Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Worse (Updated)

Not entirely satisfied with Capcom's reasoning for ditching Mega Man Legends 3, fans are taking the fight to Twitter in an effort to squeeze out the real reason(s) behind the game's death. Beginning with a lone Tweet from @dk_lance directed at Capcom Europe, the "truth" comes out... And it's not pretty.

@dk_lance writes, "I’m sad to know Legends 3 was cancelled for 3DS. Someone making decisions at Capcom’s R&D HQ should get fired…" A legitimate, and well founded plea. What say you, @CapcomEuro?

"unfortunately so few fans took part in the creation of the game. It was felt the project was not worthwhile :-( "

Wait, what? The blame game is in full swing, and we're on the other end of the barrel?

Disgruntled with Capcom Euro's response, even more Twitter users chimed in to join the fight, and CapcomEuro was there to field them all. Brace yourself, because if you weren't frustrated before, you soon will be. Hit the jump when you're ready...

@kdawg3000 led the charge, churning out three well founded replies:

@CapcomEuro What would it take to get the executives to reconsider their decision?
@CapcomEuro Please give us a response. Fans are rallying as we speak, writing, petitioning, the works. At least release the demo to (cont)
@CapcomEuro (cont) To see how it fares. It’s pretty much done, from what I hear, so what do you have to lose?

Right! What do you have to lose? Your response, Capcom?

  We weren't asking people to do much but response to dev rooms was cool at best

and then... a sliver of hope:

it's a shame the fans didn't want to get more involved :-( if we saw there was an audience for MML3 people might change minds

It appears that a lack of interest in the Devroom contributed to Legend 3's demise. The Devroom, from what I've been told, amassed some 15,000 users across the world. If that number were converted to sales figures, well, it's not pretty.

Even so, is it really fair to gauge interest in the project from the Devroom alone?

It is my firm belief that, had Prototype Version released on the eShop, the Devroom numbers would have *surged*. Right now, the eShop is starved for content. Prototype Version would have been the killer app that EVERYONE would be downloading. The game, itself, would have promoted the Devroom. But, nay, these plans fell through. They utterly fell through.

Uh-oh. Here comes my optimism. That last Tweet? See that? Should we take that at face value? Use that as pure motivation to rally the troops, prove there's an audience and get MML3 back on its feet?

Please, do sound off in the comments.
UPDATE: Capcom Euro's back at it again. Check it out for yourselves; stand up and defend what you believe in. And now, I leave you with this:

I raged. Hard.


  1. Keep it classy, Capcom.

  2. If we want this game ever, it seems as if the only thing we can do is amass an army.

    Seriously, does anyone think this game will be released if it's stopped now? It will NEVER come out if it died here. Capcom said it was because of how little the fans seemed interested (stupid, I know). So, it seems like this game will never come out if it doesn't now.

    So yeah, the least we can do for this game is to just gather as many fans as we can, and shove it in Capcom's face. Even if you don't like the Legends series, you should try to help. I hate to say it, but this seems to be the fate of Mega Man's life.

  3. They really SHOULDN'T have taken the Devroom numbers as their indication of how well it would sell. They SHOULD'VE released the Prototype and see how it would fare in the eShop to decide. The damn thing was already done!

  4. "Even so, is it really fair to gauge interest in the project from the Devroom alone?"

    Definatly not, Protodude. I know a lot of people who are absolutely in love with the Legends series, and were thrilled at the idea of getting a Legends 3 - and while they didn't join the Devroom and actively participate, they watched with interest.

    I honestly think this is just another cover up/excuse on behalf of Capcom. I'd like to hear CoA and CoJ's input on this as well.

  5. Couldn't agree more, Kenichi. If they would have just tested the waters with the Prototype version as originally planned, they would have probably got a better grasp of the situation (and money! they like money). Like fools, they didn't. So it's our fault. Real mature, Capcom.

  6. I think they meant, "If there'd been more interest in MML3 before we canned it..."

    Well, to everyone who calls us immature twats and that we should forgive Capcom: It is strongly advised that you not play the blame game.

