Friday, December 7, 2018

UDON Collectibles Mega Man Goods Return for a Limited Time

If you missed out on UDON Collectables' various convention-exclusive Mega Man goods in the past year, you're in luck. For the next three days you can pick up those sweet collector pins and the 30th anniversary cross-section shirt at UDON Collectibles' pop-up shop. They're gone after December 10th!

So if you're in need of some fun Mega Man stocking stuffers for the holiday season, this is it. The lucky draw pins are my favorite of the bunch – highly recommended. Do note that they're sold in blind bags, though. You won't know what you get at first.

Grab yours ASAP at the link above!


  1. Not interesting. It is useless! I will pass.

    1. I've been reading this blog for ten years and you always say this same comment. Why do you comment at all if it's not interesting?

  2. Please vote for classic Mega Man in GameFAQs' Character Battle X.

  3. I want the E-Tank Mug back! I want one.

  4. One thing I've always had a problem with Udon is how pricey their items are. I do want a few of those items... my wallet can take a 15 buck hit. That's not gonna bankrupt me.


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