Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vote For The Next D-Arts Figures From Bandai!

Bandai/Bluefin wants to know what direction to take the Mega Man D-Arts line next, and they need your help! The toy manufacturer is now accepting ideas for which Mega Man characters you’d like to see a D-Arts action figure of. Your mission is officially a go!

The event, which will ultimately determine the next D-Arts product(s), is split between two polls:

Poll 1: "We are letting fans add their own choices to vote on possible future figure releases along with some of our choices. Fans will vote on our Facebook page and we will take the top 7 highest polling numbers. We expect to see all sorts of character names thrown on here and will be quite interesting to see since it will be open to ALL megaman games/universes. This poll will be open for 1 week starting Jan 16, 2012 until Jan 23, 2012."

Poll 2: "The top 7 from the previous poll will be put on a new poll in order to measure the level of desirability among those seven. This won't have an official end date."

You're pretty much free to suggest ideas for anything. No matter how obscure the character -- be it Eddie, Nana, iX, or the Green Biker Dude -- Bandai and Bluefin want to hear your voice! Simply drop a comment at this Facebook post and hope for the best.


  1. Amusing to see Megaman Legend's Roll suggested in the comments before Megaman Trigger himself.

  2. Kind of wish they would have stuck with just the X series, at least for a while. :/

  3. Did they ever release that Vile figure that was shown a while back?

  4. "Wily Man", "Dr. Light (Hadouken Version)", "Marty", "Giga Auto", "Inspector", "Paprika", "Uncle Digg", "Paprika", "Wolff", "Anguille", "Roze" and "Dande"!

  5. Lets see.....

    Well, any other character besides X and Axl. No more variant Xs in different armors. Axl, he doesn't even exist according to Capcom. So why waste a figure chance with a character that doesn't exist with someone that does exist like Sigma, Alia, Iris, or Colonel. If anything villains! It'd very cool to have a Double figure that can transform! But any maverick would do! Any! We need bad guys! No more heroes!!!!!!!

  6. Green Biker Dude!!! Complete with Bike and Crash Dummy-esque explosion ability!

    Seriously, I hope Trigger gets a D-Arts figure. And if it happens, I think it should be based off of the final design from Mega Man Legends 3. That way, people will wonder why he looks so much different than what he did in the first two games, which will then direct them to.... !!!

  7. I wanna see the x hunters and the X2 armor. They don't get enough love.

  8. >20xx
    >No Facebook account

    I'd vote, but I don't have an account.

  9. Ask the guys at the Capcom-Unity forums how well democracy works.

  10. I hope it's possible for people without a Facebook to participate in this somehow, because that would be super lame otherwise...

    But yeah, Sigma and Iris would be my top choices if they continue with the X series. I'd LOVE to see some figures from the Zero series, though, like Craft or the Guardians, or maybe even Omega.

  11. I have simple solution to those without an account. Get an account on facebook. Its not hard, and you don't even have to use your real name or info. Hell, I have had an account for over a year that says my name is Rockman.

  12. I wonder if they could make a Light Capsule to put other figures in.


  14. After registering Facebook and choosing a figure, please also join the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3! :) (2 in 1!)

  15. AHEM!!!... Axl. All I ask, is... Axl. Please. Thank you.

    On the other hand... I think I saw Red mentioned in the previous post about this very interesting development for us Mega Man fans. And I can really agree with that suggestion as well, so, uh... yeah. Red from Mega Man X7, too. 'Tis all.

  16. Mega Man.EXE would be awesome to have in a 'quality' figure. Though Sigma would be good to go along with the Mega Man X line.

    Although, it would be awesome to have some enemies.. Like the Bee Blader.. Or at least a Mettaur bonus. :D

  17. I'm hesitant to vote on anything X-related since they might do it already.

    So, VirusBeast Gospel all the way, baby!

  18. No facebook. :s

    X2 armour needs to be made, but we need a fitting X1 Sigma too.

  19. Vote Bass and Treble people!!!
    Bass was 4th is the last poll, we need badass Bass and Treble figures!!!

  20. iX? Who's iX? What game did he come from?

    I want a Sigma figure! Then Axl! Then....


  21. Well I'd say the time has finally come. I think we all know what we have to do.

    Voltman's time is upon us. Let's not let it slip through our fingers.

  22. @ZeroX_Syaoran

    I remember seeing iX on a trading card. I think he's in the manga.

