Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stay Cool With the 25th Annivesary Hand-Fan

It's scorching hot in Japan this summer. The relentless heat is so bad that it's sending a record number of people to the hospital for heatstroke.

Sure, the cooling embrace of a home air conditioning system will keep you comfy at home. But what if you have to go outside? How do you stay cool? Well, if you happen to live in Odaiba, Capcom's got a little something for your troubles.

Capcom's retail store in Odaiba, the e-Capcom Odaiba Branch, is giving out a free Rockman 25th anniversary hand-fan with the purchase of 2,000 Yen worth of goods (roughly $25 USD). Okay, so maybe it's not as good as an ice-cold water bottle; however, it should do the trick for those little trips around the block. That and it looks fashionable.

If Rockman isn't your thing, there's nine other hand-fans to choose from: Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, and so on. See what those look like at Rockman-Unity.

Stay cool, everyone. You too, Ucchy. Maybe it's about time we take off that hat, yeah?


  1. Is it just me, or is all the 25th Anniversary stuff so... lazily made? Seriously, all they do is slap some 25-year-old sprites on it and call it a day.

    It's like they don't even care anymore.

  2. It's not just you, Prof. They're taking the easy way out.

    The soundtracks are way too predictable, too. It's like, okay; I have these things already.

  3. Laaaaaaaaame.

    I hope they announce something that's actually good.

  4. inb4 you all suck for not thinking this is awesome.

  5. I'm agreeing with you guys at this point. Nothing they've done for the 25th anniversary so far has been worth a damn really. They've treated Street Fighter like gold so far with all the events, announcements, and special shit they've done. And they've done it all year long for SF, but with Mega Man they've been telling us that the anniversary doesn't "officially" start until December. Which just tells me they haven't got anything planned, and what they are planning right now they're throwing together at the last minute.
    Capcom had better have something freaking spectacular once December rolls around. I don't even care if it's Legends 3 at this point, as long as it's a game or two.
    But come December, if we don't end up with the same treatment as SF got, I am officially done with this company. It's not like they make anything else I like to play anyhow.

  6. I can't wait for the obligatory influx of comments saying how we can't hate it because it has Mega Man on it.

  7. These observations about the 25th anniversary merch. have me wondering: if we didn't get two canceled games in a row, would the merch be any better?

    I looked at the other fans on offer, and even knowing that they're two different kinds of art, it's depressing how much plainer the MM one looks.

  8. Can all of you stop whining about the fucking merchandise being made in the run up to the 25th Mega Man anniversary? At least the franchise IS GETTING MERCHANDISE.

  9. @Zerker: Merch that's either over-priced or made with as little effort as possible.

    If they can put out more worthwhile stuff (like that delayed MMPU plush), I won't be as annoyed as I am currently.

  10. @Zerker

    The franchise HAS been getting merchandise...that's ALL it's been getting. Some good, some bad, but christ, we'd like some games. No more 8-Bit retro style games either. Something new, something fresh, something interesting to satisfy our hunger. When you eat the same stuff over and over, you just get tired of it after a while.

  11. FYI, cardboard fans plastered with game art are nothing new. I have some old ones from Capcom, Konami, Namco, etc. Probably every other major JP videogame company has used them for promos/advertising/etc. at one point or another.

    The fact that this one happens to have Rockman on it is nothing to get worked up about. He's still a Capcom icon. It's not like his face is misplaced being on Capcom merch.

    Radix said: "if we didn't get two canceled games in a row, would the merch be any better?"

    Ha! Excellent point!

  12. 'Something new, something fresh, something interesting to satisfy our hunger. When you eat the same stuff over and over, you just get tired of it after a while.'

    And that's how many feel about many games in the Classic/X/Zero/ZX timeline/branding. BN brought that when it came out, but that feeling hasn't returned since. Legends 3 technically would have been that, but we all saw how that went.

    On another note though, something new, fresh, interesting would most likely result in a deviation of genre and a new iteration of Megaman... which I'm getting sick of quite frankly.

  13. Honestly RADIX? Yes I think that would be that case. I think if they were plugging a particular product; we'd see some merchandize to promote that product. I mean that's the premise of merchandizing.

    I'm sure we'd probably still see the same penny ante ones; fans, air fresheners, sweat bands, and so forth. But to tie into the new games Capcom would be marketing? I think they'd commission some kind of toy series to promote Universe involving a series of Universe-styled Robot Masters. Ones that would pull apart to allow you to mix their parts and make one of your design.

    Failing that? I'm sure on top of the additional -low level feelies- that would be made just to hand out at floor shows there'd be something more eventful happening for the promotion of the games. Like instead of that giant greeting servbot being auctioned off for cash bids; it would be raffled off to registered Devroom members or confirmed prototype owners.

  14. Sorry guys, but this is PROFOUND SADNESS!

  15. I have to admit that a fan is pretty lame and agree with the majority here. For God's sake... give us quality! It is such a shame that the Capcom game that I don't care two flying figs about (Street Fighter) is getting all the good stuff.

  16. Uh, this is a freebie for buying a certain amount of merchandise. Giveaways are usually inexpensive unless they're tied to a high dollar amount.

  17. Fans of Megaman, get equipped with a Megaman Fan!

    ...Hey, wait, where are you guys going? COme back here!


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