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Released on May 28th, 2004, REMASTERED TRACKS ROCKMAN ZERO: Idea contains the remixed soundtrack of Rockman Zero 2. As opposed to previous (and future) releases, this album doesn't have ANY drama tracks. Instead, it comes with four "EX tracks": Mark of Justice - Resistance Anthem with chorus by Surugadai Club, L'oiseau du bonheur sung by Rie Tanaka (Ciel's voice actress) with French lyrics, Red Time, an unused track that was planned for the VS Mode and Clover sung by Toru Itoga.

You can find the full booklet translation (courtesy of Sidier) after the break!

Note: The interview with SNK was not translated.

It’s been one year…

The red rusted sand that keeps on blowing non-stop makes his body creak. The continuously attacking evil puppets freeze his heart. He can’t remember anymore how much he’s swung his sword.

What was in the peak of the human Utopia, Neo Arcadia, was a defective imitation of his comrade (friend). The sparks born from the harsh battle shoot through a corner of his memory data. The dregs that emerge. “X was stronger”.  He mocked (his foe) and swung down the blade of light.

Zero, who’s escaped from beyond the blue skies, from the purged Area X, sees his friend’s soul speak to him in front of his eyes. What has been entrusted to him is a heavy (burden), the world he seeks is far, far away. But he swore to keep on battling.

It’s been one year… His heart, the promise, have not broken yet his abused body and sword were at its limits. His sight is mercilessly buried by the sandstorms, and the last thing he saw, those green pupils… Were they an illusion?

That’s the closed loop, The Mebius wheel. Fate made Zero and Ciel meet again. A new fort. New allies. And a new commander. The commander named himself “Elpis”. He speaks of his goal, to defeat Neo Arcadia; his eyes idolize Ciel; neither of those are a lie. Until Zero appears, that is.

A small black heart that was born within him without him noticing. His plan, in which he staked it all, was completely crushed. That was when...Envy, having fed on despair, turned into hatred.

The Dark Elf.

What Elpis sought to get was a power that was said to have destroyed the world. So as to fill in the weakness in his heart, he seeks the sealed power, and doesn’t admit his own weakness; he cursed Zero, who was powerful.

In the innermost area of Neo Arcadia’s Sealed Section, “Yggdrasil”... The two swordsmen finally face each other. The sword plunged into X’s body, sealing the Dark Elf. “More! Give me more power!” Elpis goes on transforming into a fitting vessel for someone whose soul is trapped within the darkness.

His friend’s wish. Her prayers. So as to grant salvation instead of destruction. Can the light he’s gotten dispel away the darkness…?

Notes on tracks by Ippo Yamada

The sound concepts of Zero 1 and Zero 2 are different. The first game was the beginning of a new series so we prioritized representing the game’s world and the story. We made BGMs that fit the atmosphere and environments as well as the situations. I did talk over with Tomozawa about using the “Theme of Zero” to make the connection with the X Series more relevant. The sequel, having things such as a return to the classical style (of gameplay), had to be more “melodious”, speedier, rather than focus on the world. They are BGMs into which a rock tone image is prioritized.

Truth is, we already talked about making a CD back when Z1. I like game soundtracks and I often buy some myself, but the standalone tracks have many incomplete portions due to issues during game development and the (GameBoy) Advance sound generator. we didn’t consider releasing them as they were but now we have good members and conditions for the making (of these CDs) and since we’ve compiled the tracks turned into sound sources and which the fans wanted to hear, we decided to work on making (these).

Each CD making has a concept to it. The Zero 1 concept was to add story elements and thus we recorded a voice drama. In this CD we prioritize the musical elements and we recorded 3 vocal tracks plus an extra which makes up 4 vocal tracks. The making was harder than expected and I did bother several friends and people I know but somehow we were able to work on until the albums were completed. I hope that the passion that the makers put in these reach the fans.


Track 1) Title II

Zero 2’s title back is the reef from the secret theme track, “Red Time”. After trying a complete recreation of X2’s wireframes and textures, it ended up being an attractive flat shooting. The polygon engine was only used for this (title screen).

Track 2) For Endless Fight II

Zero 2 begins with an arrange of the prequel’s ending. Zero aimlessly wanders across the wild lands. There was nothing else (to do) but to cut down foes in front of his eyes. His re-encounter with Ciel will make the gears of Fate begin to move again.

