Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mega Man: Fully Charged is NOT Cancelled; New Episodes Airing in Canada

What's new on the Fully Charged front? A few things, actually.

First, new episodes began to air in Canada on Family Chrgd today, November 11th. Episode 21 "Rush to Greatness" and Episode 22 "Enter Namagem" made their network debut. Episode 23 "Minus Mini" premiers on Sunday, November 18th, at 8:30am. New episodes are also reportedly showing up on some Canadian DVR/on-demand services and the Family Chrgd app. If you're in the region, you might want to check up on that.

Second, despite the show being taken off of Cartoon Network's schedule in the U.S, Mega Man: Fully Charged itself isn't going anywhere. In response to concerns that the show was cancelled, writer Joe Kelly assures,"we are still very much in production." He goes on to say "I can’t say exactly when the new episodes will air, but they’re coming." (via Twitter) I also have it on good authority that Fully Charged staff remain unaffected from the schedule change at Cartoon Network. They're workin' hard on the show as we speak.

And finally, we have three new episodes of the Fully Charged Podcast! The latest batch covers Episodes 8 through 10. You can listen to 'em at The Mega Man Network or check us out on iTunes and Google Play. We have a good time making them and hope you enjoy listening to them!

Thanks to my buddy LBD_Nytetrayn for the tip!


  1. Of course Cartoon Network took it off the air. That's 30 minutes less time in the day to dedicate to Teen Titans Go reruns!

    1. To be fair, CN airs a LOT of Gumball as well.

  2. Episode 21 and 22 actually premiered yesterday morning on Family Chrgd. Despite DHX saying new episodes air over the weekends, debuts only happen on Sundays. The Saturday airing is a repeat of the prior Sunday's episode.

  3. Huh. That's some good news, right there! The rub that I'll have to go to Canada to watch 'em is a bit rough, though.

    At least… for noowww.

  4. Come on people, if you haven't watched the show you should give it a go, especially the episode with Lord Obsidian

  5. Holy geez, a Mega Man project that was actually saved from cancellation? Did God Himself descend from the Heavens while I wasn't looking, or what?

  6. After watching the opening seconds of Namagem's episode, it looks like he's based on Bass.

  7. There's no way for us in North America to see it. That really isn't fair just because Barftoon Network took it off. Despite the idiotic and harebrained reactions to the cartoon by the so-called hardcore Mega Man fans (the "8-bit only!" freaks that is), some of us here did enjoy the show and the writing got especially better by the Lord Obsidian episode.

  8. HUGE sigh of relief. It not coming back in the States for 11/11 was a bit worrisome, at least we know that the show isn't cancelled, even if the license with Cartoon Network may be up in the air.

  9. I don't know? I wouldn't trust what they say with a grain of BS. Show not talk action. Show it to prove it's not canned. :/


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