Sunday, August 5, 2018

Roll Caskett 4Inch-Nel Now Available to Pre-Order

Sentinel's Roll Caskett 4Inch-Nel is now available to pre-order from AmiAmi. As previously announced, it's available in two versions:

  • REGULAR EDITION – Includes main figure, smiling face plate, hat head part, open hand parts (left and right), wrench hand part, display base.

So yeah; each version includes their own *exclusive* parts. Regular Edition gets Roll with her hat and wrench part. Limited Edition (again, an AmiAmi exclusive) gets the hatless head part and a little Data figure. I don't know why they're taking this approach, but there it is.

Both versions are expected to ship later in December. Grab a pre-order or two in the links above!


  1. The only thing that annoys me about this figure is the anti-consumerism. There's no reason they couldn't include both head parts in one pack, or the wrench hand. As for Data...honestly, if they felt they needed to, I'd be okay with him getting cut out. At the very least, offer a pack where all the head and hand parts are included, just omitting Data.

    But...but...I still can't's just such a damn great-looking figure! If I get one, I'm probably going to go for the hat one. It does a lot to compliment her design.

    1. I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that if they did that it would increase the price exponentially as well as make it a complete pain to get on the off hand market alone (finding the other nels, x being the hardest to find, are quite expensive to find if you don't get them at an auction.)

  2. This figure, as good as it looks, it's the pure definition of milking the fanbase. Not only the figure is too expensive but splitting two iconic things like Data and the hat is questionable, I'm sure there was a better way to make and exclusive version for Amiami than this.

  3. As much as I want that little Data. Buying both is just a bit much.. I think I'll stick with the standard and leave it at that.

  4. Man these Nel figures are overpriced.

  5. For a 4 inch figure with such limited accessories, that price is insane.

  6. I pre-ordered both. I never expected to get such great looking Mega Man figures, growing up I thought the jazwares ones were the best I could hope for. Call me a fanboy but Sentinel has my support.

  7. I got both too.... I hate myself for it too lol...

  8. Saw these on amiami Got so excited, but then I saw how they were selling them

    I want the figure but at that price with them separating parts like that, I can't support this practice

  9. lol... yeaaaah... I pre-ordered them both too... the price is pretty insane, and the shipping hasn't even been calculated yet... i'm sure the shipping's gonna hurt just as much. i bought the regular and "bad" variant 4 inch nel rockman for $50 each late last year, and they're already $180 each 9 months later... i don't want to risk that happening with Roll, especially if they ever make a 4 inch Tron... i'd be kicking myself later if that happened. (it's too bad one of the Roll figures doesn't have a sad face to go with the "bad" variant rockman's face)


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