Thursday, August 12, 2021

Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mobile "Port" Announced for "Au Smart Pass Premium"

Our friends in Japan may have missed the official reproduction cartridge, but they're getting a Wily Wars mobile port. Sort of.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars (known as Rockman Mega World in Japan) has been added to the ever-expanding classic game lineup on "Au Smart Pass Premium", a multimedia service for au, NTT docomo, and SoftBank subscribers. Much like previous Capcom Au Smart Pass ports, The Wily Wars is a 1:1 port with no additional features or improvements. It can be played directly in-browser; no app needed.

And honestly... there's not much else to say than that! I do, however, think it's interesting we're seeing an uptick in Wily Wars lately. From the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis mini to the recent Collector's Edition, someone at Capcom must really like it.  It's too bad a current-gen port isn't on the burner... that we know of. 

I dunno, man. Just give me a "miscellaneous" Legacy Collection and I'll be happy.

Source: Au Classic Games


  1. Yes! I agree with you, my friend!
    I really think that they should release a Mega Man Legacy Collection 3.
    This collection could have: Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man: Battle & Chase, Rockman: Super Adventure, Mega Man: Powered Up and Mega Man vs Street Fighter.

    1. I wouldn't put mega man vs street fighter in there, replace that with soccer

  2. they keep putting these oddball games in random places, like how they put the arcade games on that overpriced arcade pad thing.

    I really just want that miscellaneous collection. give us battle and chase, wily wars, soccer, and the 2 arcade games. pls give us a portable collection too, with the GB games, the GG game, and even battle and fighters from the neo geo pocket.

    would also be nice if we could someday get super adventure rockman, but that's dreaming too big right there

  3. I've been begging for a misc. collection for years! This game is a must, but I also would love to see the arcade games and possibly the gameboy titles as well.

  4. Honestly, I'd rather have a remake, or even an enhanced port. It could have "Original Mode", of course, but it'd be fantastic if it had an "Arrange Mode" with the following options/changes:
    - Less delay between shots
    - Less startup lag when moving
    - Allow weapon selection in all games*
    - Allow sliding in all games
    - Reduced lag/overlocked M68K co-processor.
    (* Certain stages would need modifications or certain weapons locked in.)

    It's not like it's impossible. Most of this has already been done through Game Genie and hacks. So, ya know… why not?

  5. I uh, misread and thought it said something else. XD


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