Thursday, January 19, 2012

Destructoid Talks Archie’s Mega Man With Ian Flynn

Destructoid's local Mega Man fan Tony Ponce had a little sit time to chat with the writer of Archie's Mega Man, Ian Flynn. There, Ian strongly hints at incorporations of the classic Game Boy games, giving Roll a more proactive role in the future, and the prospect of seeing brand-new Robot Masters, among other topics.

Here's a small taste of the interview:

Before we begin, I think some congratulations are in order. Mega Man #9 is out this month, which means you've just lapped the Dreamwave comic [short-run series that was cancelled once the studio closed]! Good for you guys!

Ha ha ha! Well, it's easy when you've got such a kickass team to back you up. Have you seen Ben Bate's pages? Good lord, man. He's phenomenal!

I'm glad things are going swimmingly. For a while, I was worried about the comic's future. I had heard something about low newsstand numbers.

If I recall correctly, I think that was MM #3, and that was a shipping issue. Actually, MM has been doing very well -- #2 broke the usual trend in comics by outselling #1. MM is doing very well, so no worries there!

And that's all while Capcom keeps CANCELLING EVERYTHING.
Actually, it was Capcom who brought the idea of a comic to us. They've been crazy supportive of the project. I know the rash of game cancellations looks suspect, but they've been nothing but cool with us.

Hear that? The comic is doing juuust fine. I know that has been a bit of a stresser for some of you, but rest easy; it's not going anywhere.

You can read the full interview here. Thanks for the heads up, Tony!


  1. Call me when Flynn can properly pace a comic book series and I'll care until then the pacing is just too bad for me to enjoy it.

    Shame really I had high hopes for it.

  2. This comic is awesome. Pacing issues? Pfft! Its awesome. Go read it peeps!

  3. I don't want new Robot Masters, especially after how the last comic adaption handled that...

  4. I'm just so glad the new archie run mega man comic isn't terrible. Idk wtf was going on with the other one "rocky" but jesus what an abysmal attempt at a mega man comic. Art was shit, story was shit, every single thing about it was just the shits.

  5. No! No new Robot Masters! You can't just create new ones! Only Capcom can and they don't want new ones or else they'd make new ones so SHUT UP!!!!11

    This summation of fan reaction posts brought to you by boredom.

  6. Like Ian himself said, with more than 80 official robot masters to pick from, do we really need new ones?

    About the interviw though, it was pretty damn fun. Wish more interviews were like this, actually


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