Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mega Man Saves the Mushroom Kingdom Again In Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2

The sensational video game mash-up that swept the internet in 2010 is back. Mega Man and the likes of other gaming icons return to yield the perils of the Mushroom Kingdom in the upcoming sequel, Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.

If it wasn't apparent enough, Crossover 2 boast spiffy new 16-bit era graphics, which is just awesome-sauce. The game will be available in a couple of months, playable directly at Exploding Rabbit. If you loved the first, you'll no doubt dig this outing.

Thanks for the tip, Jimb0!


  1. For those who lack proper internet...

    It's going to have Megaman, Protoman, Bass, and Rock(his non-helmet form)

  2. Couldn't they use the Mega Man from Mega Man 7?

  3. I don't think it'd be so convenient Jman. If Jay did use the Mega Man 7 sprite set he would have needed to make an original sprite set for specifically it to use the demoed Super Arm.

    In fact I imagine there's a few more weapons than the teased ones he's planed to use off of the first 22 robot masters. Which already have a weapon sheet in the Gameboy, NES, and the Wily Wars styles.

  4. It took way too long for them to show Bass in the trailer.


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