    Maturity of lamenting the cancellation of a Megaman game on a Megaman site aside...can we at least agree that this was a horrible idea?

  7. @Kenichi340

    It was delayed due to not meeting Capcom's quality levels. Apparently the dev team just never got it to a point where Capcom even considered it worth the effort.

  8. Please protodude, an important factor here is uniting everyone to one main force. Instead of scattered groups, we need to show our combined strength. The facebook support page could be it:

    This needs to be advertized, maybe on a side bar, a news post, something. Every megaman affiliate MUST show this link and get it in view of every single person.

    You could argue this is futile, but we have to try, this is our last chance, we literally have nothing to lose, please please please.

  9. True enough, if this game doesn't get back on it's feet right now, it probably never will. What I feel we need is a big, organized campaing, not just forums and facebook. I don't have a clue on how we can put togheter something like this, but I'd definitively help if something came up.

  10. @anon:

    I'm working on it. There's a lot of stuff on my plate right now. We'll get the petiton out there, but there's a few things I must consider and discuss with other key community members first.

    Please try to understand.

  11. I fully support any and all united efforts, by the way.

    I vote on posting this on the main pages.

  12. Totally understandable protodude. Goodluck figuring these things out, I'm sure it's not easy at the moment. We'll fight and wait for as long as it takes.

  13. A Full rooster of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been leaked.

    No X or Rockman final full rooster.

    Im sad as fuck.

  14. Make sure to also have 100000 people in the Devroom. Silly Capcom, why you didn't said it before? (They said, but not specifically). Isn't it better to tell the truth? Now lets have as many Servbots as possible, more then the devroom commercial:

  15. Eh, you know, this is definitely sounding just a bit more hopeful.

    ... but I am currently kicking myself for just watching the Devroom and not joining in. I remedied that today, even. SERVBOT #004158 is me. :D In fact, if any of you haven't yet, join in the Devroom, it's still totally there and you can get a servbot number and everything! :3

  16. We can't let it end like this...

  17. There's a reason everyone's calling them CRAPCOM. They are INCOMPETENT

  18. If that's the reason (poor excuse), let's fill the devrooms with Servbots until their server crash with the high activity!


    Nobody in their right mind could fairly convert the Devroom to sales. Does Club Nintendo get a membership for every game sale? Does Capcom Unity's other pages? And these are simple "appreciation" sites, the Devroom in its nature demands further effort. It is sheer madness to make such a suggestion with no means to factor in observers in the demograph. The Prototype Version at least would have been a step towards that.

    Hey, remember three months ago, the Devroom's membership goals? 10,000. Which was *EASILY* surpassed! They surged then, and why? Because we were rallied. No other reason. Capcom said "go", and we did it. And we all know 10,000 is insignificant in terms of game sales. So clearly, the people working on the Devroom had a realistic understanding that not every gamer on the face of the earth will register and actively contribute to the games that they play. Further, how could one NOT believe that the Prototype would increase Devroom activity?!

    But I question, what is Capcom's standard for judging an "insignificant" interest of such a project? By their own word, this had never before been attempted. How do they know the ratio of buyers to development-contributors? How many games out there could possibly generate the same interest as Legends 3 with so few resources to actually show? The game was announced with stock PS1 footage and it was ages before we got to see any freaking screenshots. How many franchises can generate a significant buzz under such conditions?

    And, to top it all off, if the Devroom actually got 100,000+ submissions, how in God's name would Capcom be equipped to handle it all?

    That line is a complete load of bullsh*#! To shift blame to the fans is completely senseless. We were told the game was not greenlit, we were told their trial period was extended, we were told part of that extension was that the Prototype Version would be used to gauge interest on what had been accomplished so far. In axing the project before the Prototype Version release, Capcom lied. Plain and simple. They're laying this at the fans' feet when they deliberately avoided giving the fans a chance in the first place.

    This is the most ridiculous troll by a gaming corporation that I have ever seen (which, given the industry's colorful history, is saying an awful lot).

  20. Aren't CapcomEU the ones the plagiarized Splosion Man with their shitty MaXsplosion? Those guys are idiots. I'm not surprised they would answer like idiots.

