Monday, August 9, 2021

From Figure to Video Game: Rockman X DiVE Brings "χ-kai-" to the Small Screen

Released as a limited edition figure at New York Comic Con 2015, TruForce Collectibles' χ-kai- is due to become a playable character this week. What’s more, a new event called "X-Hunters" is about to begin.

Find all the details after the break!

If you need to refresh your memory about the origins of the 4th member of the X-Hunters, here’s  χ-kai-'s bio and Keisuke Mizuno's comments from the figure’s packaging:

Leader of the X-Hunters.
Long ago when Dr. Wily stole Mega Man’s blueprint from Dr. Light, a prototype was built. However, with the development of Zero moving forward, this prototype was discarded and forgotten. During the formation of the X-Hunters, the robot was discovered and completed by a mysterious man. Unlike the original blueprint, it was given much higher specs than that of Mega Man X, using state-of-the-art technology.
(At this time, it is assumed there will be no armor evolution as seen in Mega Man X)

This concept came from the episode listed in MEGA MAN X OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS – There were originally four characters in the X-Hunters, however, one character had to be cut out due to ROM capacity. 
It still amazes me that CAPCOM did not bring out a villain that looks exactly like Mega Man X. His armor crest has also been switched to Sigma.

With this info fresh in your head, let's take a look at the trailer!


χ-kai-'s first active skill is "Charge Shot -kai-" which shoots an energy round that can invert the target's horizontal movement and even recover a portion of health.

Multi-Chasing Laser is his second active skill. It's an attack that launches multi-chasing lasers. One passive skills allowing him to gain a shield that grants invulnerability when in use.

This gacha banner also brings the Arc Cracker, a weapon based on Violen, one of the X-Hunters from Mega Man X2. Speaking of weapons, the X-Hunters event that starts this Wednesday through August 25 will grant players a new "spray weapon" as an event reward.
Let us know what you think about χ-kai-, the next addition to Rockman X DiVE's ever-growing roster, in the comments!


  1. I actually hate Kai but this makes me think we might get someone from Mega/Giga Missions and Iwamoto's manga eventually. Hope that actually happens.
    Although I wanna see how they will write this character into the canon. They're basically rewritting everything that was astablished within this series until now.

    1. Pallette Swap/Clone characters are pretty easy cop outs when it comes to work. That being said, I think I like the colors on this character, and it's cooler than that Cardass Irregular RX in design at least.

  2. Surprised a toyline-only character made the jump to the games... and his name is Chi-Kai (as in the Greek letter), not X-Kai? I also wonder if this makes characters like Marty, Quake Woman, and possibly even Chaotique more likely to join the game, now that a toyline-only character made the jump.

  3. I wished Capcom let Truforce continue producing more of their X figures. I really want that figure. Now it's just rare as heck.

    1. truforce was a sub company of Sentinel, who is making the falcon armor. kai isn't rare. he is everywhere on ebay and forums. heck i have 3. kickstarter gray is rare.

    2. 400 dollars, though. I'm not spending that much on a TruForce Meggim.

    3. Geez, that's like a Sideshow collectible. I guess if I'd by any it'd be the x-kai variant, but maybe for 200 at most.

  4. I am waiting for dr wily and dr light to be playable..

  5. I'd love to see a remake of X2 with x-kai incorporated into the story. Could even pave the way for Mega- and Giga-Mission side games, as well as start to balance out the presence of Zero's copycats in the X series.

    The story doesn't have to be adapted 1-1, I'd expect some license to be taken. The X series' story itself could use some editing as-is, but either way, it'd be nice to have more single-player X content.

    1. That's what the Maverick Hunter X series was supposed to do... But it got cut off after one attempt.
      Not that it was going to introduce X Kai (that was afterwards) but rather retcon and update the story a bit.

    2. Makes me curious what the next Mega Man project is that Capcom is working on. I always figured another X game, but I suppose it could be anything.

  6. Is it me only, or χ-kai- has four armor powers?

    Giga Grash
    Hyper Chip
    Nova Strike
    Plasma Shot

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