Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skull Girl Devs Mourn Legends 3

Joining fans and Inafune in lament, Reverge Labs, the developers behind the upcoming 2D fighter Skull Girls, took to their white boards to vent frustration in Capcom's choice to cancel Mega Man Legends 3.

The art may be spiffy, but that's not the best part. RL headmaster Peter managed to squeeze in a little swipe at Capcom. "…Sad. So sad our artists are. They’ll never get to play Mega Man Legends 3 because, you know, the fans didn’t make enough art or program enough of the engine. Stupid fans – here’s some art to make you feel bad for what you didn’t do."

That's gotta sting.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. Looks like the money that I was going to spend on MML3 is instead going to this game.

  2. That picture with the servbots is comic gold!

  3. You know what's so funny about this?

    Last scene on MML2 depicted Roll arguing with Tron about building a rocket to get Trigger out of Elysium.

    Roll represents the old creative, cheerful spirit of Capcom. She designs a new rocket powerful enough to get to Elysium and save Trigger, giving more importance to the real objective. This rocket would take time to be made, and testing would be required to see if it works.

    Tron represents the business, corporative side of Capcom. She argues there isn't enougn money to make such a powerful rocket, giving more importance on profit loss and cheaper resources.

    Then, they argue at each other to the point of argumentum ad hominem, insulting at each other and demoralizing their ideas and actions. Which in the end is a waste of time. Time that could be used on making the rocket.

    Guess who we, the fans, are in that scene.

    BTW, I'm Teisel because I'm that awesome :3c

  4. Wow. The backlash is hitting hard from everywhere. Even other game developers/companies feel betrayed and offended. This is truly a landmark in gaming history. Hopefully Capcom one day soon realizes their big mistake and continues the project.

  5. @MusashiAA

    Brilliant. I'm using this in a future post.

  6. @Protodude

    I know, right? The coincidence is astounding.

  7. Ishikawa has something to say about it... can anyone translate?

    NSFW because of potential hentai stuff.

  8. I suddenly deeply respect this company now. :O They got balls.

  9. Actually, it's Reverge Laba, bro. No "n."

  10. ... oh, derp. Saw the post itself.

    Immediately thought of the "no 'n'" while I was looking at the URL. Sorry.

  11. @ MushahiAA

    I really love that analogy and how eloquently it was worded . . .

    but if the prices Roll would charge for upgrades are any indication of what she'd put into an entire rocket . . . I'd probably side with Tron.

    Then again, in ten years one could probably scour terra firma for a heck of a lot of refractors . . .

    :P Some levity, for what it's worth.

    . . .

    Wow, my word verification is "scron" which is one letter swap away from "scorn". Hi, Capcom.

  12. They were already picking up Capcom's slack in not making another Darkstalkers type title. Nice of them to reach out to other disenfranchised Capcom fans.

  13. ^ yeah balls for brains. You talking bout crapcom rite?

  14. I don't know why, but I suddenly like this company. As Charem said "They got balls".


  16. Now Volnutt knows how Ryo Hazuki feels.

    They should change up the Galactus stage in Ult. MvC3. Have it take place on the moon and the stage should depict Megaman V's lifeless corpse in the background. HAH!

  17. Right so I know what I'm buying on my 360 and PS3 with the money I had set aside for Legends 3. COME TO ME SKULLGIRLS. YOU'RE CREATORS ARE TAKING CAPCOMS SPOT IN MY LIFE.

  18. @MusashiAA

    We are Data, right? And we need to just "stay out of it!"?

  19. When I first found out about this, I was furious. Then I was angry. Then I was so upset that I just sat in front of my computer screen for two hours drinking chocolate milk. I was starting to get over the upset part and more of a simplistic "Eff Capcom" atitude.

    Then I saw the second drawing.
    Back to the crying! DX

    I thought of it when the announcement first hit me, but I didn't really REALIZE it until now... Trigger's gonna be stuk on Elysium for forever now.

    What did Capcom want of us? To go out and buy more 3DS-es simply for the Prototype Version, with almost no other games available other than Ocarina of Time3D? Or all of you lucky people who got to work in the Devroom, did Capcom think you weren't working hard enough, because I just read the article on Game Informer Online about this, and a person (won't say who) in the Devroom "put in 15 hour work weeks. . .and even turned down a visit from an old friend to work on the project." I've wanted to create videogames for years now, but cases such as this are telling me to at least start off solo.

    I was not able to join the Devroom due to an apparent necesity called school and my parental units, but I'm terribly sorry for those who did make it in and now no longer have the chance to show the world what they could do. ~ <3

  20. I'm sorry I can't like a company that unironically puts a Touhou meme in one of their games and points it out.

    Appealing to the lowest common denominator gives me little to no faith in the company what so ever.

  21. @MusashiAA & turianX9

    We aren't Data exactly, he had the solutions to their problems. As it stands, the only solution we have is for them to just shush and continue making it no matter what, which doesn't balance out both of their creative and corporate ideas. As we know, they won't listen to that or listen to reason.

    Although I still feel the ending was just for comic relief. Showing that they are working on a way to get him back and we, the fans, are supposed to assume that they finally do. The end. Returning him home in "real time" comes with a consequence: Where's the storyline to go from there? It was probably a big hurdle for the dev team. Though I did wonder greatly what lay beneath Teomo City...

  22. this may the worst idea ever conceived, yet I'll throw it out anyways. seeing that skullgirls is still in early development, how about building an avatar character based around the Megaman Legends series in honor of it?

  23. Protodude, what happened to the latest article? Is it just me?


  24. is this company replacing Capcom to people? Skull Girls is not a suitable replacement for Mega Man. :S It looks decent, I'll probably play it, but nothing replaces Mega Man.

    Anyway, the comments are kind of funny, and the art is nice. It's good to see other game developers wanted to see Legends 3 happen too.

  25. You should have left the Comic-Con rumor post up, and then updated with the truth so people know it was fake. Taking it down just leaves this weird hole.

  26. You know, I was originally going to pass on Skullgirls, but that first image alone makes me feel like I owe them something.

  27. Protodude, have you seen this yet? Someone did a Mega Man Legends 3 Fan Game:


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