Thursday, August 12, 2021

Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter's Field Guide Gets a Teeny Delay

Don't worry! It's only a small one. Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter's Field Guide has been delayed from August 17 to Tuesday, August 31st.

The amended release date recently appeared on Amazon's product page. UDON Entertainment's Matt Moylan confirmed its legitimacy, too. August 31st is reportedly the "market date", and as the distributor just got their copies in yesterday, in-store retailers might get it a tad later. Beyond that, though, the book turned out great!

For the uninitiated, Maverick Hunter's Field Guide is the successor to the Robot Master Field Guide. It features 176 pages of detailed profiles for every major X series character. The book also includes an in-depth appendix for X's armors, vehicles and various Sigma forms. There's even a dozen pieces of brand-new art for several Mavericks! You can sample those here.

I had a small part in the creation of this book, too. It was a tremendous honor and great fun! I'm sure you'll be pleased with the result. I mean, if you enjoyed the Robot Master Field Guide, you'll really dig this. Pre-order your copy here!


  1. RightStuf has it too, if you don't want to use Amazon 👍
    Got mine pre-ordered.

  2. Looking forward to getting this!

  3. ...I completely forgot I had pre ordered this months ago.

  4. ...I completely forgot I had pre ordered this months ago.

  5. Ooh! That sounds like a fun thing to have in my collection.

  6. @Protodude,

    I just got tracking for my copy. So they are in the wild now.


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