home with my collection. ;)

  8. ^ kids these days, whats your parents feed you for that immaturity of yours?

  9. @RayZX

    Hmmm... It doesn't seem like immaturity, more like the truth. I also hate people who purchase resin kits just because they look cool or of the character and yet they can't build the very kit! While someone else could of bought it that knows how to build it and paint it and such.
    Your just in denial when you just got told the truth! But at least the person is offering to purchase it off of you so it won't go to waste. I'm guessing you won't even know where to get brass rods if the kit requires some. You might want to consider the person's offer since it appears you won't be able to build her since you don't even know what type, brand, or sizes of ball joints you'll need to build her.

  10. god, im just asking... is that too much for you all to answer and you'll just give me that kind of answer?

    yes, this will be my first garage kit, is that so bad? no, im asking for advice here in the first place...

    god, please help this people...


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