Monday, January 23, 2012

Updates From the Legendary TOM-PON

Staying on top of those fun-filled interviews between Rockman Unity's Ucchy and Capcom’s famed Naoya Tomita (aka TOM-PON)? If so, you'll be happy to know the latest installment in the ongoing video series is up for your viewing pleasure at Capcom Unity, divided into three parts. UPDATE: And a few more videos here, too!

Topics discussed throughout the individual videos this time are:

- Distribution of labor
- Why the Yellow Devil fight was a precursor to Dance Dance Revolution (and how to clear it with your eyes closed)
- How to make interesting platforms using a single color
- The lost robot masters of the first Mega Man
- and more!

This is definitely some of the more interesting batch of interviews to come out in a long time, so be sure to give 'em a watch. Complete coverage available at Capcom Unity. And don't forget: hit the CC button for subtitles!


  1. None of that stuff is covered in this episode! ha ha! Did you link the wrong video?

  2. @Cucumber:

    Check out the source link. It spans across three videos.

  3. learn2read, Cucumber.

  4. I didn't watch one of these till last night; after seeing one though, I had to go back and check all of them out!

    For any hardcore Mega Man fans, these are some really interesting and funny facts to hear during these.


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