Track 3) Departure

The track of the opening stage, the wild lands. Zero departs towards these grounds of battle once again. After the collapse of Area X, Neo Arcadia’s countermeasures program was perfect. Zero soon has to become a fugitive. This desert doesn’t only steal his sight, it’s actually scientific weapons which contained micro magnetic lines that cause ECM effect and paralysis on Repliroids, and turning these lands into the stage of the battle was the core of the siege operation by the “Sand Seas” Task Force.

Track 4) Crash II

I arranged the prequel’s boss battle track by adding a guitar track and use it as a mid-boss battle track. Since in the opening stage Zero has been wandering the wilds for about 1 year, the status screen remains the same as in the prequel. After the re-encounter with Ciel & co. it’ll change to the new design.

Track 5) Result of Mission II

An arranged version of the prequel’s result screen track. Reusing the track was meant to show the serial nature of the games but the short-loop single but Umegaki’s arrangement re-transformed it into a jazz fusion-like track (laughs) Check it out by listening to it

Track 6) X, The Legend

The theme of X, the symbol of Neo Arcadia. It was used as background for the drama tracks of the prequel’s CD but I’d been asked to record it as a stand-alone track and so I recorded it here. This time it’s used as the theme of the 4 Heavenly Kings. The scene in which Harpuia saves Zero is what makes his faith shake and shows his distress.

Track 7) Resistance Force

The theme of the Resistance Army. The ideals Elpis speaks of consolidates the Resistance members and they work for the Justice Strike Operation, in which they stake it all. The “Let’s create a bright future” ovation in the game was recorded within the Inti (offices). I’m sure that the ovations ringing out from it at late night must’ve made (the neighbors) think that some pretty dangerous folk were living there. Thank you for all, our neighbors.

Track 8) Momentary Peace

The Resistance Army has been turned into a huge organization but there are Repliroids who’ve fled from many other regions living in the base, too. There’s still a lifestyle even in the tense age of warfare. That’s the atmosphere I wanted to put in.

Track 9) Labo

The theme of Ciel’s lab. I somewhat remembered Rebecca’s room in “Resident Evil” so I wanted this to be a place where you could be “healed”. I asked, as a suggestion from the sound (team), to add an action voice, “Welcome back”. But in terms of settings, Ciel’s lab… She’s absorbed in the research. The place is a mess. You could say she’s a “hikikomori”...

T/N: “hikikomori” = person who’s withdrawn or isolated from society

Track 10) Red Time - 2 Player Mode Edit -

The track of the VS mode screen. I use a loop which doesn’t have the “secret” theme.

Track 11) Instructions

The melody of the Resistance Base’s Command Room, giving a feeling of “time for a mission”. The base is still under construction and is built within a mountain. The inner rooms, such as the Command Room, are still in an incomplete state with the steel frames and plate pines and other stuff exposed. You can see the sections still under construction in the outdoors landscape. The screen panning upwards to the Commander was impressive.

Track 12) Sand Triangle

The stage that goes from the forest to the megalithic ruins. A track that combines both adventure-like happenings and a cool reef. This forbidden land named “ruins” was made back when the "old wars" and is one of several research facilities researching Repliroids from a transcendental point of view. These facilities are spread cardinally and it’s thought that there’s not only Dysis (west) and Notos (south) but there’s others in the east and the north.

Track 13) Strong Will

I readied a new boss battle track as part of the battles against the new Neo Arcadian thugs. Despite his looks and atmosphere, (Burble) Hekelot amongst the new bosses was said to be a New 4 Heavenly Kings candidates due to his strength.

Track 14) Imminent Storm - Uneasy Arrange

Anxiety. As if hinting at what will happen. Zero. And the Baby Elves. The actors are being gathered. The closing in storm is almost there.

Track 15) Ice Brain

The South Pole is an Earth environment scale driving cooling engine. Its usefulness as a point of view for research data gathering as part of the weather control project and it also is a very advantageous location for a military base; it’s become a vital fortress which controls the Neo Arcadia secret information management center. The track of this stage is my favorite one in terms of taste (laughs)

Track 16) Gravity

I was told this had to be a track for a blast furnace.  I love this classical rock-like atmosphere. Glad I had a chance to express this heavy reef and this grand orchestra (laughs). The place is a power facility from a previous age which support Neo Arcadia’s prosperity. To match this steel mill-like atmosphere, I asked for SE to be added to the track. Using stairs to recreate that old, famed game hit the mark for me. If you can keep on running away while drawing the Telly Bomb towards you, a Z Panel (a life-up) will appear.

