Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Rockman ZX Advent Manga Translation Issue #2 - Booty Hunting Begins!

It's time to continue the adventures of Ashe and Grey in their search for booty... !

Following up on our translation of the first issue of the Rockman ZX Advent manga in December,We have the full English and Spanish translations of issue #2 after the break!

In case you missed out on Issue #1 you can check it out here! Issue #2 follows Ashe and Grey as they search for more Biometal Model Ws . If you recall, they collected their first one from defeating Queen Bee and discovered that they are worth a considerable amount of Zenny at the Hunter's Guild!

Ashe decides to search some Ruins after finding out about a powerful guardian that may be residing there. Since Model Ws only appear from powerful foes, there's a good chance of finding some major booty! Grey also discovers some of Model A's abilities, as well as his own ability to impersonate Ashe's goofy expressions! 

Many thanks once again to Rock' Maniac and Solvi over at Rockman Scans Translations for translating these as well as Wira and Reploid_21XX for helping out with any corrections! 

English Translation - 

Spanish Translation -

It was also announced recently that all of the original Japanese issues of this manga will be bundled with the reprint of the two tankobon volumes of the original ZX manga if you pre-order them over at Fukkan in Japan! So if you would like to own a copy of the originals for yourself, you can find more details in our article here!

Rock' Maniac and Solvi are currently working on getting Issue #3 to us soon! So stay tuned for more booty hunting adventures!

Credits - Rock' Maniac , Solvi, Reploid_21XX and Wira


  1. Cool! thank you for the translation. know that the work is appreciated.

  2. Hope UDON officially translates this in the near future!

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