Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Mega Man Isn't In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

If Legends 3's cancellation wasn't bad enough, the past day also brought bad news for fans in the form of Mega Man's absence in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. A little over a day ago, the entire 12 character roster was leaked, and the blue boy was nowhere to be scene. The decision bewildered everyone, adding mere salt to the wound ruptured by Mega Man Legends 3.

Siliconera, in an effort to learn why Mega Man wasn't invited to the brawl, sought out UMvC3 producer Ryota Niitsuma for comment:

"I’m sorry, there is no Mega Man in Ultimate," Niitsuma apologized. "We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut."

I'm a bit puzzled by Niitsuma's last remark, "he just didn't enter the top part of the ranking." Oh, yes he did. If you may recall, Mega Man X topped the fan community-driven DLC poll, clocking in at #1 on Capcom's turf. Curiously, Capcom chose to include the second and third most demanded characters, Phoenix Wright and Strider Hiryu respectively, all the while dismissing X.

I honestly have no clue where to stand on this. This whole week has been littered with disappointment after disappointment. It's just non-stop. The worst part of all? Nothing makes sense. No one has stepped up to the plate to rectify the problems at hand -- no one, yet, has given us a satisfying and concrete explanation behind anything.

I dunno. Maybe we'll get some sort of good news during Capcom's panel tomorrow.


  1. I sincerely don't think so.

    If this steamroll of disappointment continues, we might as well divorce Rockman from Capcom in our minds.

    They're just not compatible now.

    Maybe this is what they wanted from the very beginning...

  2. Ten bucks on Archie announcing they're canceling the Mega Man comic tomorrow.

  3. pfft. good luck.

  4. Good news? based upon the last few days,I will be surprised if they won't just say that the Megaman series is finished forever

  5. If they can have someone as random as Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, then they sure as fuck can add in ANY incarnation of Mega Man. Capcom, what the hell is wrong with you?

  6. That was in America that he Ranked #1, what about in japan, where it actually counts? You should know by now that our opinion, DOES. NOT. MATTER.

  7. By "Top part of the ranking", I think he meant between the devs, not the popularity poll. Then again, there may have been a different ranking from Japanese fans or something.

  8. With Darkstalkers just announced, which was through nothing but fan requests, obviously the route we must take now is ask for a new Mega Man: The Power Battles.

    Since it's a fighting game there's no way Capcom will say no!

  9. Look, we get it Crapcom, you hate Megaman.

    just admit it already, might as well get it out of the way.

  10. Oh Capcom, you keep on lying.

  11. "He didn't enter the top part of the ranking"... Pffft. Of all the sorry copout excuses to use, that's what they come up with? Give me a break. As Protodude noted, Mega Man X (as well as Classic Mega Man and Sigma, too, if I remember correctly) was one of the leading characters in the DLC polls. I'm beginning to agree with what most people have been saying: It really does seem as if Capcom doesn't want a thing to do with the Mega Man series anymore.

  12. The only good announcement would be that Capcom decided to give Megaman back to Inafune, or are actually making it a full retail release for a console.

  13. ...

    At this rate, I'm surprised they didn't eject Tron, Zero, and all the MM-related stages.

  14. Either Niitsuma is a termites-in-his-smile LIAR or he is suffering from a brain tumor and the symptoms include cognitive dissonance.


  15. Why he is not in?Simple.Because Capcom can't even count.That is why

  16. The #1 character on the Marvel side (Venom) didn't get in as well. 10 bucks says they're DLC.

  17. tomorrow Capcom we say : we are kill Rockman and we like it !!

    sorry for my english, i'm dont speak it very well

  18. tomorrow they will demand UDOM for the Megaman Tribute and will retire every books in the stores :D

  19. "Maybe we'll get some sort of good news during Capcom's panel tomorrow."

    Good news?? Good news?!?? They're not putting any Mega Man character in Ultimate anymore!!! Not even reviving Mega Man Legends 3 either!!!! It has been three days and I'm still so raging!!!

  20. Oh, Capcom....

    Will you ever stop peddling your obvious lies?

    Just admit you're purposely laying waste to all things Mega Man and silencing all voices of protest.

  21. The X thing is just a slap in the face after the violent pummeling the MM community has taken this week. And freaking ROCKET RACCOON over Venom? Jesus, was Howard the Duck on vacation?? What is this, Capcom?

  22. Oh no, they wouldn't cancel merchandise. Mega Man is a merchandise gold mine.

    No no, Capcom says no to Mega Man GAMES . . . that aren't mobile titles exclusively for Japan.

