Thursday, June 11, 2020

Marino "Quicksilver" Skin Added to Rockman X DiVE + Content Update Rundown

Yesterday we had a pretty good idea of what was coming to Rockman X DiVE today, but the development team had an ace up their sleeve. Without any heads up, Marino's Quicksilver skin from Command Mission has been added to the game! Check all the details below!

As we reported a couple of days ago, Boss Rush Mode was added to the game today, where you race against the clock to beat Chill Penguin, Mega Scorpio and Goliath

Your time will be placed in an online ranking and you will be rewarded with prizes when the event ends depending on your rank. After every time you beat Boss Rush, you acquire points that can unlock a limited amount of rewards, including the Marino Quicksilver Skin. It costs 22.000 points.

Boss Rush mode is quite entertaining, but beyond trying to compete in the online rankings, the event itself has little more to offer. When you reach the 30K points threshold, there are no more rewards to unlock. Not only that, but it's also relatively easy to reach that amount in less than an hour if you are an experienced player. The event itself helps you with an interesting system where every character and weapon you use gives you +2% points. The more characters and weapons you use, the easier will be to get points.

The Capsule Exchange Points or pity system is finally here and probably is not what you expected. Every time you roll the gacha you get 1 point and when you accumulate enough points, in the case of the DiVE Festival banner, you can get Iris or Ultimate Armor X for 250 points, which equals to spending 25.000 EM.

This is clearly aimed for those who spend real money in the game with the goal to give them something back if they have extremely bad luck. Another catch of this system is that it's tied to the current banner. When the banner is over, your points will reset to zero.

Hunter Token Lucky Roulette Event

This uses the same roulette system we have already seen in the past. You can claim 300 Hunter Tokens in a day and with them you can do two things: Spin the roulette for 50 tokens or exchange the tokens for some items.

Exchange is not worth your time, you want to focus on spinning the roulette. If you are lucky you can get 100, 200, 400 or 500 tokens just by spinning the roulette, this will help you to enter a buckle where you get more tokens and keep spinning and spinning with the goal to get 50 or 300EM (the best rewards) in the roulette. If you are lucky, you can fill your pocket with that precious metal.

The event last until June 17th at 23:59 (UTC+8).

With this update we can finally fight against REX-2000 and Mad Nautilus in Boss Challenge Mode and Story Mode. When it comes to Boss Challenge Mode, Rex-2000 is accessible with level 70 and Mad Nautilus with level 75.

The Hunter Badges event is back and it works as one would expect. You collect badges by playing Story, Co-op and Boss Challenge mode. Up to 36 badges can be earned per day and you can exchange them for rewards in the store.

Some rewards are limited and some are limitless. the limited rewards are as follows.

  • Weapon Memory SupplyBox III (Limited to 10 - 5 badges each)
  • Alia Memory (Limited to 10 - 3 badges each)
  • Crushing Spray Gun Memory (Limited to 15 - 1 badges each)
  • Deactivate Restriction Memory (Limited to 15 - 1 badges each)
  • Electronic Conversion Bottle (Limited to 1 - 15 badges each)
  • Electronic Storage Bottle (Limited to 1 - 5 badges each)

The event last until June 17th at 22:00 (UTC+8)

A new Co-op stage is now available for players with level 70, Oil Field and lastly, with this update, player level is now up to 80 and with this the "level UP for Rewards" event yields rewards for achieving level 75 and 80.

So that's all for this week. Did you try Boss Rush Mode? Have you been lucky enough to get Iris? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I'll always have a soft spot for Marino's Hyper Mode since it was what allowed me to defeat Ninetails without grinding.

    1. Ha! So that does work! I just used Axl's camo and aggroed them.

  2. Not to mention being able to buy First Armor X, Black Zero, and Cinnamon memories. Finally gonna get 1AX that way....

    Good luck on Iris!

  3. I wish Iris were not limited; I just know I'll never be able to get her in time. :(

    1. She is a "festival" limited, just like UAX.
      If everything goes like this time, we will have her in a month or two at most with UAX and another new festival limited unit.

      (I'm also hoping to get her tho)

    2. Yeah, at least she'll be sure to come back sometime if we don't get her this time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too, @Heiji Koumori! :)

  4. I'll just go ahead and toss this out there:

    Dat ass.


    1. Well, that was a bit crass. :/

      However, cheers to you too.

    2. I don't remember Marino's limit break form having no pants. Then again, I played Command Mission when it came out and that was... I don't know how many years ago.

      Either way... To you I say, niiiiccceeee.

    3. It's just that her thighs were almost skin-colored in Command Mission, but it was easy to tell she was still wearing pants. Here they just outright made it skin-colored.

  5. I know people over here dislike him, but I would love to see Over-1 and his different armors + the original bosses playable (specifically Nero L, Oro S and MAYBE Rosso M, since due to their builds, I don't see Blu D and Verde R getting a playable role).

    I would say Xover's Kalinka as well, but she's human, so that would raise many questions.

  6. That's cool and all, but where's Gyro Man?

  7. Wow, superb!
    By the way, does anyone know anything about this game?

  8. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks! Get these things right

  9. Love the graphics! So cool and also reminds me of some of the Ganapati slot games. Both are catchy and have that anime vibes.


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