Thursday, August 19, 2021

Bomb Man is Having an Existential Crisis in Rockman-san Chapter 7

In last week's chapter of Rockman-sanwe learned that Flame Man, Pharaoh Man and Wind Man found new life at "Karakuri", a restaurant famed for Chinese roast. But not every Robot Master found their "purpose" in a post-Dr. Wily world so easily.

This week, Bomb Man sits down with Rockman and Roll at "Robot Bar 8-Bit". After unwittingly causing an accident at a mine, Bomb Man is faced with an existential crisis: what is life without mining? What good is a Robot Master who throws bombs for?

You can check out the latest chapter and find the answer here!


  1. i dont speak japanese... :::(((

  2. He could find work at a place like Explotech. I'm sure Guts Man would know some construction jobs like that.

  3. He never wanted to be a demolitionist anyway. He always wanted to be a lumberjack.

    1. Then he'd need to consult with Cut Man.

    2. Bomb-powered scissors. It's the future I tells ya.

  4. I've been working on improving my Japanese, and I still have a ways to go, but from what I can tell...

    After being told to be careful during his demolition job at a construction site, Bomb Man created a huge explosion. Rock and Roll are out shopping and about ready to wrap up when they notice Bomb Man looking depressed on a bench. They go to the bar and Bomb Man is crying over how useless he is and tells them about what happened. I'm a little unclear here but previously they were praising him for his demolition work, but then someone worried about safety kept directing him and getting on Bomb Man's nerves (the first panel shows some workers looking excited and saying おーさすがボンバーマン (Oh! As expected of Bomb Man) while the second I see 慎重 (cautious), and Bomb Man saying そうだ。そ~っとだ (Yes, that's right, I get it, etc) with little イライラ (irritation) around Bomb Man.

    He then details some other jobs he has tried, such as being a bowling pro and being staff at a dodgeball training place (?). I sadly don't understand what caused him to fail at those. He then goes back to feeling sorry for himself and says he should be scrapped, which Rock stands up again (something along the lines of How can you say that?!).

    He then has (or had?) an idea to use dynamite to fish, and then explains to Rock what that is. Rock gives him a deadpan expression in response, which causes Bomb Man to once again sigh about how useless he is (himself, not Rock).

    Oddly, this is where I can actually read a lot of it, but can't make heads or tails of it. I think Rock says あっ!! (Ah!!) 私 (I)ちょっと (a little)心 (heart or feeling) 当たり (success) ある (to have) かも (I think)! I think it basically is like "Ah!! I kinda think there's something you would be successful at!". It then cuts to the earthenware artisan (?) inspecting a bowl going Hmmmm... and then silently passing it to Bomb Man, who goes "Yes, master!" and then chucks the bowl and smashes it, saying something that literally translates to "this thing", but kinda rude, so like "This piece of junk!". The artisan then says うむ。。。 (a hmmm of approval) 気持ち (feels good) がいいぞ (is good) ボンバーマン (Bomb Man)!! I have no clue how to translate that to not sound like a tautology. The narration block I can only read some of, but 人間国宝 would be like a national treasure of humanity, I see 気 (spirit or energy) and 入 (to enter), and then 仕事 (work, job) and ボンバーマンであった which I think means Bomb Man is in the middle of doing (current tense instead of past or future). How chucking earthenware that fails scrutiny makes him a national treasure is beyond me though.


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