Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chapter 3 of Rockman X: The Novel -Irregular Report- Has Been Fan-Translated

A passionate group of fans have been working on a fan-translation of Tsubasa Todoroki's Rockman X: The Novel -Irregular Report- for almost two years. Today, they released Chapter 3 (Spark Mandrill), which is available to read here.

The chapter discusses X's battle with Spark Mandrill, as well as a little more than X bargained for...

Anyone is able to read from the cover of the novel up to Chapter 3 at this point, so consider reading all of what's done so far. The project is still under way, so please be patient with the group as they continue to release updates.

Please also support Todoroki's novel! The novel is available on Amazon (JP) for purchase.



  1. This is a really good story if you have read of the others. Nice touch for the series

  2. I actually first translated the initial part of Spark Mandrill's chapter when the project first started, but my life got so busy that I couldn't commit to it anymore. Glad it made it out one way or another. :)


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