  23. I may want to say this, but who ever says that "Megaman" wasn't on the top list should have checked again. He's pretty popular with Pac-Man, Mario, and many others. Hell, he's like Captain Commando, because they were both mascots of their time. Then again if Keiji came back, they would put him back in no time flat.

    This is just sad really. I mean, people who say that Megaman isn't as popular as the other characters should rethink that statement. Good gawd I know I've heard about this thing, but jeez, I do feel sorry for Megaman Fans and Keiji for what Capcom is doing right now. :'(

  24. What a joke. Crapcom is no longer respectable.

  25. @JojoMon

    Sorry, but that's just not true. Certainly not on the same level as aforementioned icons.

    Megaman has been a declining franchise and character for Capcom. Granted that is THEIR fault for not properly grooming and guarding their IP and introducing too many spinoffs, so poorly so that Mega Man X and Mega Man Classic became marketing relics.

    Worse yet, Capcom prematurely jumped ship on Legends and Battle Network for all the wrong reasons, only to dive into even worse messes in Starforce and ZX, both mere soulless shells of their previous incarnations.

    Of all the legs that the Megaman franchise had to stand on, Legends 3 was the ONE possible venue in the form of refreshingly different gameplay on a brand-new system without very much "sequelitis" baggage, and that game was canceled.

    Mega Man cannot be marketed to modern audiences. They do not want him. Mega Man's only market is in staling niches that shrink with every bad game.

    Suck it up. Admit it.

    However, the silver lining is in the fact that this only applies to series that were too far before the times of current consumers (such as Classic and X). Although Legends is fairly old itself, it didn't have a lot of development or stigma, so something could have been done to gradually recover the franchise.

    But that lifeline was severed. That's why people are outraged. We'll be lucky to get Mega Man 11, now; the only reason we got 9 and 10 was the now-ended retro bandwagon.

  26. Niitsuma-san says some funny things sometimes. He said Sentinel wouldn't be in either, then went back on it, and then said Ghost Rider wouldn't be in it, and then said Phoenix Wright wouldn't be in, lol. Maybe it was a matter of semantics, because the original series Mega Man was not in the top-tier, and the question didn't specify Mega Man X...but that's a stretch.

    Mega Man X is my all time favorite character, and I really wanted him to be in MVC3. I'm rather sad that he won't be, but I'm at least happy with the other Capcom picks--they are all characters I really like, so I feel conflicted. I'll probably get it, because I'll take any excuse to get more Phoenix Wright.

    Truthfully, I honestly didn't care for how Mega Man played in MVC1 and MVC2. He was the character I always used, but he felt so underpowered and poorly planned out. He moved slowly, and they gave him attacks like Tornado Hold (MM8) and Leaf Shield (MM2). I would've much preferred Crash Bombs, Gemini Laser, Magnet Missile, or other weapons. Mega Man X has quite a few possibilities for an interesting moveset though, so again, it's a shame he's not in.

    I absolutely love how they made Zero play on MVC3 and TVC, and after the love we saw in the US version of TVC (three Mega Man characters? Hell yes!), I admit to being rather optimistic.

    I won't really comment much on the Marvel characters. I'm not a very big fan of Marvel, and to be honest, I'm not too saddened by the loss of most of them--Juggernaut, Gambit, Sabretooth, Venom, etc, just don't interest me that much and I didn't care for their moves. As long as the characters on that side are something different (which it seems like), that'll be neat.

  27. They're idiots. They're lying, uncaring, foolish idiots. Seriously? What company puts in a couple fan desired characters (one already ready to go named Frank) and not ALL? Especially the two most desired characters in nearly EVERY poll out there, X and Venom. Why? We'll never get a true answer, because all they can do is make more excuses on how they are dreadfully lazy and refuse to listen to fans. My money is on most of those new characters playing like re-skinned Tatsunoko fighters. Nova and Iron Fist look like prime subjects for such.

  28. I REALLY hope crapcom goes bankrupt. Nothing but a bunch of a**holes.

  29. No Mega Man in UMvC3?! I can say only one thing about this.

    "My people! My people, rise and transform your sorrow into anger! Never forget that we, the fans are the chosen! We, the consumers, shall save this franchise! SIEG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  30. I just assumed Megaman would always be around.

    It's kind of weird to think that Capcom may be winding the franchise down to extinction. :(

  31. @HyperSonicEXE: To be fair, RnR3 actually had the right stuff to be a proper follow up to EXE. Just one problem - it proved that the series needed about two more years of polish before it would truly be ready for release.