Track 17) Platinum

Battling atop a runaway train. Given how the transfer cost is huge that’s why railroads are still used as a vital means for transporting huge volumes of cargo. This track’s speeding feeling is very cool. This stage boss, Flauclaws, appeared in the Zero 2 CM. That was cool, too.

Track 18) Mark of Justice - Resistance Anthem (EX Track)

The Resistance Anthem. I wanted to show that, unlike the prequel’s Resistance, this one has been transformed into a proper organization by Elpis. We composed the song lyrics. I’m sorry for the chorus members since they were pretty complicated lyrics...

Track 19) Neo Arcadia II

Third time that X’s theme is used. Copy X doesn’t appear in Zero 2 but I use this phrase as a symbol of Neo Arcadia. Humans are hardly depicted (in the games) but the same applied to the X Series so a human residential district has been chosen as stage. What can be seen in the distance is the area where they live at. The pillar that rises beyond the skies is an elevator that connects to a Neo Arcadia control facility similar to Area X. The stage that Zero makes his way through is one such facility, too, and Elpis and his men were trying to get into the Neo Arcadia HQ through this route.

Track 20) Power Bomb

A speedy track which is, in my view, similar to X Series tracks. The Non-Wing Autonomous Bomber “Seamrug B” is where the stage takes place. It’s the bomber variant (Type B) of an all-purpose machine used in the “old wars”. It doesn’t need a pilot and it’s self-controlled based on the orders inputted into it. You can also call it a Mega Huge Mechaniloid. It doesn’t have any external weapons so it travels along with the escort machines “Ladybug Lancers” which form a defense perimeter around it. This place is famous for falling to your death. It’s a harsh (stage).

Track 21) Uneasy

The “demo” of the bomber’s bomb disabling mission. Neo Arcadia, having found the Resistance Base’s location, decides to drop an anti-Repliroid wide-radius bomb which spreads computer viruses. In the actual game the mission will end when the countdown ends, but in the planning stage, if Ciel took much damage, she’d faint and the mission would be a failure: a “demo” of the bomb being dropped would play and it’d end in a Game Over screen.

Track 22) Spreading Darkness

The track of Elpis’ video scene after the failure of Operation Justice Strike. It was titled “Grief” during its making. This might’ve been the moment when darkness began to spread in Elpis’ heart and across the world. The endless void after his beliefs have been shattered. Elpis, who couldn’t resist this breakdown, can’t be so easily blamed by anyone for all we know.


Track 1) L’oiseau du bonheur (EX Track)

I had Ciel’s VA Rie Tanaka tackle on this song with French lyrics. She came to the studio expecting the recording to a time-consuming work but maybe due to her voluntary training, the recording progressed quite smoothly. The making of the song was very hard, though. Ciel (means “sky” in French)... And that’s the only thing there was at the start of the French lyrics project. I guess it’s a sample of things that shouldn’t be done out of a random idea (laughs). But I feel satisfied, I do think it was worth it.

Track 2) Cool Water

The roofs of the computer facility are the stage. Elpis’ intrusion has activated the anti-transfer multi-layered defense system. The entrance has been closed, and all lower blocks have been blockaded so there’s no other choice but to intrude from the rooftop. Techno-type songs work for ice series. A “cool” image fits perfectly. Is this Suzuki-style?

Track 3) Passionate

This reef is hot. When the song enters the 2nd half, the melody is soaked in a sorrowful feeling. It burns. The mission is to intrude the secret transport planes factory from the underground facility of the power generator. Elpis, using the IFF Code he found in the crystal cave, steals a transport vehicle so as to try to intrude into the Neo Arcadia HQ. The background of the Fefnir battle looks like Ladybug Lancers being assembled…

Track 4) Flashback

You make your way through a cave to go explore the crashed bomber. The insides of the cave are full with a special mineral, a species of luminite. It its normal state it’s an invisible mineral but electromagnetic waves of a specific wavelength change the crystalline structure and emit light. The Hottalooks emit electromagnetic waves of that wavelength range; that’s the setting. If you return to the beginning of the deepest floor of the cave from the exit, a Z-Panel will spawn there.

Track 5) Combustion

Elpis’ theme. Elpis, after the failure of his “Justice Striker Operation”, seeks the Dark Elf to make his ideals a reality. “Elpis” was originally the name of the Mother Elf but, at some point, it became the name of the Commander. He originally was a Neo Arcadia City Administration Worker and even after becoming the Resistance Leader he kept on seeking it. His heart, which wished to be the “hope” that’d guide Repliroids to “true freedom”, made him call himself “Hope” for all we know.

