Thursday, June 4, 2020

Challenge The "Jakob Orbital Elevator" in Rockman X DiVE

Originally announced back on May 5th as part of Rockman X DiVE's first big content update, the "Jakob Orbital Elevator" from Rockman X8 is finally available ! You can find all the details after the break!

After the crossover event between the Classic Series and Rockman X DiVE that brought us Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll and Super Mega Man, the development team are taking a small break from adding new playable characters this week. Instead, they added a new S rank weapon called Assault Equipment based on Rockman X Command Mission's final Boss design: Great Redips.

The banner will be available from today until June 11 at 15:59(UTC+8) and introduces, for the first time, a new "feature" that guarantees an S rank weapon in your 1st, 3rd and 5th time of performing an "x10" pull.

Available Time: 2020/06/04 16:00 ~ 2020/08/03 22:00 (UTC+8)
Reachable Levels: Level 1 ~ Level 20

A new game mode has been added to the boss challenge tab: The "Jakob Orbital Elevator". This mode is a mix of levels with regular enemies, boss battles with minions and a few fights against two bosses at the same time, which is very reminiscent of the X-Challenge from Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

The Fatigue Meter
The main peculiarity of this mode is that it doesn't allow you to play with the same character more than a few times. Characters have a fatigue meter and when it's depleted, you can't use them until the next daily reset. B and A rank characters can be used three times and S characters can be used up to four times.

This new game mode is pretty straight forward and provides very little challenge for those playing the game since day 1.  It has two difficulties: normal and hard but, sadly only the last level on hard is a respectable challenge and mainly because of the amount of health bars the boss has.

Despite this, the Orbital Elevator mode is a great place to gather resources like weapon, character and chip memories, proficiency memory cards and other resources but, more importantly, Elemental Metal (EM). You can get 1400 EM by playing this mode in combination with the event "Jakob Orbital Elevator – Challenge your Limits" that rewards you for completing levels in the elevator.

You can read the rules of the "Jakob Orbital Elevator" below:


1. “Jakob Orbital Elevator” is a track elevator of a series of stages. While the difficulty increases with the level number, players also get better loots.
2. In this mode, each character has four states of Fatigue: Good, Normal, Exhausted, Weakened (in the order of increasing degree).
3. A penalty is applied on character abilities when Fatigue sets in, and the degree of reduction increases with its progress. Deployment is unavailable at Weakened state.
4. At successful level clear, characters gain fatigue. When rendered incapable of battle or challenge over-time, characters are directly applied with Weakened state.
5. All characters have Fatigue reset on the next day.
6. While boss mobs of this mode have more HP, the damage dealt in each attempt can be accumulated, allowing a hunt via numerous attempts.
7. Special effect for each level can enhance certain character or weapon, making it easier to complete a level.

Special Notice:

Players who reached Lv40 are qualified to challenge the “Jakob Orbital Elevator”
2. Levels that have been completed will not be able to challenge again.

Event Time: 2020/06/04 16:00 ~ 2020/06/10 22:00 (UTC+8)

This is another event added to the mission tab that will give you the chance to get Extraordinary Mortar memories, reorganization programs and other items but, more importantly a daily chance to get 20 EM and four memories for the A rank weapon Snow Spray Gun.

Lastly there is also another event to gather more resources:

Co-op Support

Event Time: 2020/06/04 16:00 ~ 2020/06/11 15:59 (UTC+8)

Let's us know in the comments if you enjoyed this new game mode and the new remix of the "Jakob" theme from the Rockman X8 soundtrack!


  1. Yay! More content we can't play :)

    1. Yeah I'm getting a little salty about it, too.

    2. I've been waiting, as patiently as I can, for a US launch.
      I wanna try it. I sure ain't paying for it though...
      Not with this model, anyway.

    3. You can literally download it and play it in English from their official site guys.

      Just hit download apk, and then hit the green button in the upper right.

    4. I literally did, and I'm literally not setting up a fraudulent account to do it.
      So I literally deleted it.

  2. Some day, I'd like to see some complete concept art for the elevator... To this day we haven't seen anything at ground level.

    Which, damn it all, could have been another stage at made X8 a lot better. The end game felt rushed.