  21. *ahem*

    Not for nothing, but I'm pretty sure there would have been people who WEREN'T involved in the dev room thing who would have GLADLY bought the game. Way to be extremely short-sighted, Capcom.

  22. NeoGAF's rage unlocked:

    This is war people. An injustice. Devroom #s do NOT indicate sales.

  23. Should we maybe post on capcom euro's twitter to show there is a mass of support? =) I dunno but here is one more person in support of legends 3

  24. I'm not one to cuss at all, so it should be taken seriously when I say:

    What. The. Fuck.

    And I wasn't even that angry about this earlier (just disappointed).

    There were 15,000 contributors? Holy crap! How is that anything but an awesome sign of support? Not everybody that watched it posted, and not everybody that would buy it will participate.

    How stupid.

  25. Can't wait to see Capcom booed off the stage at the con.

  26. Here's a good question:
    Exactly how many users / how much activity would have been signifigant to save Legends 3?

    Of course I'm shocked the Devroom was that intergral of an aspect to the game's production. What a bizarre thing to make key to the greenlight of a game!

    I think it's just hopeless to save the game. I'm not even a Legends fan and it saddens me. This is probably the biggest FAIL in the entire history of the franchise.

  27. Somebody give me some numbers. Is there really any water to the argument that "Mega Man isn't popular in the West?"

    I would like to know these things first instead of slipping into a blind rage.

  28. "But, neigh"


  29. Well don't that beat all?

  30. I don't know about you, but I feel no other Capcom game series has to go through this shit. Did the Street Fighter fanbase have to help make the game to get SF4 made? MM fanbase is dedicated. Look at Mega Man Network. Look at this blog. All we get are a couple of NES type downloadable sequels. Yet we're such a loyal fanbase. How the heck do they even justify making original IPs like Asura's Wrath and Dragon's Dogma? Are there more than 15,000 Capcom fans telling them they definitely want those games? Fans through a fit when MM wasn't in MvC3. Seems like he still won't be unless he gets one of the two DLC spots they mentioned. MM fans plead for them to support the franchise. We can't support a franchise that has NO new content. As a community, we're down two games and can't even play as one of many different Mega Men in MvC3. I'm just sayin' it feels like we have to work harder than SF fans and RE fans.

  31. Hey guys, I know this is really a dark time for the Blue Bomber right now, that is why I made a Steam group to rally support! Please join if you have Steam, if this group gets over 1,000 users I will send it to Capcom to show them we care! Join here;

  32. I was there watching these replies. It has been so strange to watch Capcom just ruin their image. Like an animal in a corner, they must now lash out at the fans saying it's our fault the game didn't get anywhere. I saw a lot get done, I saw a game that had tons of talent and eager fans wanting it to be the best game possible.

    I think it's pretty absurd that they think that they could estimate sales based off of Devroom actions and the people who joined. What about the people who were just enjoying watching the process? What about the people who just don't have time to take part in the Devroom? Are they trying to say, "You're not a REAL Megaman fan unless you join this Devroom"?

    They did nothing to support it, they didn't advertise hardly ever. I know of people that heard about Megaman Legends 3 being worked on, but had no idea about the Devroom. You can't just judge by the people who are in that Devroom. You also can't judge by the numbers of people joining these "Bring Back Megaman Legends" groups either. Some people are fans, but they just don't put themselves out there. Some people don't get online that often, some people prefer to stay out of a big group of people.

    To say that there wasn't enough fans in the Devroom and there wasn't the much being done by the fans is stab into your fan base and I'm here to tell you that people who had nothing to do with the Devroom would have bought that game. I tend to buy and rent games all the time that I've never heard of. I did this sort of thing so many times as a kid. If you had put that game out, the Devroom people would have bought it, fans of Megaman that just didn't take part in the Devroom, whether they didn't know about it or didn't have anything to add, would have bought it, people who are fans of Capcom probably would have tried it out, then people who own 3DSs would have most likely tried it out. Honestly, there isn't that much for the 3DS out yet. If they had went with their plan of releasing the Prototype at the launch of the eShop, it would have gotten good sales because there wasn't that much to buy on the eShop in the beginning. That game would have been a real treat for most.

