Thursday, December 27, 2018

Rockman X and Monster Hunter Explore Collaboration Announced

Capcom are kicking off the new year with a brand-new Rockman X 25th anniversary collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore.

Beginning January 14th, Monster Hunter Explore players can get equipped with X and Zero-themed Hunter armors. What's more, players can also find special X series-themed weapons, such as three variations of the X-Buster, the Z-Saber, and a Metool Hammer. Stamps/avatars based on X series characters will be distributed to participants as well.

Additional images and information can be found at the official Monster Hunter Explore website.


  1. funny one. i did'nt see that coming. i want the metool hammer.

  2. I was about to scream seeing "Monster Hunter".... Then saw "Explore".

    :( You've dashed all my excitement, sir.

  3. AH C'MON, WHY NOT MH WORLD! Death to mobile games.

  4. Why not release these in Monster Hunter World instead?

  5. You guys have keep mind that in Japan mobile games are extremely popular. Like, ridiculously popular. So from a business standpoint it makes sense what they would release this for the mobile game.


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