Monday, August 2, 2021

Super Bass Joins Rockman X DiVE to Fight "Hell Sigma "

It's time for the 14th DiVE Festival! Bass, the "anti-hero" of the classic series in his Treble Boost form joins the Deep Log! He's arrived in time for the next Raidboss: Hell Sigma from Mega Man X6.

Find all the details after the break!

The battle against Hell Sigma will be available this Wednesday. Super Bass, Nightmare Zero and Rathalos Armor X will give +40% bonus points while Swimsuit Ferham, Swimsuit Pallette, Swimsuit Tron, Zero and the Bubble Bomber will give +20% bonus points.

Super Bass' first active skill is Bass Buster. The target will receive continuous damage and suffer Weakened DEF status after being hit.

His second active skill is Sweeping Laser which dashes forward and shoots a downward laser. After hitting the target, inflicts 2 stacks of weakened DEF.

In terms of passive skills, one of them will allow Super Bass to gain invulnerability status when you attack an invulnerable target. When hit, there is a small chance to gain invulnerability, too. The second passive skill shown in the trailer will allow Super Bass to activate his active skills twice in a row.

This marks the first time this Bass transformation receives official artwork, which first appeared in Mega Man 8. Bass transformed into Super Bass (Treble Boost) during a battle with Mega Man inside the Wily Tower. This transformation was later included in Mega Man & Bass, Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha and Mega Man 10.

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  1. So this is Hell Sigma? I don't remember ever learning the name.

    Capcom, use these assets and re-master the X series. Jeez, X6 NEEDS it REAL BAD. But make sure the animations run at the same speeds as the PS version. X DiVE "appears" to have inherent animation delays.

    1. x4 needs it more, might be nice to see actual level design in that game kek

    2. I was always partial to "Nightmare Sigma" myself, but if that's the official name they're going with then "Hell Sigma" it is.

    3. @Sprite Recreator
      X4 needs it. Hell they could all use it. It would be nice.
      BUT X6 is glitched, poorly translated and very unbalanced. X6 needs it more.

    4. @shrap
      i have only seen one annoying glitch in the game and it was in a rom hack of it. i've researched those games and done absolute 100% runs of them as multiple characters, including X6 itself with maximum rank and all rescues. don't talk about things you don't know, "unbalanced" is something that each of us decide when we play, but until i see a full list of actual glitches that heavily cause problems with the experience and it will be proven those things weren't intentional, your point about glitches is null.

      the us translation is a problem though, CAPCOM seems to avoid re-doing it, but pretty much every game suffers from it - some worse than X6. X5's script is incredibly dry and was done without any context to the scenes, leading to the dr.cain confusion in the final battle dialogue when it was implying a certain other dr, and 95% of things related to that same dr. were cut out of x2 us and replaced with a nonsensical "prophecy" that the japanese release never had, along with naming X as "mega man" when it was meant to be something only kept for specific characters to say, such as the previously discussed serges.

    5. @Sprite Recreator
      Did You Know?™
      In Mega Man X6, it's impossible to enter Nightmare Stage 1 with "base" X. It is possible to get all the way to the boss using Ice Burst and the Jumper part, but if someone's trying to do a "0% run" with X, it's physically impossible to beat that level, much less the game. If the player let the Reploid holding the Jumper part get infected, this means that a "no armor run" is impossible, too. But, as you said… it's not a glitch, and it doesn't completely stop progress. It's just annoying. And that pretty much sums up Mega Man X6. "Annoying".

      Funny enough, Mega Man Xtreme 2 has a very similar problem. If one decides to do a "no armor" run of the game, it becomes impossible to scale Berkana's mini-stage without damage boosting and somewhat precision jumps in and on the spike walls. It's also impossible for unarmored X to damage the ultimate boss in any way, shape, or form. Zero can, but again, if the player is trying to do a "0% run" with X alone, they simply can't without getting the Leg Parts, at least. (I'm not 100% sure on that, though; I haven't tested it.)

      At the absolute very least, Mega Man X6 and Mega Man Xtreme 2 weren't playtested properly, leading to some rather frustrating sections. But, of course, the average player would probably get more weapons and armor parts, then come back, rather than trying to power through. So, in a technical sense, the games are, in fact, "balanced".

    6. @Josephine Lithius, though quite a bit of it is directed at @shrap's statements
      did you know? that's called an oversight, and Jumper part isn't possible to be infected, because it's located in Northpole Area's nightmare area, one that only has the Nightmare Effect (must be activated to reach the area) and enemy wolves as enemies, which cannot infect the reploid carrying the part, making it impossible to infect.

