Monday, January 20, 2020

First 4 Figures Mega Man 11 Statue Launch Live Stream/Pre-orders Announced

First 4 Figures will be holding a "launch live stream" this Friday, January 224th at 06:00 PST (09:00 EST | 14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 22:00 HKT) to show off their 1/4 Mega Man 11 statue in all its glory followed by Q&A session. The stream will coincide with pre-orders openeing up. They will also offer a 10% discount to early buyers.

As a reminder, the statue is going to be released in both a resin and PVC versions. First 4 Figures promise to show the difference between the two during the live stream; however, we already know that one is bigger than the other. Only the resin version will be available this Friday for pre-order.

More news soon!

Source: First 4 Figures Official Website


  1. Kind of a shame. F4F has great ideas for statues, but at least for MegaMan, they can never get the face right. Always too flat and flush to the helmet.

    1. it's no just mega man, they're statues are all pretty poorly done for the price model wise. the light up effects are fun, but they're just really weird with anything that isn't a sonic character.

    2. I'd say that's a very unfair statement to include "all" of their statues being poorly done. Which statues are you referring to outside of Sonic? All of their Sega line is fantastic and totally on-point. Their Castlevania figures are practically character art brought to life. And this statue here? It's beautiful lol...I just hope it isn't too much, I can concur with the pricing to an extent.

    3. I'll agree with Erik; as someone who has owned a few pieces by this company: I have always been disappointed on some level by the real, in-person F4F product when compared to the solicitation photos. (Yes, I have not seen literally every F4F statue in-person, but literally every one I have seen in-person has been disappointing.) Their stuff just doesn't really compare to a lot of similarly-priced offerings from companies like Gecco, XM, Sideshow, etc. I've sold all my F4F pieces, and won't go back. F4F is generally overpriced and overrated.

      I'm also generally turned-off by polystone resin statues; the fine detail doesn't compare to PVC, they are heavy, and fragile. Some people associate that weight with a "premium" item, but in my experience it's just the wrong combination of cumbersome and delicate.

    4. okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit. Looking through their offerings, a lot of their stuff looks decent, but it's been a while since I last looked through it. I've seen their ocarina of time link that just looks awful, along with their zero suit samus and both their current mega man figures just look bad. It just doesn't seem like they have consistency with their offerings.

  2. Another day another really poor looking first 4 figures mega man statue. Hey atleast this time he doesn't have whiskers, but when did the blue bomber get bells palsy?


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