Friday, December 14, 2018

Kotobukiya Possibly Teasing Mega Man X Series Model Kit

It's been several years since Kotobukiya made a *new* Mega Man model kit and it looks like they're about to start back up again.

The official Kotobukiya Twitter account posted the above teaser image today which says that a new plastic model kit project will be revealed in three days. The font style used here is awfully close to that of the Japanese Rockman X logo. Additionally, three days from now is December 17th – the X series' 25th anniversary and Mega Man's 31st overall. Based on that, there's a good chance this new project is not only Mega Man-related but X series as well. We could be seeing a brand-new X model kit in the coming days, people.

More news on this front soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Hmm... Remember Roll's Nendoroid announcement...

  2. Seems to be a Mega Man X6 dialogue box as well. The font and style were used in X5 but only X6 highlighted the speaker's name in red. Perhaps the model is an X6 character?

  3. Incoming message from......sources unknown.

  4. Interesting! I might have to dust off my other Koto-MM model kits...


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