Sunday, January 29, 2012

What if Mega Man Star Force 3 Was an NES Game?

The above video comes from Tarbo-san, who's been toiling away at re-creating bits and pieces of Mega Man Star Force 3's most memorable scenes in 8-bit style. This month, he's showing off a more solidified version of his 8-bit SF3 mini games, updated for 2012. Even if it's nothing more than a conceptual video (and not a reflection of an actual fan-game), the prospect of playing Star Force in 8-bit had my heart racing.

You can check out more of Tarbo-san's goodies at his blog (entirely in Japanese) and his official YouTube channel.


  1. Okay, I've got to admit, that was pretty fun to watch! ...sort of makes me want to go pick up the 3rd game again!

    It's amazing that the fan games are better than the stuff Capcom's been putting out lately on this front, but I guess I can't be surprised at that. Fans are really passionate people who can come up with wonderful new takes on what we already know and love!

  2. This is VERY, VERY old.


    There's also that Roll Wily Tower NES fangame that HE made as well.

    I think he's the guy behind RM8FC's pttune music.

    It's awesome either way. Remember when I said Capcom needed to look further and deeper with the 8-bit paraphernalia? I meant this.

  3. @MusashiAA

    Video was posted three days ago. Features cripser, updated gameplay.

    And your problem is what?

  4. >video uploaded Jan 26, 2012

    yeah no.

    Anyway, this is pretty awesome.

  5. The project is very old, dates back to about 1-2 years ago.

    Ergo, old.

  6. Updated for 2012.

    Technically, not old.

  7. It's a massive improvement over the Star Force that is, but like the genuine article it would still be overloaded with monotonous enemy-grinding and waaaaay too much dialog.

  8. The first drafts for this project were in the first two screens of Spark Man's stage, testing out the basic gameplay translation concepts:

    "Uploaded by megacocorock on May 12, 2010"

    2 years ago. Old.

  9. @2years old: The blog post is focused on the video that was posted this month. Therefore, shut up and stop being an idiot.

  10. @MusashiAA Who cares if it's VERY, VERY old? Give the people who haven't heard about this project a chance to look at it. It's not like everyone has the time or energy to spend all day looking at every single Mega Man fan game out there.

  11. >assuming that i assume that old WIP fangames are bad because they're old.

    >looks at project Halcyon


  12. I still have not played Star force 3 T_T I dont think it will come here. But that is an awesome video, I had no idea about it!!

  13. Cool. I want to get the game. :)


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