Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rockman X DiVE: 100 Day Celebration

Today, Rockman X DiVE is celebrating its first 100 days on the market since the game launched on March 24th. To mark the occasion, the development team has prepared some special events. Find all the details after the break!

Special Commission from the Bottom of the River
*Event Time: 2020/06/24 16:00 ~ 2020/07/02 03:59 (UTC+8)

This event is pretty much another version of the Hunter Badges event. This time, you are collecting "Mimicked Rice Dumplings". By playing Story, Co-op, Boss Challenge and completing some daily missions/milestones, you can get a limited number of Dumplings per day. Later you can exchange the Dumplings in the store for rewards.

As expected, there is a wide variety of rewards, perhaps most notably "Weapon Memory Supply Box II" to acquire memories for S rank weapons for 30 Dumplings. And memories to keep ranking up Layer and the DiVE Trigger "Secondary Energy Slot" and "Beam Arrow" for 7 Dumplings each. There is more than that though, check the in-game store for more details.

Happy 100 Days Sign In Rewards Event
*Event Time: 2020/06/24 16:00 ~ 2020/07/09 15:59 (UTC+8)

Every player who signs-in during the event time will get 1,000,000 Zenny, Character Supply Box II x 10, Weapon Memory Supply Box II x 10 and 100 Element Metal

Jakob Orbital Elevator – Challenge your Limits Event Condition and Bonus Rewards
*Event Time: 2020/06/24 16:00 (UTC+8) begins.

The Jakob Orbital Elevator continues until August 3rd. Today, the development team added floors 21 to 30. This time is harder than before and the boss of floor 30 is a real challenge, two Sting Chameleon!

You can also get some rewards by completing floors 22, 25, 28 and 30.

The 100 Day Celebration banner has been added to the game and will give you the chance to get one S rank character or S rank weapon guaranteed. This banner only has S ranks, so it's a great chance to get one of those elusive S rank characters like Ultimate Armor X. There is, however, a catch.

This banner can ONLY be used if you have the "100 day celebration capsule" special voucher, which costs 4500 EM. Is it worth? Up to you to decide!

After many complaints from players, the development team finally decided to do something regarding the "spin attack" and "switch weapon" mechanics that, in many players' opinion, have "ruined" PVP.

Basically, they have added a cooldown system to prevent players from spamming this mechanic. Read all the details in the list below :

1. Sword Adjustment:
 【Cool-Down Type】:Standard Saber、Elite Lance、Crimson Scythe、Doom Blade
 Note: After the energy ran out, you will not be able to activate Dash + Attack until the energy fully recharged.
 【Energy Type】:Beam Rapier、Triangular Saber、Demon Blade Muramasa
 Note: Although the energy of weapon will be recharged in high speed, when the energy is under low condition, you will not be able to activate Dash + Attack.
 EX: When the weapon is under low energy condition and players continually press Dash + Attack, the character will only Attack (consume less energy) instead of Dash + Attack(consume more energy).

2. Main and Sub-Weapon switching adjustment:
 There are now “Cool-Down” time when switching Main and Sub-Weapons.

On top of all this, the "SUPER UP!!" banners for First Armor X, Black Zero and Cinnamon are back until July 2nd, with new items added to the store. There's also a new stage that has been added for ranked matches plus new missions associated to the Space-Time Jumper event. You can check out all the details here.

We are still waiting to get news of the North American and European launch; regardless, it sounds like many of you are playing X DiVE already. How has your experience with the game these past 100 days been? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sweet, 100 days of holding out on the US! I could start playing, but I want it connected to my Google account and I don't want to start all over when it comes out in the US 🙄

    1. The game has its own account system that has nothing to do with google account. I'm sure you won't have to start over.

    2. I feel the same. Don't want to do it all twice, especially when the experience the first time will be subpar (laggy)

    3. I know that feeling. :(

    4. Pretty much this. 100 days of waiting for the US launch they said was coming.
      Hopefully if/when that happens they will start fresh, not just run parallel to wherever they are at in Taiwan.
      At least they will have fixed a lot of bugs by then. There's that, I guess.

    5. They're obviousely using the first launch to test things out before it hit Japan, US and Europe. Not the first mobile game to do that. so there's no "if" in that' just "when?". Now, i do hope there will be some way to get the content released during the wait.

    6. There's an if. It is defined by the market. Mobile games get cancelled all the time.
      We can (somewhat safely) assume that won't happen, here, but it is a possibility.

    7. Ah, if thats what you where reffering to, i stand corrected.
      Though, if this where to happen, it would probably be due to external circumstances, at this point.

  2. I'm going to wait for the game to launch worldwide to play it, just to start with the ironed-out version of the game. The weapon switch thing mentioned here is a good exemple.

  3. Why "from the bottom of the river"? Is that bad Engrish or a reference to something?

    Good that they solved the spinning in PvP (although I hope those are only for PvP), but there is still those annoying Maoh and Chameleon chips... How can one cause damage if the opponent is invincible for a long period?

    1. I believe the Maoh and other opponent chips are for the weapon abilities you obtain from your opponents once you defeat them. Try and look for a little button with Maoh's picture on it next time you play a stage with the X-Buster. That's a special toggle switch to activate Maoh's special ability which will cause the X-Buster to become more powerful by emitting large spiked spheres similar to the ones that Maoh has for hands and tries to crush you with. You can defeat Maoh with his own power!

    2. Meant CF-0, not Maoh (both are Gigantic Mechaniloids...).

  4. Anyone knows if there's any plan to run another survey (not necessarily soon)?
    I missed the last one because my computer broke. Its not like i think MY feeeback would be that important, but it would be nice to know.


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