    Does anyone else agree with me on this? I feel that my classes in High School and College have made me a better marketing and promotions person then any Capcom employee at the moment. I certainly wouldn't have acted like such a jerk like the person responding on CapcomEuro's Twitter.

  33. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the devs just wanted to troll us, or god forbid they got bribed into it or something like that. CapcomEU's response was just... unprofessional.

  34. Capcom, you spineless pussies.


    YOU are the failures Capcom, not the fans that actually got involved in this project, like you wanted them to!

    Maybe if you want something done right, you've got to do some pushing yourself, Capcom.

  35. So maybe everybody should start a Twitter War against Capcom? Sounds good to me!

  36. You can't gauge interest based on the devroom. I was incredibly hyped for the game but I never joined the devroom because I had nothing to contribute. How many more like me Capcom? Passing the buck...

  37. Somebody cue up JAM Project's "Okkusenman" cover; we're going to war.

  38. A) Only people that would have felt like they could have creatively contributed to the game MIGHT actively have joined the Devroom.

    B) Devroom doesn't indicate sales. Devroom takes input, that's it. It's business common sense to do market testing and analysis, not base a decision on some haphazard measure.

    C) Any explicit goals of the Devroom to the fans were surpassed.

    Can they NOT shoot themselves in the foot? Just curious.

    Heretofore, I thought being "vigilante"-ish was immature.
    Now that the corporation has officially passed blame to the fanbase,


  39. For the love of god...

    Wasn't this the whole point of the Prototype version?

  40. Since when does the amount of developers indicate who wants to buy it?

  41. I can't believe I used to think well of Capcom as a company. Not the best or most amazing, but a decent company that, at least from what I saw in the Dev Room many months back, paid attention to its fans.

    I guess I was wrong. I hate Capcom now, and I hope all of this blows up in the company's face.

  42. Our only option is to buy the MegaMan franchise from Capcom. Whose with me?

  43. why not a youtube campaign? it's not hard to sign up for youtube, there's thousands upon thousands of unique users already, and with just one video as the start, a bunch of people could not only post in it, but make thier own videos and post them as a reply to it. i'd be willing to spearhead the campaign for you guys if given the go ahead for it. what say you? alert all fanbases to my video, and have them make a post on it and even a video as a response if so desired. all i'd need for the video is a few pictures, maybe some remixed MML music, and i can make a video to start this fan revolution. my youtube account is so just send me a friend request, since i don't take messages from anyone but friends.

  44. It's like they're just asking for it... :/

  45. As Jack Nicholson once said, "YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

    Do you really want to hear that Capcom has had every intention of canceling this game for half a year?

    Do you want to hear that they drove Inafune to quit and then took a hatchet to all things Mega Man?

    Do you want to hear the REAL reason why there's no Mega Man in EITHER version of MvC3?

    Would knowing only piss you off more? You betcha'. That's why they're not telling.

  46. This is so stupid, I've been almost speechless at every update we get over this cancellation. Not enough fan support? Seriously!?

    Release the Prototype, THEN get people attention to judge if there's interest, not the other way around!

  47. if capcom did get hacked, I'd LOL pretty hard

    just sayin'

    not that it's a good idea... but i'd get a good laugh

  48. @Professor Megaman said...
    As Jack Nicholson once said, "YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"


    Capcom, do your worst! We are ready!

  49. Its not fair, some people just don't have Talent, so they didn't bother signing up, They should have looked at the Site traffic or something like that

  50. Tron Bonne: "One million Servbots!?!?"

    Spam multiple accounts. Problem solved. :P

  51. About this:

  52. @bowsersenemy
    Everyone can write a sentence. Not everyone can make a video. Besides, shameless advertising is shameless.

    I will honestly not be surprised if Capcoms next excuse is that one of the dev's is allergic to the color blue.