    The problem with ZX? Same with RnR. ZX1 was okay, ZXA was a step back - they would probably have refined and ended the series with ZX3 had it been greenlit. But again, big problem - why the hell is it taking three games to get right? EXE took only 2, and that was because the first was something completely new.

    They're less "empty shells" and more "incomplete husks". Had they been given the amount of attention and polish they really needed, they'd have been just as good as Zero and EXE. Hell, that's actually somewhat important with ZX, since it was actually setting the stage for Legends. Since that was more or less what it was doing, it needed a hell of a lot more polish than it got.

  32. Gotta love Niitsuma's pathetic excuses.

  33. Yea...if Capcom do something one more time, Hello SEGA, goodbye Capcom.

  34. It's going a long raging as long as Mega Man X isn't in Ultimate and Mega Man Legends 3 is cancelled.

    Got it???? Bring them back and you'll have our trust, faith, and respect back.

  35. Mega man is getting shanked repeatedly by capcom and all you can do is sit back and watch lol.

  36. At people talking about Venom: Venom doesn't belong to Capcom, but to Marvel, and in the comics he isn't the same that he used to be in MvC1&2, now being combined with Scorpion. Considering this, I don't really mind him being absent, but it's strange that Dr. Octopus isn't in. From what I heard, people found unfinished data of Doc Ock and Frank West in the original version.

    And I don't mind X either, I want MML3 more than another character from a series that already has two playable representatives. ;_;

  37. That's ok! No Mega Man and no Venom means I'm still not buying it! Bastards.

  38. @HyperSonicEXE: On the contrary, I and almost every single one of my gamer friends loves Megaman. He is still a very marketable character.

    (Note I'm in the younger part of the gaming pantheon. I was born after the SNES existed.)

  39. Consider this:

    CapcomEuro said on one of their tweets something about "the right game for Megaman", meaning MML3 isn't "right" for whatever criteria they have now for their franchises

    Yet, they stopped supporting any of his existing incarnations

    This can only mean one thing: Prepare for an unwanted, american Megaman reboot, DmC style. And maybe against zombies! And on-disc DLC! With a Special Edition comming six months after its release!

    Remember Megaman Universe new design? I bet that was just the first attempt

    Seriously, Let's give all this energy and support to people who actually care, like the fans who make very enjoyable fan games every year. Not Capcom, at least not as it stands today.

    Any news on that cool 8bit co-op game?

    (Let's just hope they don't start pulling legal threats to those fangames, that'd be truly the end of Megaman as we know and love it)

  40. To all who are saying he is still a rememberable character: Thank you.

    Just because he isn't talked about doesn't mean he is forgotten. Unlike characters from the past, he actually had some interesting characterstics that made him famous. Like Sonic or Mario, his gameplay and style is what caught most of the attention. Alas, Capcom is now "kicking" the bucket on Megaman, making the character become a "buckethead" of the Capcom Universe when he was indeed their famous mascot with Captain Commando, Resident Evil and the rest of the Capcom Library.

    At least when Keiji was at his risk he did tend to change up the formula (personally because of how people felt during Megaman 5 & 6). He later created the X franchise, which became more trickier and interesting as it went on. If Megaman isn't popular, then why the hell do people use iconic music from the games to make remixes or tributes to him? Simple, cause the franchise, like Astro Boy (the inspiration), was very awesome. It's like saying Mickey Mouse isn't as popular today as he was years ago or saying Astro Boy wasn't remember at all for what he did(even in his 2009 reincardation, which that movie was pretty good).

    I do understand that Capcom tried to "hide" the series from getting the attention, but that was not Keiji's fault at all. However, I feel that this series should have been more handled carefully like Sega is doing with Sonic the Hedgehog (with proper care, respect, heart, creativity and LOVE). But then Capcom tries to milk Street Fighter IV over and over again and it gets tiresome to others. Sometimes, I wonder what goes on at the Capcom studios because I want to hear the answer to why he isn't in the current games as he was in the past.

    Rockman will someday return. Let's us pray like Nights into Dreams got it sequel, Duke Nukem Forever and Psychonauts was rescued from Development Hell that something will resolve from this issue.

  41. @Protodude

    I saw your tweet about there being too many "bring back L3" petitions all over the fandom.

    How about trying to revive Operation LND? Just see if you can get more MM sites to join. Then, try to find a way to keep count of those who support the operation.

    There is currently a FB group with +10k likes, and if you could contact the admin of that group and then make it an official Operation LND FB group...