Track 6) Meltdown

The “Temples” refer to areas which protect an important point named “Sanctuary”. The Temple of Flames is, in essence, Fefnir’s territory. He directly commands execution troops used for military actions. A powerful reef to represent his rough and violent nature. As the name “Dragon Flame” suggests, only scorched earth remains after he sweeps through.

Track 7) Cool Hearted Fellow

Leviathan is in command of bases located in both poles or along the coasts. Her original specialty is information gathering and management, yet what caused the “cool” her to burn so much? She shows the Armed Phenomenon, something she barely never does, and attacks Zero for fun. Is this her actual nature?

Track 8) The Cloudy Stone

Makes thunder rumble and wraps storms around him and appears gallantly: this is the theme of the beautiful young man Harpuia. He intercepts Zero in the Temple of Wind to protect Yggdrasil. There’s actually supposed to be a Temple of Darkness too, but lordless temples are omitted in the game.

Track 9) Harpuia

His mind is one step from being controlled by the Dark Elf, but his strong beliefs of being the true worshiper of X and protector of humans defect her power. By facing Zero, he begins to question Neo Arcadia’s “justice”. Now that Copy X is gone, he’s searching for his own “justice”.

Track 10) The End of Legend

The end of the legend. The theme of Copy X’s last moments. This was also used in the prequel’s drama tracks and here it’s recorded as an apart track. It’s used when the 4 Heavenly Kings are defeated.

Track 11) Silver Wolf - Yggdrasil

The land of the final battle. Where all mysteries sleep at. Yggdrasil. Atop a huge tower that looks down on the core area of Neo Arcadia there’s a “sealing device” known as “Yggdrasil”, which contains half of the Dark Elf and X’s body which acts as a lock. The other half of the Dark Elf was found in the Forest of Notus by Elpis. In the demo after defeating Burble Hekelot, there’s a half-transparent Dark Elf floating behind Elpis; that’s because it’s incomplete.

Track 12) Supreme Ruler

A power guitar reef glows in this battle track: VS Elpis, who’s gained the Dark Elf’s power. What the Dark Elf emits is an increasing magnetic liquid fluid pressure that instantly rewrites the sensors that control "senses" and the power systems as well as "hyperfying" the subjects. The huge energy flowing into the one who embraces a distorted "hope" named “Elpis” stirs Pandora's curiosity, and is a prelude to a new Elf Wars...

Track 13) Dark Elf

The Dark Elf’s theme. She, who’d been created to put an end to the Irregular Wars, she was turned into what she is by Doctor Vile, who curses all Repliroids... She was the symbol of coexistence of humans and Repliroids, and the sad history itself.

Track 14) The Last - The Wish Punished

The track of the final battle with Elpis, who’s become a full-edge Irregular. Elpis, defeated once, finally yields everything to the Dark Elf: the energy accumulated in his body reaches a critical state and is released, creating a distorted space, and the weak electromagnetic interaction with the Dark Elf creates a "negative energy field" equivalent to a microscopic black hole, changing him to a "grotesque" form. Was his “hope (Elpis)” but a deeply sinful ambition?

Track 15) In Mother’s Light

Elpis, defeated by Zero, had his soul healed by Mother Elf, who momentarily breaks free of the curse, turns him into a Cyber Elf. which leaves... But Doctor Vile's curse has not been undone yet. She turns into the Dark Elf again and vanishes somewhere…

Track 16) Awakening Will

The end roll is what expresses the game’s sound concept. Does it help you feel the different direction compared to Zero 1? Change, and “melodious”. The hope towards the tomorrow. I wanted to pour those in this track. I hope you think so.

Track 17) Red Time (EX Track)

The “secret” Zero 2 theme. But it’s an unused track… It was going to be used for the new VS Mode but playing a track in that mode causes hindrances in gameplay so it ended up being soundless. So this is why it’s specially recorded here. I hope you enjoy it.

Track 18) Clover (EX Track)

As an answer to some wishes(?), I made a vocal version. But adding vocals to a track made without plans to have them is harder than what I expected it to be, and was unsure of what kind of meaning to put into the vocals. It actually was more like starting from scratch. But I think that Itoga’s song has become something that arouses new ideas into the world of Zero. Let it become the main theme of Rockman Zero, please (laughs)

Armored Phenomenons

Fefnir: "You’re chasing the guy, right?"
  • Temple of Flames
He says so while facing his rival and laughs. What meaning is there to a battle the outcome of which is obvious? What can a heart that admits defeat do?