  53. 15000 steady devroom users for a game that has nothing but a few trailers? That's pretty damn huge considering they had no demo for us to play. They're complaining that they had a dev team of 15000 for a game that doesn't have a demo? They were ACTUALLY stupid enough to think that that would be the end of their sales? What about all the lurkers and sites plastered around the globe? If they can't realize that not every fan has something to contribute to the devroom, then they really have no grasp about how the fanbase works.

    The EXE7 fangame project got less attention and had less resources and it STILL got plastered on virtually every Rockman-relevant site on the web. And it only managed to get a devroom staff of about 300 proper users at most. And that's the biggest EXE community to ever exist on the web we're talking about.

    15000? That's the number of LURKERS that TUS attracted during a 5 year run. If we take those values as an estimated user-to-fan ratio, 15000 DASH devroom users potentially amounts to 750000 or more fans that were following the project. Of which the majority didn't use the devroom or had nothing to contribute, hence the relatively small devroom size.

    Not to mention that every Rockman related site out there plastered the info on the net, with entire powerblogs having custom tags for the project. And YouTube has a buttload of hits regarding it. That's not a sign of popularity?

    Not enough interest? If you're gonna lie, Capcom, at least come up with a better excuse, because your reputation's already hit rock bottom. Any lower and you just might see a drop in stock prices.

  54. @KidWillow: Whatever happened to that project? I missed it, only heard bits and pieces about it here and there.


    Where Legends go?

  56. Honestly, a guy from Gaf actually worded Capcom's intentions perfectly:

    "They wanted you to build the game, for them, at their place, for free. And then buy it, hence giving them money."

    Add my thoughts in it and it goes like this:

    "They wanted us to build the game, for them, at their place, for free. Even advertise the game for them. Make Sales budgets for them. And then buy it, hence giving them money and keeping the cost to a minimum."

  57. @anon: Died due to a lack of programmers, resources, and time on the core dev staff's part, if I recall correctly. Even then they had almost everything needed save programmers.

    This isn't the case with Capcom though. DASH 3 had more resources, submissions, fan support and so on than any other Rockman game ever made, I'm willing to bet. And with in-house development resources and pretty much EVERY major Rockman staff member on the team, DASH 3 was the one community-driven project that looked like it'd succeed.

    And being the owners of the franchise they didn't need to cower in fear of getting sued, either, which arguably helped bolster fan input.

    This is just bad marketing and bad customer service, plain and simple.

  58. @ July 20, 2011 10:53 PM Anon:

    Lots of drama at one point, from when some troll from the GameFAQs sector of the EXE fanbase hacked into the TUS forum's restricted development areas. He leaked the EXE 7 project's story and progression plans up on Wikipedia. The story being centeralized around Forte during the latter half in some rather fanservice-y ways, as far as I remember, drew fire from just about everyone that was around to see it. So the TUS staff decided to restructure the story.

    The reason why the EXE 7 project was ultimately cancelled was that the project only had 1 programmer and much of the staff was becoming busy with college work, IIRC.

  59. Like I said before, there's just no excuse for this whatever. Honestly, at this point, there isn't a single thing Capcom could say to possibly justify this course of action. Especially if they're going to give BS excuses about the game not having enough fan support, based on the amount of people that entered their contests, or whatever.

  60. Rule #1: It's NEVER the fans' fault that developers can't finish a project. Nearly every development team understands that, and you'd better do so as well. Capcom was in charge of making MML3, not us.

  61. I call bull on Capcom's responses. 15,000 fans helped make the game, and they think they're the only ones who would be interested? I couldn't send in any help or vote on any polls because I ended up missing them, but I would have bought the game, even if I didn't own a 3DS. I'd just play it on a friend's system if I had to. Them saying 'oh, not enough people were interested' is total crap. They're just making up crap and they don't want to tell us the real reason.

    Tell us the real reason Capcom, we'd rather dislike you for the truth than hate you for the lies.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I want to put my money where their mouth is. Just like the US Nintendo fans that went nuts pre-ordering Xenoblade (a.k.a Monado on Amazon) I will put the entire price down on a pre-order for this game to be released. Whether it be exclusively on Capcom's website or elsewhere. I'll put my $30, $40, $50 dollars in their pockets now just to see and have this game released.

