Monday, January 13, 2020

Rockman X DiVE "Weapon Design Competition" Online Voting Open

Starting today and until January 20th, we can vote for our favorite fan-submitted designs in the Rockman X DiVE Weapon Design Competition. Out of several participants, the development team have chosen the best 30 entries. You can vote via the official website  and you'll also get 50 metals to use in the game just for participating in the process! Find all the details after the break!

The rules are as follows:
  • Each email is limited to vote for 5 works a day.
  • To participate in the voting event, please select your favorite work and type your email address to complete voting!
  • The email used to participate in the voting will receive notifications from Capcom to get virtual rewards in the future. Before sending, please confirm your email is correct in case your right to get rewards will be affected.

On January 21st, the results will be published online. On January 22nd the development team will start reviewing the results and finally, between February 7th to 10th, the three winners and seven merit prizes will be announced.

Head over to the official site to vote for your favorite designs and collect the 50 metals (delivered to your e-mail address after the game launches).


  1. The problem- people can create new email addresses to vote multiple times. Hopefully in the future they’ll create a better voting system that will allow people to vote only once, regardless of anything else

    1. They don't have a way of blacklisting sus voting patterns? D:

  2. Cool beans!! I cast my vote! :)


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