Friday, November 16, 2018

Rockman 11 x Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collaboration Due on November 21st

Originally announced back in September during the Tokyo Game Show, the collaboration between Rockman 11 and Monster Hunter Frontier Z  has been confirmed to kick-off on November 21st.

The collaboration allows players to actually play as Rockman. You can see our little guy in action in the trailer above!



  1. First the DMC5 Mega Buster and now this.
    Hmm.. while they are cameos it's still some of Capcom's best sellers. I guess that counts as advertising?
    So can we expect Leon wearing a blue helmet while mowing down zombies?

  2. Good advertising. Not much else to say.

  3. Still have to make a little extra money by putting Mega Man in other franchises, eh Capcom?


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