  64. This is ugly. Absolutely ugly. This is my boiling point to the Capcom.
    Not only unfair, but acting like a pig!
    This is all, what i can say about the situation about MegaMan Legends 3.
    Fans, i am with you!

  65. Well...





    If this isn't an elaborated batshit insane PR move, the higher ups aren't even aware of what's going on AND WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO. Maybe because their ears are stuffed with money made by Super Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 X Turbo: The Sequel: The Prequel: Third Strike ONLINE EDITION with 200% more RE characters.

    Keep throwing more gasoline into the fire you started JUST TWO DAYS AGO.

    "What are you guys doing?"

    They shitting it up. What else do you think they're doing? A shit up of colossal proportions.

    Guys, rage. Rage like you've never done before. This is preposterous.



  67. They did not tell us that was one of the stakes! they ust said it wold be fun and cool to ave the fans involved! they never said the wanted everyone who would buy the game to participate!!

    what was that mumber 15,000?! thats not enought fans doing YOUR job for you?!! And the awnser "well yes.." how are the fans supose to wor full time on the game when they have school and work, just as a side point. They never said one damn word about about the number who ahd to work on the game for it to be greenliht.

    Im beyond rage now. Capcom have to pay this is vile crime against games and gaming!

  68. *GASP*

    OH OH OH OH!

    What if someone just hacked Capcom of Europe's account and started this madness?

    If so, damn, the shitstorm is even more better than I expected.

    If not:



  69. Oh capcom you keep digging your self a deeper hole but that's okay you're not seeing anymore of my money.

    On a sidenote we should channel the money that would've been into Mr.Inafune and any games his companies come up with.

  70. Capcom Europe be trollin', yo.

  71. Well, I read your update.


    CoE? Shut up.

  72. Regarding the Update part, where CoE said "Well, yes..."...

    No words could express the freaking rage I felt when I read that. NO FREAKING WORDS.

  73. I'm sorry, am I the only one who sees a problem with us having to earn this game? I don't have to go to the store and BEG them to carry milk, it's in their interest to carry milk because by doing so, I'm going to buy other things besides milk. Capcom seems to think we have to prove the game is worth making, but from my perspective, it seems like Capcom needs to prove their a company worth buying from.

  74. Thousands of fans participated in the contests!!! We voted, created characters, and gave ideas! What did they want us to do, learn a programming language and apply for a job?!

  75. There's word that Capcom forcefully removed anybody related to Rockman from their Comic Con exhibition floor yesterday. The title of the blog post seems awfully fitting now.

  76. Sad about the EXE project being canceled. From what I saw, it had a chance.

  77. That was a real low-blow, CAPCOM or Europe. You just had to pour salt into our wounds :/

    There are people that didn't join the Devroom as they didn't see the need to and were more than willing to buy the prototype/ actual game when they were released. So, they can't judge that people weren't interested just by the number of Servbots there were.

  78. When Megaman Legends 3 does get released (at least the PV)it IS going to generate more sales and btw have you ever thought that most of the fans don't know about the Devroom??

    Also there is a Perfect Chance that more people will know about this game by either running into the "PV' or the full game So it doesn't matter about how many servbots are on the Devroom, they happen to be the people that found out sooner than others whereas in the 'others' case they will know about this game when they see it played by a friend and/or displayed on shelves so people learn about it and give it an opinion.

  79. We all got Left Behind we let it all slip awaaaaaaay!

    REALLY suits our rage for Capcom AND HOW THEY BLAMED US WHEN OUR BACKS WHERE TURNED!! We feel it all slipping away...


  81. @Anon: As others said, we nuked it because of no time and no programmers.

    @Capcom: Slick

  82. Capcom. Most epic trolls ever. =|

  83. iliekmudkips said, "CapcomEU's response was just... unprofessional."


    Protip: As much as PR people get paid to properly represent a larger entity, CapcomEuro != Capcom.

