Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Officially Licensed Mega Man Bank Will Protect Your Zenny This Fall!

By way of Previews World, we have a sneak peek at a new officially licensed product: a chibi, Powered Up-inspired Mega Man bank! Stout little fellow, isn't he?

Developed by Monogram Products, this PVC bank is slated to ship to retailers in September-October for $19.99. Big Bad Toy Store just opened a pre-order page as well. You can check that out here.

So yeah; that's about that! This is the first Mega Man product from Monogram, makers of all kinds of PVC-based collectibles and figures. There's no telling if there will be additional banks based on other characters... but, hey, it's a fun idea. I don't see why not! Only time will tell if Monogram will leverage their Mega Man license to the fullest.

Source: Previews World


  1. So long, Mega Man Powered Up 2...

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