Monday, July 25, 2011

Unhappy About Legends 3? Raise Your Voice (Updated)

This is something that's been going on for a little while now, but I feel it's worth a mention. Ever since Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled on July 18, fans have taken to the Ask Capcom forums to voice concerns and opinions.  The sheer amount of complaints within those first few hours after the game kicked the bucket soon began to overwhelm forum moderators, thus causing Capcom's Christian Svennson to intervene. As a means to keep everything orderly, Sven has asked fans to keep all complaints and comments within a single thread -- this one here.

Now why is this one thread so important? Christian 'Sven' Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice President of Capcom USA, states he's reading each and every post, committed to hearing everyone's stance on the current issues at hand. This, right here, is an opportunity to have your opinion on Legends 3's cancellation heard -- a golden opportunity.  While there is no guarantee we can change Legends 3's fate, the thread does guarantee us an opportunity to prove to Sven and Capcom the audience for the game did, in fact, exist.

Before you go at it, there are a couple things I'd like to note:

* Try to squeeze in a question about the 100,000 Strong For Legends 3 campaign. Capcom has yet to recognize the group's efforts. However, if questions concerning the group continue to pour in, I'm certain Sven will eventually comment. The big question on everyone's mind is "would you consider reviving Legends 3 if the group reaches their goal?" No answer on that front yet, so try keep that query alive. I think we're all interested in a response.
    * Manners are important. No one will take posts riddled with cursing or inappropriate comments seriously. You must be professional, calm, and collected. Failure to do so will surely result in the locking of the thread, subsequently cutting off that direct line of communication.

        Right now, Sven is our direct line of communication with Capcom Japan. He is, for all intents and purposes, our liaison to the higher-ups. If you've got something to say about Legends 3 or the treatment of the series in general, Sven is willing to listen.

        When you've got your thoughts sorted out and are ready to deliver, head on down to this thread here. Sven is listening.

        UPDATE: Another suggestion: If you haven't done so already, please register a Servbot number for the Devroom. Clear and concise instructions on that process can be found here.

        Why register a Servbot number? We're also trying to show that there is still an interest in the Devroom. Already, the Devroom is up 2,000 members since the yesterday. The bigger the number of members, the better. You've got nothing to lose!


        1. Someguy/Dinner SonicJuly 25, 2011 at 10:52 PM

          100,000 Strong for MML3, as well as that forum topic, are for the US or at least English speakers only, aren't they? Any chance a similar thing might be happening in Japan? I wonder what it's like over there anyway, Capcom's rep seems quite shot with anyone I know here, but perhaps the PR team over there handled it differently... or perhaps they handled it worse, somehow >_>

          Either way, definitely going to join in the posting when I get enough sleep to give my own more proper word.

        2. I say in addition to what Protodude said, heavily imply you wouldn't mind if CC2 developed it as well. That would DEFINITELY help as well.

        3. @First Poster

          English is a huge language, and this has likely been translated to most other languages, if most people couldn't already tell what it was.

          fakeedit: just got a tweet from protodude about this hitting japanese headlines

        4. I keep seeing "error of their ways". That's a bit arrogant, isn't it?

          I mean, I want MML3 as much as the next guy, but just because we're not getting what we want doesn't mean it's an error. Capcom could have legitimate reasons for cancellation. Would you sink money into something you believed would fail?

          Unless you're talking about something other than just the cancellation.

          (For the record, I'm 100% on board with these efforts.)

        5. Error of their ways as in the cancelled because the "fans didn't participate enough."

          We're proving them wrong.

        6. I'd like to think Sven actually is reading some of the posts.

          But then again

          Capcom just screwed us over with Legends 3. And Mega Man Universe (in a sense). AND THE PSP REMAKES OF L1 AND L2, if you allow me to also pour that into the storm.

          What ensures me he's actually "taking our opinion into consideration", and not "asshole moderating by telling us all to post into one single, super duper important L3 official thread in order to stop the shitspam over L3's cancellation, which then I will lie about it being read by the Capcom corporatepuppies who decided to can a 3DS pre-order hot seller's development process in order to increase one of the upcoming RE's budget?"

