Thursday, December 20, 2018

"The Fully Charged Podcast" is All Caught Up

Whose up for another round of "The Fully Charged Podcast"? LBD Nytetrayn and I are finally caught up on the latest batch of Mega Man: Full Charged episodes (we beat Cartoon Network to the punch!), and we're hoping to keep a more consistent from here on out. I mean I say that, but... eh.

Anyway, you can listen to three new episodes of our show at the following links:

As always, thanks for supporting the show! We'll be recording a special Christmas Edition over the holiday wherein we'll chat about the Christmas-ish Mega Man: Upon a Star episode, "Future Beware!" Stay tuned!


  1. Do you know any good ways to watch the show?

    1. Kimcartoon has all the EPs that have aired so far. Cartooncrazy might too. CN App and channel on the Roku and such has 1-20 on it.


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