Friday, January 17, 2020

Capcom's Newest "Secret File" Contains a Mega Man/Street Fighter Tribute by Bengus

"Capcom Secret File Vol. 28" – the first volume in Capcom's adored mini-magazine in ten years – has a little something extra for Mega Man fans. If you order it from E-Capcom, that is.

Exclusive to the E-Capcom Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Premium Package, Secret File Vol. 28 will include a special illustration by Bengus featuring various SFV characters re-imaged as Mega Man-inspired characters. Dubbed "Street Fighter V: Mega Edition!", the image depicts Chun-Li as Mega Man, Dhalsim as Fire Man, Birdie (or Abigail) as Bomb Man, Zangief as Guts Man, and Ken as Proto Man. I'm not entirely sure who Guile is supposed to be, though. Search Man? Commando Man?

Anyway, there are a few other characters present, too, but they're a little hard to make out from the small preview image. Try your luck at identifying them after the break below!

It's worth noting that the Secret File will ship with ALL limited/premium editions of SFV in Japan. This "Mega Edition!" print, however, is EXCLUSIVE to the E-Capcom Premium Package.  If you have the means to do so, you can order it here. Import shops like Nin-Nin Game or Play Asia might stock up on this in due time. The former often receive E-Capcom exclusives in limited quantities.

Here's hoping we get a clean version online soon!


  1. With Colin as Ice Man and Laura as Elec Man, this seems like Mega Man 1's robot masters + Proto Man. So that leaves only Cut Man, who Guile here is meant to be.

  2. Guile is Search Man i think. Commando man is uniformely green he does'nt have the commouflage paintings.

  3. I would say i'm surprised they did'nt go with Ryu as Mega Man, but i'm certainely not going to complain about Mega Chun-Li being a thing.

  4. I wonder how to call them...

    Mega-Li / Rock-Li
    Proto Masters / Blues Masters


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