          Because after what they did, BELIEVE ME, I will keep saying this like a freaking Hail Mary:

          YOU. CAN'T. TRUST. CAPCOM.

          Instead of complaining how THEY (the guys that canned L3 for no elaborated reason) want US (the guys who got cockteased, blueballed, and screwed over by their false promises and corporative way of game development) to complain, we should do it in as many different, creative and VERY VOCAL ways possible.

          If you wanna riot and protest "in an organized, imposed way", fine. Go ahead. Post all you want.

          That won't help. Wanna know what will help?

          SHEER, OVERWHELMING NUMBERS. Because that's what is all about for the Capcom head honchos right now.

          Remember when Capcom was all about "making fun and innovative games because that increases our reputation as a gaming company, and because fun games sell, no matter what franchise you slap on it"?

          Good times.

        7. MusashiAA:

          The comapny's image is in jepordy because of this. They are now the most hated company in the industry.

          You better believe they're going to listen.

        8. @July 25, 2011 11:20 PM Anon:

          "Error of their ways" as in:

          1.- "this was a bad business and PR move"

          2.- "saying fans didn't participate enough"

          3.- "using said number of participating fans to translate into actual profit"

        9. @July 25, 2011 11:25 PM Anon:

          You know?

          Back when the shitstorm was starting (L3's cancellation), I asked to myself "can Capcom screw it up even more"?

          Then the whole CapcomEuro fiasco happened.

          I bet 10 bucks they can screw it up even more. Just by sheer stupidity and stubborness. Things Capcom is very well known to have (SF's milking which killed the franchise for 8 years, GridRPG's milking which led the franchise to a huge decline in sales and was ultimately sleepmode'd, canning spectacular games which would sell well in the american market for a western release, and let's not forget Super MvC3...because it's technically a Super version of MvC3.)

        10. I am raising my voice everywhere, with my papercrafts, I emailed you them a while ago, but if you haven't seen them, please look here.

        11. I've made my post, I did not see this article beforehand. I kept it polite, but I didn't ask any of the questions. ^^;


          Mega Man Legends 3, yes, we were screwed out of that.

          Universe... I think had enough negative views on. I'm sorry, I'm a hardcore Mega Man fan, and I tried to see the positive there, and I just couldn't. The general concensus seemed the same.

          PSP remakes of Legends 1 and 2 were not brought over for the same reason they're not putting Legends 1 and 2 on PSN... that being, they don't own the rights to the original voiceovers. (I'm pretty sure they are owned by a now-defunct recording studio, or one that has changed ownership.) Capcom is small enough that re-recording that with different voice actors would have blown that budget.

          Do I think Capcom can screw this up more? You bet I do. Do I think they're going to avoid screwing this up more? Damn straight, because yes, it was on GameFAQs, so it's hardly conclusive... But they are ALMOST AS HATED AS ACTIVISION. That's... pretty bad. Not even 6 months ago, they would not have even been regarded as a valid option for a poll like that.

          And as far as pestering and 'sheer overwhelming numbers'... We don't have 'sheer overwhelming numbers'. Yeah, we're a decent sized group, but we're hardly a threat to Capcom overall. I hate to say it, but most of their products aren't targeted at us anymore. They'll still sell enough Dead Rising, Resident Evil, and "Whichever fighter they are milking this week #894" to ignore us. It'd be just as easy to ban anyone that pesters them too much, or filter out emails asking for Mega Man anything. (Believe me, hardware spam filters are amazing at blocking by keywords.) We have this shot here, we have to take it, and we have to use it to our best advantage. This isn't the time to do something that could ruin that chance.

        12. Found the link to this on the 100,000 facebook page, and just put up my comment on Capcom Unity. I really hope that our responses are taken seriously since they could lose a lot of support for their company because of this move. I'm dying to know if Trigger will ever make it off of Elysium :P

        13. 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 is a page on Facebook that is trying to show Capcom that there are thousands of both Mega Man fans and gamers out there that will purchase both the Prototype and the Full retail game, Mega Man Legends 3, without hesitation. I read many comments of fans saying "i will buy a Nintendo 3DS just for this game!" and drew many amazing fan arts showing how much they love the game. i know you may be busy with other things Capcom but CyberConnect2 stated they would love to develop Mega Man Legends 3 show they can help you develop the game.

