Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cap Off the Holidays With 'Mega Man's Christmas Carol II'

For many of us the Holiday Season is drawing to a close. In just a little while, it will become a thing called January 2nd. Once prized Christmas trees will be sent to the garbage. All the dazzling lights and cherished ornaments are put away. The kids are back at school.  But before we face the reality of January 2nd, what better way to cap off the season of joy with a wonderful homebrewed Mega Man game? A special holiday-themed one, at that!

Sprites Inc., your one-stop shop for Mega Man sprites, has released "Mega Man's Christmas Carol II", the official sequel to last year's hit fan-game. Set one year after the events of the Charles Dickens crisis, the Light family nestles in for a cozy Christmas. Ah, but what's this? The tree and presents are gone?! It's the Grinch! Oh, wait; it's just Dr. Wily... dressed as santa. Yep, the man is really picking at straws this time. Nevertheless, Mega Man's got a job to do -- Christmas depends on it!

It's a very short and humorous bite-sized game. Give it a whirl and relish in the holiday spirit one last time. You can download Mega Man's Christmas Carol II here.

Of note, the game is still in the "beta phase", so updates and minor tweaks are to be expected. If you come across any bugs or glitches, alert the Sprites Inc. crew and they'll see what they can do.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  2. Hopefully next year, Wily will prepare 8 Rankin/Bass themed bosses.


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