I am the Fighting General. Battle is proof that I exist.

He kicks up ground covered in steel, and a four-headed dragon roars flames.

“Let’s have fun, Zero!”

Leviathan: "I was waiting for ya, Zero"
  • Temple of Ice
The smile that appears in her face is like that of a lover whose partner has come. But what dwells in her pupils is icy passion. The girl danced within the water, entrusting her body to the brief joy when the goddess’ true form manifests itself.

Dreaming of being within the hero’s arms and of him stabbing his blade into her heart.

“If I can defeat you… I’ll be happy…”

Harpuia: "Defeat me…!"
  • The Temple of Wind
I might’ve noticed it… When I rescued you.

The black soul creeping in, what was being held back is released, the wings soaked in darkness merely fall…

This power can’t save… Anyone. I admit that… You’re a hero. And so…

“Protect Lord X… Protect the world…”

“I am no more… Who I used to be!”


The one who bows down before him is the one known as the “Wise General”. Someone whom my past self could never reach.

How fitting.

I will achieve… Power to overcome everything. And when I do… He’s first. A legend that’s but a corpse… And I will put an end to it. It’s time for the purge.

“A world without humans… A world of only Repliroids… Don’t you think it’d be a very peaceful thing?”

Sound Create Unit:

Ippo Yamada  Sound Designer / Producer

Born in Kanazawa Prefecture. Graduated from Chiba University of Science. Joined Capcom in the year 93. Worked on “Super Street Fighter II (SNES), “Demon’s Crest (SNES)”, “Resident Evil (PSX)”, etc. Also joined as support of (sound team) for “Rockman X2 (SNES)” and “Rockman 7 (SNES)”. Joins Inti Creates in the same year. Works in “Convertible Running Attack Gunbike (SNES)”, “LOVE & DESTROY (PSX)”, “Crayon Shin-chan The Adventure of Cinemland, the Wind-Beckoner (GBA)”, all sound of the “Rockman Zero Series” as well as CD production. Also involved in “Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children The White Tome (GBC)” as Director of Monster Designs.

Tsutomu Kurihara  Guitarist / Producer

Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Debuts in the year 84 at EUROX from Warner Pioneer. Works in anime songs for anime such as “Panzer World Galient” as well as in CMs for Suntory and Miki House. Provides songs to many artists like  Akina Nakamori, Nyangilas and such. Joins in many recordings, such as those of: CLASS,  Ono Masatoshi, Minako Tanaka , Akiho Sendo , Eriko Tamura , Mariko Tone , Funta, etc. Forms EGQ in the year 98. Releases 2 albums with Crown Records. He’s currently teamed up with Luna Umegaki to form Lu7 and released 2 albums, “Efflorescence” and “L’esprit de l’exil”.He’s also taken part in “Wave Rally (PS2)” and “Drihoo (XBOX)”.

Luna Umegaki  Composer / Keyboardist

Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Joined the making of the Drama CD “Angelic - The Saclear of Light and Darkness” while he was studying.Then he went on making the soundtrack and SFXs for many games such as “Ape Escape 2001 (PS2)”, “Drihoo (XBOX)”, “Everybody’s Golf 2 (PSX)”, “Jumping Flash (PSX)”, “The Legend Of Dragoon (PSX)”, “Koneko mo issho (PSX)”, “Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (PSX)”, “Choro Q2 (PSX)”, “Choro Q3 (PSX)”, “SIMPLE 1500 Hello Kitty Vol. 1~3 (PSX)” while being active as a musician. He’s currently the leader of the instrumental band Lu7.

Masaki Suzuki  Guitarist / Composer

Born in Yokohama City. Began live support of SHAZNA and Makoto Kawamoto  and is active as a new-gen guitarist. His guitar songs have charmed many with the emotion poured in them. He’s not only a performer, he also works as a composer. His main works are Ayako Kawasumi’s “Dream It - I Want to Meet You (Love Candidate (PSX & OVA)) Main Theme”, Rion Tamura’s “It’s Only You and Me”, “Shutokou Battle Series”; and he’s also joined the recordings of Akina (Folder5) and Kotono Mitsuishi .

