Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rockman x Bakudan-yaki Honpo Collaboration Announced

First seen at the entrance to the Rockman Live 2020 concert hall, we have our very first Rockman collaboration of the year - and it's a delicious one!

From January18th to March 1st, Rockman will be collaborating with Japanese fastfood chain Bakudan-yaki Honpo, who specializes in Bakudan-yaki, a large version of the traditional Takoyaki ball.

The Bakudan-yaki comes in a variety of flavors and measures 8cm (3.14 inches) in diameter and weights 200 grams. Customers will be able to buy an original themed package that includes one Bakudan-yaki topped with an edible image and one random coaster (out of twelve) for 700 yen.

This collaboration doesn't stop there, though! Bakudan-yaki Honpo has teamed up with many popular franchises in the past like DanganronpaOsomatsu-san, Code Geass, Zanki Zero and Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) to name a few. Not only do they sell themed Bakudan-yaki, but also a variety of goods with brand-new art!

This collaboration includes characters from the Classic, Battle Network, Zero and ZX series. They will be selling the following goods:
  • Trading Acrylic Stand: 12 types, 7cm tall for 820 yen each.
  • Trading Can Badge: 12 types, 5,7cm tall for 510 yen each.
  • Multi-Holder: Binder to hold the coasters for 2000 yen

So what do you think of the new art. Cute, isn't it?

Images courtesy of Daiginjo


  1. I wish fast food chains around here would have Mega Man collab too.

    1. Bring on the Mega Man Happy Meals!! :D


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