    1. Retry chips ruined x8 for me.

    2. I don't think X DiVE is available for Google Play Store yet.

  3. What do you all think, should i get a vpn, apk whatever to play now or wait for a possible u.s. release?

  4. Is there any information on a US release yet? Honestly I really want to play it but VPNs are such a drag to use

  5. Thanks, i did that and now im playing the game. Its awesome.

  6. The amount of comments here being salty about a US release is getting annoying now.
    Go to their official site hit the download apk button at the bottom.

    Then after that a new page will load hit the small green button in the upper right to start the apk download, this game is not region locked for most people and never was.

    1. You COULD do that.
      In order to do that, you have to set up a fraudulent account.
      I don't live in Taiwan. Or New Zealand. I'm not gonna pretend I do so that I can play it.
      Ever consider the PVP connection speeds that everyone bitches about has to do with playing a game in a server that's half way across the planet? If Capcom wanted me to play their game, they would make it so that I could set up my account properly.

      I don't care if your annoyed. Some of the crap that gets posted here is damn annoying but what do you do...

    2. The comments wouldn't be so annoying if people on here would learn to quit arguing so much.

    3. Uh Shrap I don't think you have to make a fraudulent account the game has no rules against location, and all you have to do is install the apk file and launch the game if you're on android that is. However if you're on ios or something then I'm not sure. Some people like me are just using bluestacks to play it you can just use twitter if you're that concerned as well, it accepts twitter accounts as logins, you can also just pick guest login inside the game itself which will auto generate an account ID and password for you.

      I'm not sure where these fraudulent rumors came from, unless you're using a VPN your Cellphone/ISP's geo information would tell them what country you're in so if they didn't want people doing that it would've been blocked already by the devs, and Capcom is a chill company usually anyways. I don't use a VPN and they haven't cared at all that I've been playing it for months now, it installed just fine on my verizon phone as well, and I know verizon gives my country info in its connection data and they still haven't cared at all.

      On the whole pvp thing, the region you select doesn't change your game server it only changes your currency options everyone is still in the same channel(server). My friend picked a region closer to him and he was still in the same X Server despite us picking different regions neither of which we live in and none of us use a VPN either, and the game isn't available in our irl region either and they don't care. So regardless of the region you pick your pvp lag would not go away, and even if they did have servers for different regions you would still be fighting people in the same server not from your region and therefore the lag would still be present regardless because every player is given the same channel choices and are all grouped together by channel regardless of location.

      If Capcom was against users from different countries playing their game, why do they let said users download their game from their official website? Especially when said users connection data tells them that they are not in the available region.

      However if you're planning to spend money on the game that's a different story and I could see why you'd have issues there, but I don't have the desire nor reason to spend money on X Dive because they let you grind for most of the stuff if you don't want to pay for characters and weapons. They also give you the option to re-roll your account because each channel is a unique player ID and has a unique save data.

      Whew this was a winded post, I really don't think Capcom cares at all if out of region users play they haven't taken any action against them at all and I've been playing for months on Bluestack and my Verizon phone and I don't belong to any region the game is provided in, I also managed to get 3 S rank characters from metal collection alone in the story quests.

      Anyways this post may not even apply to you, but I thought I'd share my two cents as well.

      Also my twitter account has my region and is linked to my X Dive account so they know I'm not from an available region and they really haven't cared at all.

    4. I totally agree with you, @Trege. I have been doing the same thing on my Android and there hasn't been a problem. Capcom is a pretty relaxed company so I don't think there's anything to worry about. Hopefully the game will become easier for U.S. people to find on Google Play store, however. Capcom could really work to publicize DiVE even more.

    5. That may be, I'm still not keen on doing that. It's a bugaboo of mine. I have other reasons why I want to wait for the US launch.
      They implied it would be a global game, so I waited and missed all those initial events (and EM metals)
      I would like to get in from a launch perspective, so I wait for the US launch.
      I also won't be using Twitter or Facebook. I want to see what other kind of account linkage/backup options the US launch will have.

  7. So once the Orbital Elevator event is over, does this mean that the Elevator stage will no longer be available to play? I'm only on level 22 and unsure if I could make it to play the Jakob stage in time but I would really like to.

    It would seem a shame if the developers went to all the trouble of designing a stage and then deleting it just because its event has expired.

  8. They ought to be straightforward with you and let you know where and how they make their items.


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