      "annoying" and "not play tested" is something i'd describe many X games. what were they thinking when an armorless run of X3 is easier than a one with armor due to how bad the armor buster is? what were they thinking when earth sigma's most used attack is complete rng and makes an armorless run a giant pain in the arse, alongside making most of the levels have as much worth as a straight line? most of x7 and the entirety of x8's entire mechanics and collectible systems are absolutely horrendous, too.

      except that in the end, if CAPCOM was to do a remake, it would cater to whoever they put in charge of it, not players' personal quirks. i would do some edits to x6 myself - restore Nightmare Zero Lv.4, beef up Sigma 2nd in pure damage, but we weren't talking about personal quirks. we were talking about "CAPCOM should take the PSP-X engine and remaster some X games using it!".

      the reason why i brought up glitches in the way i did is because that was one statement that i can directly refute, as proving that a game is filled with glitches is something concrete, rather than design quirks which some people may have. everyone will have quirks with any game, some may do, some may not.

      in fact, the people in charge of Maverick Hunter X also had some quirks with X1, (a game that is impossible to do armorless without hacking and has a segment in Sigma Stage 1 after the story cutscene that even if you hack to do armorless is an absolute pain to do) and they did a lot of changes: reshuffle the collectibles and force the players to play the game differently if they don't want dozens of backtracking, redesign the sigma stages entirely with nothing left from the originals aside from the start of stage 1, make intro stage boss defeatable like in xtreme but with a smaller hitbox, changing up the story heavily, et cetera. that's quite a lot, is it not?

      and in the end, while glitches can be concretely proven, a official remake will be impacted by many things, be it what the developers want, what the people in charge want and other things. and usually, fan wishes are at the very bottom of this list - remember how in XLC1|2, X5 suddenly got a translation of JP names for mavericks, including newly done 8 sprites for that? whereas X6-X8 had nothing done to them in terms of translation or fixes, aside from some X8 glitches being fixed, and if i remember correctly, even some journalists complained about X6 lacking a new translation? yeah, and do we see a new X6 translation? no, we do not.

      do we even know that if this hypothetical remake ever happens, how are you sure that due to MHX selling badly (at least from what i've heard, might be wrong here) CAPCOM wouldn't try to instead focus the remake on bringing things that would make money? maybe tie it to XDive and make it a mobile game with in-app purchases? you never know, really, since unlike glitches, it's impossible to concretely say anything, as the
      "MHX6" isn't in the works and might never be. either way, have a good day.

    7. @Sprite Recreator
      Per the wikia, just for your benefit:
      "One can make Zero invincible to enemies and hazards by performing an Ensuizan before falling off of a slippery surface or on top of a destructable platform. As Zero's Ensuizan gives him invincibility for a few frames, the flag to make Zero hittable again is cancelled by his falling animation. In order to no longer being Invincible again one has to perform the Ensuizan again. Entering in in-game cutscenes also cancels the invincibility.[21]

      While you are using the Shadow Armor with X or have the Hyoroga, or Hyourouga, with Zero, hold Up and press Jump while you are dashing. You will do the normal high jump, but you will be in the Dash State allowing you to move while performing this move. When you are on Slipery surfaces such as Ice, you can go even further than normal allowing you to get the Jumper part as Zero without Damage Boosting, aka the Super Slide.

      Guard Shell has a glitch when used by Zero, as it allows to do damage to enemies with every frame of the saber animation. This is considered to be superior to the "SDC".[22]"

    8. @shrap
      very well. the first one is the glitch i mentioned, which i only managed to pull off in a hack, but it's nice to see confirmation that it is in every version of the game. not sure about the second being a glitch though, i used it quite frequently and it never came off to me as such, but ah well, wiki is wiki.

      however... 3 glitches is all? sure, one of them is annoying and makes the game much less fun by cheesing it, but that description alone mentions the "Saber Dash Cancel", which is as close to being an actual mechanic as the second glitch mentioned and was in X4 and X5, but completely removed in X7 and X8. the wikia also mentions glitches that X1-X3 have, and X1 alone has twice more. is it really enough to consider any of those games "glitchy" enough to require a remake to fix that? 2 speedrunner tricks and a single glitch isn't really something that bad in my book. but ah well.

      i will say that i can't really be saying much about this - concrete info is concrete info, and you have provided it. i don't think it's anywhere near enough, but proof is proof, so my argument is over. it's fun to discuss quirks about X games and all, but i don't really have the time to spend on this, especially since this discussion has been getting pretty long as is. have a good day, you two.

  2. Well, all I gotta say is…

    π™Ήπš„πš‚πšƒπ™³π™Έπ™΄! !   πš‰π™΄π™»π™»π™»π™»π™»π™»π™Ύ! !

  3. Initially, regarding the first appearance of "Super Bass", I was confused.
    Rockman 8 was the first appearance, and not on 7.
    Thanks, Reploid21XX, for clearing the confusion of mine.


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