Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dr. Wily Assist Trophy Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Among the myriad of announcements in today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, Dr. Wily, the mad genius himself, will be making an in-game appearance in the form of an assist trophy! He cruises around in the Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7 and, if defeated, he busts out a trademark grovel.

But wait! There's a little bit more...

A bunch of Mega Man content is coming to the game in the form of new music and "Spirits". Check it out:

Thanks for the image, PizzaStart!

You can check out all the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news in the video below! (11:05 for Guts Man Spirit footage with the new remix and 23:26 for the Wily Capsule assist trophy footage with "We're the Robots" remix):


  1. That "We're The Robots" remix is DOOOOOOOOPE

  2. Not gonna lie, this game just looks pretty awesome all around. Nice job, Nintendo.

  3. My only hope is that they will release protoman as an echo fighter. Slapping him and bass in the megaman final smash seemed like a lazy way to stick them in the game. Them being the top 2 favorite characters according to the poll.
    Still really excited to play this game!

  4. I love that they not only put him in as an Assist Trophy, but that when he gets defeated they animated him falling and groveling afterwards.

    Love all the work the Smash team has done for this franchise.

  5. So, for everyone who's getting this, who will be your main four? I'm going with Kirby, Luigi, and Mega Man (of course) as they were in the previous Smash, and Incineroar will be my newest main.

    1. King K Rool and Ridley are my two new mains, after that I'm still sticking with R.O.B. and Pokemon Trainer now that my boy Ivysaur is back and that awful stamina mechanic is gone :D

  6. Makes me happy to see that they're remixing songs as far into the series as 9. We're the robots was a great choice! Assist trophy still gives me flashbacks though...

  7. Footage from Sakurai's video about single player last night showed theres a Fire Man remix as well.

  8. I saw assorted Robot Masters, both Doctors, Bass, Sigma, and even Vent (Model X) as Spirits during the first ten minutes of the Nintendo Live. Going to keep my eyes out for more.

  9. I'm kind of late here, but I was just watching the trailer again and noticed at 39:50, Kirby has a Tron Bonne spirit equipped! So their pulling stuff from Legends as well!


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