Toru Itoga  Vocalist

While studying at college, his passion and assumptions led him to form LesVIEW in the year 87. Their activity in the Live House Harajuku Hokoten and others increased their band members and make contracts with Shinko Music and Fan House. They make their major debut in the year 90 with the album “Now’s the time to revive”. They make 4 albums and 10 singles until they disband in the year 93. He makes his solo debut in the year 96 as ITOGA. After that he released 2 singles through Pony Canyon.  He currently works as a lecturer and freelance vocalist while also taking part in 2 bands named “TRASH” and “SANCTUARY”.

Rie Tanaka  Voice Actress / Singer

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She’s a voice actor for anime and games as well as a radio personality, singer and multiple activities. Her main voice acting is “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (Lacus)”, “Chobits (Chi)”, “Steel Angel Kurumi (Saki)”, “Dual! (Sanada Mitsuki)”, “Hanaukyo Maid Team (Mariel)” and others. She’s currently in charge of Nippon Broadcast’s “Tokyo Character Show RADIO” and JAL’s onboard broadcast “Kids Field”. As a singer, she’s released 2 albums, “24 Wishes” and “Chara de Ciel”.

Surugadai Club (T/N: chorus of the Resistance Anthem track)

A men’s chorus established by Meiji College’s Glee Club OB volunteers in the year 94. They don’t only enjoy harmony but they aim to be an adult chorus that can express the deep flavor of time and the kindness / passion of songs. Apart from periodically hosting concerts, they do other activities such as taking part in the movie “The Burmese Harp” or the CM “We’re at the bazaar”. In the year ‘04, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they have planned to have a commentary in the fall, at the Kioi Hall.

Shinji Kitahashi - Club Surugadai  Conductor

Born in Hokkaido. Graduated from Meiji College Faculty of Literature. Worked as a student conductor when he was in the college’s Glee Club. Since the foundation of the Surugadai Club in the year 95, he becomes their conductor and reaches his current state. Apart from working as a freelancer, he keeps on working day after day in conducting choruses full of expression and with high density. His main job is freelance marketing director. If there are inquiries about marketing or conductor jobs, he’ll appear anywhere!

Phantom Armored Phenomenon

Phantom: “Know that there is darkness… That your thin light cannot penetrate…”
  • The Temple of Darkness
My body is darkness. My vestment is shadow. Wherever there’s light, there’s also shadow. And wherever there’s shadow, that is where I am.

I am a demon. One that’s not in the gap between life and death.

What dances in the moonless nights is the haze.

The curse of the illusionary demon echoes from beyond darkness in which even Time rots and dies.


  1. As usual, thank you for the translation.

  2. And this proves even further why Harpuia is my favorite antagonist of the Zero series. He really is the closest to X in terms of principles.

  3. I remember being very surprised when i first heard Ciel's theme had lyrics in french. It makes sense given that members of the resistance are named after french words, but i did'nt expect it, it was nice. I often read or hear peoples saying they don't like when anime or game character speaks in english or that the pronunciation makes them cringes, but personally i found Rie Takana singing in french pretty cute, and as a french it mades me kinda happy.
    I'd love if Alouette/Prairie had a song too, maybe Ciel taught her the language?

    1. ^She also pronounced the "eu" in "bonheur". Not easy since there's not "eu" sounde in Japanese and they tend to pronounce it "u".
      Speaking of french, i used to wonder if the everyone in ZX spoke french, since all the NPC had french words as names. My theory being that the language was popularized because Ciel was the one who solved the energy crisis. Then a few years ago i heard the chinese lyrics of the legion HQ theme and read on anime that it was to reflect a future in which descendants of a diverse set of cultures live together. which made me think that people where probably speaking a futuristic form of chinese (since languages change a lot over times) mixed with other languages. With the translation of the ZXa tunes booklet revealing that the world of MMZX is made up of self-governed city-states, i like to think that the people of Cinq-Ville enjoy naming their children using french words because Ciel used to do it and it caugh on enough to become a tradition.

  4. "Despite his looks and atmosphere, (Burble) Hekelot amongst the new bosses was said to be a New 4 Heavenly Kings candidates due to his strength."
    That's something i would have NEVER guessed. i thought he was a random enemy among the mythos reploids.

    1. That's doubly funny since he was one of the easiest gameplay wise, and is the less impresive-looking ofall of the MMZ2 bosses design wise.

  5. "Gravity" and the Mega Man Zer 2 boss battle theme give me Phoenix Magnion flashbacks.

  6. I still wish we had the occasion to fight phantom in his armed phenomenon form, as a sort of bonus boss. That moment where you can fight him in Zero 3 would have been a perfect occasion.


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