  84. 1







  85. You know though, after seeing that, the Capcom Europe twitter updated to clarify his post, saying that he actually blamed the company.

    Some of his comments: "That's how some have interpreted it. But really we'd never ever blame fans."

    "I was expressing disappointment with a Capcom marketing tool rather than blaming fans."

    "Because we wanted to show the development process."

    "I didn't. I said it was a shame more fans didn't want to get involved when discussing our Dev rooms = Blaming Capcom"

    It seems that he's further clarifying that they are disappointed with the company's handling of the devroom, because they didn't get more fans to be interested in it.

    While I am still incredibly saddened that Legends 3 has been canceled after all this time, I at least felt a little better to see that clarification. Keiji Inafune's heartfelt words, and the hardwork from Gregaman really make me feel sad. Not everyone in Capcom is the same. They're not "evil." It's just a group of people, not all of them agree. Some really wanted to make the game and others (obviously ones with executive power) decided not to pursue it. I can understand it, although I don't agree with their decision. I've bought every Mega Man released in the US at retail new, and have been gradually getting imports and other gems here and there, but it's fair to see that Mega Man games declined in sales over the years.

    The game market today is largely driven by cheap, $1 flash games you can play on phones (driven by insane popularity of iOS marketplace) or huge, blockbuster games like Mass Effect, with enormous budgets. And in the Western markets particularly, things are tricky--shooters are kind, regardless of quality. Just look at how well Duke Nukem Forever is selling.

    I still think Capcom should go out on a limb and release the game for the dedicated fans, not because it will sell well (hell, I'd be happy if it just breaks even), but just because it would help establish goodwill and trust in those fans. If a company can occasionally go out of its way and take a loss just to appease its hardcore now and then, that's really special, and Capcom has done that in the past--several times. I still love Capcom, they were my favorite company growing up and in today's market, they feel like one of the few things that remain from my childhood. SEGA is a shadow of its former self, Konami is hardly relevant, etc. But I do admit that Capcom has some shaping up to do, and I think they can do it.

    I also am pretty mad that we were introduced to an amazing looking game, only to have it taken away from us. That hurts. It's incredibly cold. But we do have to see that hindsight is always 20/20. Back when the Dev Room was first unveiled, more people were excited by the prospect of getting involved in the ground floor of game development. We didn't really have an idea what an emotional rollercoaster it would be, not just for us, but for the game developers.

    But I suppose that Capcom-Europe may have a point. The Dev Room got the harcore excited. Those of us who frequent Mega Man fansites. But the company probably wanted the Dev Room to be an endeavor on a larger scale--to attract non-Mega Man fans.

    I think that Mega Man was Capcom's masoct, and he should remain that way. A whole generation of gamers grew up with him and he should be treated with more respect. It's just a shame that Capcom doesn't see him as important anymore. I'm hoping that they'll change their attitude on that.

  86. @ last Anon: Excellent post.

    "It seems that [CapcomEuro's] further clarifying that they are disappointed with the company's handling of the devroom, because they didn't get more fans to be interested in it."

    Sounds like a pleasant way to analyze CapcomEuro's words, but holy cow, did you read everything said? I guarantee that responding to those questions (single-handedly representing Capcom) is above their pay-grade (or should be):

  87. So, has anybody seen this particular response yet?

    I don't think I even need to say anything more. This speaks for itself.

  88. @undamned

    I tend to be optimistic. And regardless of the hate going on right now, Capcom does have talented staff. To think otherwise is naive. Of course, to say they never make mistakes, well, that would also be naive. I'm not going to agree with their decision obviously.

    As for the Twitter, I'm only going from what I've directly seen on their Twitter feed. There's a lot to keep up with. And with supposedly faked posts and rumors being spread at the same time (see 4chan), it's hard to know what's legitimate. What complicates the issue is that Twitter is a god-awful communication tool. Using a medium that only lets you communicate with 140-characters worth of text at a time is not ideal.

    Do I think the Capcom-Europe twitter could do better in responses? Yes. They should have better damage control. Something to appease the fans. But at the same time, I'm confused.

