Monday, June 8, 2020

Celebrate "Rockman Day" Early in Rockman X DiVE

While Rockman Day is not happening until tomorrow, Rockman X DiVE is already celebrating with two special banners. Each one will let players try their luck with only S and A Rank characters or weapons. Find all the details below!

Both banners are exclusively a "x10" draw and can only be used once. They will last 36 hours, more precisely until June 10 at 03:59 (UTC+8).

Even in the occurrence of not drawing any weapons or characters you don't already have, these two banners offer a good deal in terms of patches. As a reminder, patches are the material you get when you draw a dupe (character or weapon you already have). For an A rank dupe you get 140 patches. For an S rank dupe you get 900 patches.

As things are right now, you can buy 600 character patches for 1000 EM and 1200 weapon patches for 1000 EM in the store. By drawing only A rank dupes from any of this two banners you will be getting 1400 patches for 1000 EM, a great deal specially if you compare it with what you can buy in the store, more notably in the case of the character patches.

Below you can check the drop rates:

We will let you decide if it's worth your EM or not. However, be aware that new characters are coming soon.

Mega Man Day 69HR FaceBook Support Event

They are also running another event on FaceBook that will reward players with [Premium Gift Box x6] + [Zenny 90,000] or [Special Gift Box x9] + [Zenny 600,000] if the FaceBook post reaches 3,000 interactions between likes and shares.

You will have to like and share the post and leave your Player ID in the comments before June 11 at 13:00(UTC+8).

Go ahead and participate HERE! And be sure to come back to the blog in a few days for more awesome Rockman X DiVE news!

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  1. Didn't get any new characters, but the patches are a nice consolation. Not sure what the special gift box does, but I hope we get that.

    And the new characters coming soon...let's get excited for those.


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