  23. I'm disappointed in you, Protodude. No more love for Megaman Trigger since Legends 3 went to the dumpster?

  24. The Oblivious PrattlerJanuary 15, 2012 at 3:29 PM

    My dream: Spider. :P
    But I know that's silly, so...Axl. I say Axl. =)

  25. megaman x2 armor is my favorite, or maybe golden armor x

  26. I gunna totally put
    Iris (X4 Version)
    Shadow Armor X
    Squid Adler
    Jet Stingray
    & Snipe Anteator to name a few ^_*

  27. So i voted in the poll, but they have Zero 2nd Version and Vile as options. WTH Bandai? Will they not be released if they don't win the polls?

  28. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! Whoa.

    I -need- that Zero Version 2.

    Totally voting Zero Version 2.

  29. They really shouldn't have put Zero v2 and Vile in that poll. Those should already be a given considering se have pics and whatnot. Now they are up in the air. Also, you can vote for every single character if you want. There seems to be no limit.

  30. @Turian

    They've only been shown, it doesn't mean they'll be released. Figuarts Master Asia had prototype pics up for years but he's unreleased. Only recently did they show him again, with other figures to go with him.

  31. And the ballot stuffing begins. This is sometimes why I dislike this fandom. (ib4 we can't have nice things comment)

    Why can't characters that don't have figures already released in the world have a chance? I guess it's just wishful thinking looking at the top 10 currently...

  32. "Why can't characters that don't have figures already released in the world have a chance?"

    It's called Demand. If something won't sell, why produce it?

  33. @Anon

    I thought we where voting for something special, not voting to make sure that two of the most popular characters,and already have prototypes get made. I mean DUH we want Vile and Zero V2.

  34. whoah now thats stupid? we need those v2 and vile v1!! gawd and why theres keiji inafune there?! lol!!

  35. I'm with all of Anon 12's woes here. I don't really want to have a collection of figurines with several of X's armor versions. Or each version of Zero's minor redesigns.

    I'm just depressed this is such a limited series. I'd like to have a shot at figurines that aren't of series-foundation characters.

    Take Zain for instance. I don't bring him up just to prove I am aware of the recesses of the franchise. I wasn't a huge fan of Xtreme, I don't know if anyone is. But I do think Zain looks awesome, and could honestly say I'd like to own a piece of his likeness. But he'll make the cutoff for the 70th D-Arts series at the current rate.

  36. Seems I was named, thanks!

    It's not to sound rude or be ungrateful, but Trigger's already got a minimum of 4 figures released in Japan. Google or ebay him and he's easily found. Some of these characters have never ever gotten figures and unless they get into the top 7 (or in most cases, the top 2) then they never will.

    I know that you 'Get Me Off the Moon' people are passionate folks but please don't use this as part of your soapbox. You've got plenty of other ways to go about this and some other characters that deserve part of the spotlight as well.

  37. @Anon12:
    sure, Rock Volnutt got a few figures, but exactly how many of them were quality figures?
    I think before any second character gets a quality figure, it should be the MAIN CHARACTERS getting one. We have Classic Rockman, Protoman, X, Zero from both series.I believe EXE had a few good figures, but I'm not sure. I couldn't care less about Green Biking Dude and co. while there's no Volnutt, EXE and Omega-Xis.
    On a similiar note, I do think that every other Legends character making it to the top7 is just GMOtM and other Legends fans bitching. But Volnutt, I think he deserves that place. Hope you don't get offended or anything, that wasn't what I was trying to do.

  38. @Truner

    No, no offense taken, I'm quite fine with having reasonable conversation!

    I'll agree that main characters from other series would be okay, but sadly, evidence has popped up on multiple pages (facebook along with a few message boards and the like) have evidence that people are basically just stuffing the ballot boxes and won't buy the figures (and have even said so!)

    But yes, I'll agree that Main Characters should get a chance as well. Hopefully, we'll get some good figures out of this as well.

  39. So does this mean zero version 2 and vile may not get released even though there's already prototypes of those figures?

  40. Bass with Treble Boost! Bass with Treble Boost! Bass with Treble Boost! YEAH!!!

  41. I hope they still release the zero version 2 and vile figures that had prototypes shown not too long ago. it would be a huge slap in the face to the fans to not at least release those two when there are already prototypes made.

    that being said if they do decide to release those two figures and continue with the series i'd like to see:

    x2 armor
    x3 armor
    ultimate armor
    the x hunters
    bit and byte from mm x3
    double from x4
    dr doppler
    vile mk II
    ride armor that the figures can sit in.
    also maybe some figures of the megamissions characters like x's evil twin ix or rx or whatever his name is.

    until then, i'm still glad I have my mega armor series figures from the 90's better then nothing at all.

  42. so protodude any news on the winners?

  43. looks like I missed the boat on voting, oh well. Would LOVE to see Bass and Treble from the original series with the same kind of look as the other figures they have released (just discovered them)


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