    If I had to analyze posts further, I'd say this: gamers on the Internet can be pretty vicious, and because of the luxuries of anonymity, often say things at a the drop of a hat. And the guy maintaing Capcom's Twitter account is only human, so after being bombarded with hate all day, well, maybe I'd let out a little sarcasm too. I do think the company should handle this more professionally, but the hate bandwagon doesn't seem like the answer to me. And I'm especially concerned by the fact it seems like some people are purposefully adding fuel to the fire and trolling those of us who care about Mega Man by spreading rumors about Capcom, all to make us even more upset.

    The whole group of tweets about having fans develop the game and getting a cut of the money is weird though. :S I don't get it. But I'm not going to harp on it. I don't think clinging to every controversial post on the Internet will get us as a fanbase anywhere. We can definitely criticize, but that should be because we care about the franchise.

    We all love Mega Man and he is a piece of Capcom. Could you ever imagine booting up a Mega Man game and seeing a different company logo? That would feel too alien to me. I want Capcom to shape up and re-evaluate Mega Man's importance. And remember, there were always more people to Mega Man than just Keiji Inafune. There are dedicated teams of people who make those games. It's not fair to say one man deserves the franchise--he recognizes that there are talented guys there, and I think we should respect Keiji Inafune's assessment.

    What we need to do is support Mega Man whereever we can and tell others to do the same. Buy UDON's Mega Man Tribute book, download Mega Man X and Mega Man 5 on Virtual Console, name-drop Mega Man on suggestions, whatever...but most importantly, never let Capcom forget that we want more Mega Man.

    We shouldn't bombard them with posts saying that their other games suck and we don't want them. That's not fair to those fans. Fighting game fans are having a pretty sweet time right now, but that hasn't always been the case. I do like fighting games quite a bit myself, and I'm enjoying the wave. I liked MVC3 a lot when it first came out and I'll get Ultimate. I like BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters. It's a pretty good time to be a fan of those games, and as gamers, we want everyone to be represented fairly.

    I'm usually afraid to set my voice out there, because I don't want to get torn to shreds here, but....I'm still not on the hate bandwagon. I'm just too sad to be angry I guess, lol.

    Sure, I've gotten burned before for being optimistic, but honestly, when it comes to gaming today, I have very few companies I feel legitimately "love" and Capcom is one of them.

  89. @Kenichi 340

    I agree with you, they should have have taken this decision lightly


    You had THOUGHT that Capcom had done the ultimate trolling of Megaman Legends when he was left upon the moon with a looming disaster for 10 years of waiting.

    But then you saw that after all that time of waiting the trilogy would be completed! Megaman Legends 3 would be made and resolve all the games - oh snap they CANCELLED it mid-development.

    Oh Capcom, successful troll is successful.

  91. Cancel Megaman

    Upgrade MvC3

    Tell fans Megaman didn't make it into MvC3 because of not enough votes

    Add Rocket Raccoon in his place, who didn't receive any votes at all

    godlike priorities.

  92. Capcom:

  93. "How can we get more involved? You want us to make the games for you?"

    "Why yes. That's the point of the Devrooms."

    That's funny, because while as much as the MML fans would desire to make the game to suit their tastes, they were not able to be as involved with the staff developers. Plausible reasons may have been to prevent any explicit spoilers and to make the game as balanced in terms of mechanics and storyline.

    While the Devroom idea was nice and gave the fans an insight on how games are developed, I felt like the fans weren't given enough room/power to be able to really collaborate.

    If Capcom tells us to make our own games, then they may as well make the entire Megaman franchise open source to the public. Or, let Keiji Inafune buy off the copyrights to the franchise so he can finish the job.

    It's been a very disappointing week as Capcom seems to keep pushing Megaman aside in the corner. If they keep going on like this, they will likely lose a significantly large audience.

  94. So....they're complaining that fans of the game weren't making the game in their spare time for free...

    Also, I was looking forward to Legends 3, this is the first I'd heard of the Devroom.

  95. Capcom should have taken their time in that game.I can understand delays and other projects of your own but seriously IS THERE ANY NEED TO CANCEL MML3?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!


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