    Are there any plans to regroup and restart the Legends Never Die campaign?.

  42. Well, I'm gonna go against everyone here and say a couple of things why I don't think MegaMan is in MvC3.

    1) Niitsuma already explained back in January why MM wasn't in the original release of MM.

    2) As a projectile-based character, he does seem to be in a somewhat redundant role with Arthur, right?

    3) Not all characters are chosen based on popularity. Can assume Niitsuma's didn't mean strictly popularity? Surely when Capcom sits down to select characters for a fighting game, their method of character ranking isn't solely based on fan popularity.

  43. @MusashiAA:

    Possibly. If we were to continue, we'd need to restructure.

    Problem we have now is that there are too many movements underway. In order for something to be successful, I feel it needs to be centralized.

    We'll see what happens.

  44. All of this is just bull***. **** you capcom

  45. You could probably get the attention of most of the movements and gather them together, Protodude, even if only by contacting the admins of facebook groups.

  46. Pffft. Could their excuses possibly get any lamer?

  47. @turianX9:

    X won the Japanese DLC votes too. It was on Shoryuken but they've since deleted that story, sadly, or else I would have included a link.

    As an X fan, this doesn't surprise me. Capcom's been pooping on the X series for years now, and now it seems that hatred has spread to series-wide.

    As I've said before- make your own fan-comics/fan-games/fan-animes... Capcom hasn't cared about us for years and it's just become obvious to everyone else- we X fans have known it all along.

  48. Let's see... so people voted for X in that poll and he made it to top.


    People voted, sent in designs, suggestions, and such for MML3 Dev Rooms.



    AND CAPCOM DIDN'T SEE THAT? Blaming us for "not enough interest?" WAT DA F------------

  49. I swear Crapcom is trying to destroy the Mega Man franchise. I mean really, first, they leave Mega Man out of MVC3 (and yet, they let Zero and Tron Bonne in), then Inafune leaves, then Universe is cancelled, and most recently, they kill Legends 3 and blame the fanbase on the games cancellation. Can this get any WORSE!?

  50. What people seem to forget is that Phoenix Wright WAS partly developed before MvC3. Those that paid attention would know him and Franziska Von Karma were being worked on for TvC, but were scrapped when they were stumped by a moveset for Phoenix. Obviously they've figured out one that WORKS.

    I'm just going on the safe side and think either X will be pre-order thing/DLC(lol) OR they honestly couldn't give him a decent moveset in the time given.

  51. MegaMan Legends 3 got canned... and now Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3... and still no MegaMan?!

  52. If the problem is number of characters representing their game series, including DLC and Ultimate:
    Street Fighter and Resident Evil got 4
    Darkstalkers: 3
    Mega Man, DMC, and Ghosts 'n Goblins: 2
    Strider: 1 worth 10 (XD)

    But except for Mega Man, all of them include a main character or "the most popular one" of their series (Ryu, Chris, Morrigan, Dante and Arthur).

    If they included MMZ series Zero, OK, it's the MMZ series, but it's MMX series Zero with no sign of X or other Mega Man. MvC2 had the original Mega Man and TvC had Mega Man Volnutt. Zero is popular, but we kinda expected to see someone else too...

    As for Tron, there is no reason to complain of her as she has her own game, TMoTB, and she uses a Gustaff in it.

  53. It honestly just seems to me that Capcom is trying to forget about Mega Man now that Inafune is gone...

  54. It really just sounds to me that, now that Inafune is gone, they are trying to just forget about Mega Man....



    Even though it's slim, there is still a chance for Megaman to be included as DLC.

    I beg of you guys not to give up, we have to keep trying to the end.

  56. Our super-fighting-robot from the year 2010 isn't in MvC3, but there's a lawyer. Wut?


  58. Oh damnly dissappointed...looks like the rumor about Capcom hating Rockman soooooo much was dreadfully true. I mean, why would Capcom do this to us?! What did we do to deserve this result?! Did they hated the blue bomber so badly as they hated us too at the same time?! This is soooo freakin' unfair and cruel, even to our godly Inafune.

    Hell, this ticked us off soooo bad...better watch your backs Capcom, cuz sooner or later, we're gonna crush you guys down for good...

  59. I call shenanigans on why Capcom didnt include a Megaman in UMvC3, they had a perfectly working one in MvC and MvC2! why not just use Classic Megaman and improve upon his move set?

    hell they had Vollnut in TvC couldn't they just port him over and improve upon his move set to fit MvC3 and UMvC3 from the start? seriously whats the hold up Capcom?


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