Monday, January 9, 2012

Mega Man and Sonic Team Up to Fight Cystic Fibrosis

A blue robot and a blue hedgehog working together? It's a crossover Archie Comics have been mulling over, but for now you'll have to make do with this: an original sketch of the dynamic duo drawn and signed by Archie's Ben Bates.

Elveen's Comics and Collectibles has opted to put up the exclusive sketch of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog up for auction in order to raise money for charity. Once the auction is closed and set, all benefits will go to Team Alyssa, a charity committed to fighting Cystic Fibrosis; a debilitating disease with sufferers requiring ongoing support with their health.

The bidding begins at $9.99, with six days and four hours left to go. If you’re interested in taking part, you’ll find the auction on eBay here. It's a splendid sketch that will look great on any collector's mantle! I wish Elveen's the best of luck in reaching their goal for a worthy cause.

Thanks for the tip, Mac!


  1. I hope they reach that goal, too. :)

  2. kick cystic fibrosis ass!

  3. My eBay name is year21XX he'd be estatic if I won it lol

  4. " It's a crossover Archie Comics have been mulling over"

    Best be serious, son.
    I've been waiting for that crossover for 20 years.
    The little kid in me would shit kittens to see that.

  5. *Examines the image*

    Hold on, wait a minute... That's Modern Sonic.


  6. On a somewhat unrelated note, congrats for being mentioned in Gameinformer, Protodude! But de-congratulations for censoring me.

  7. I hope that it is not a crossover one day. I dislike Sonic and it might ruin Megaman's image. It is better off leave alone non crossover between them.

  8. @anonymous #2

    Haters gonna hate.

    I look forward to an Archie crossover between them.

  9. I think I would be the happiest girl alive if Sonic and Mega Man were in a cross-over. I mean, they're pretty much my two favourite things ever!

  10. well theyve met before...

  11. Aww, people are barely bidding on it. That's not a lot of money to go towards the fight...


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