          Thank you for reading my comment and i hope your reading others as well.

        14. Everybody, get down to the devroom, join the group, and get a servbot number pronto.

        15. Gonna play a bit of Devil's Advocate here, but the real reason the PSP Ports were Japan only is actually due to a strict policy Sony has regarding Ports and the like on the PSP in the US, which isn't that suprising given their usual track record of bullying companies on the PSX without 3D games back in the day.

          Anywho, the PSP restriction is that games that are considered a port had to include 30% or more new content, which is why we got so many nice enhanced copies of games on the system. It's also why we didn't get BoF3 over here, even though the joyful gamers in Europe got it. Just wanted to clarify that, and cut down on the Capcom Conspiracy theories.

          PSN versions of the games could go either way at this point, since I find it odd that Capcom can slap up the Resident Evil series and a few other voiced games but not Legends oddly...

        16. There are those that have already lost hope and would even put down our efforts. I on the other hand have been lending my support to EVERY campaign, petition and tread devoted to reviving this project. ITS NOT OVER TILL ITS OVER!!

        17. Capcom has been screwing us over for a long time. The X Collection was gutted, Mania never happened... I mean, this is nothing new, but it's getting progressively worse. So join in on that thread and let them know how bad you want it!

          And yeah, some outsourcing to CC2 would not be a bad thing.

          Legends Never Die!

        18. something i think is worth noting, is that despite that it's us US players that's doing all of this, let's not forget that the original metroid bombed in japan, and nintendo decided to release it in america anyway, to much greater applause. ever since, america has enjoyed metroid. so it's happened before. it can happen again. just letting capcom know that america at least wants this should be enough, when you consider that europe and japan will both buy it as well, and likely even have their own methods of letting capcom know they want it.

        19. I agree with MusashiAA. The only way we're going to be heard is to make as big a stink as possible. Capcom Japan doesn't think there are any Mega Man fans in the US? Let's show them there are, and be loud and clear about it.

        20. .....I really think that Capcom will want to reboot the series, this is why they cancelled the Inafune's Rockman project.

          But hey....we can try.....but...

        21. That's what chrome and firefox said to me when I want to login to the devroom :

          Erreur 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)

          I just can't have my servbots number

        22. Very curious to see how they're handling this. What ARE they up to?

        23. I'd love to sign up, but every time I try to log into capcom unity I get a redirect error. So while I'm signed up to the site, I can't go in and become a servbot....

          Anyone know what could cause this error?

        24. @ Role

          Try and make a screen capture of it and post it. Hopefully someone can help you out.

          Oh, and try posting it on the 100,000 Strong for MML3 page on facebook. I'm sure someone has the technical expertise to help you.

        25. Why does this whole matter scream Horton Hears a Who to me?

          You know.. Like, us fans are the Whos. And Legends 3 is that little fluff ball.

          Sure, to some one as big as Capcom Legends 3 could seem annoying, with little profit.. But maybe Capcom just doesn't notice how many fans are really there?

          I guess the best we can do is unify our voice, so Capcom can hear us. Other wise we'll just be squished, because it doesn't seem worth it.

          We knew this would happen from the start, but it's a good thing we have some Hortons in our community, like Protodude here. :3 <3

        26. Another thing we can do: Just got my Nintendo Power, and they published an email from Heat Man about concern for Legends 3's completion. Since it's been canceled now, we should flood Nintendo Power's inbox with emails. (Good ones.)

          Maybe we can convince them to do a story about it!

        27. The overwhelming reaction over the cancellation has been huge and everywhere. Either Capcom is blind, or really really stubborn.

          Leads me to think nothing we do will help. :\

        28. This comment has been removed by the author.

        29. Piss off Keiji Inafume Capcom you piss me off as well

        30. Rodney CopperbottomJuly 26, 2011 at 8:23 PM

          I'm unhappy with Capcom in general. What happened with Bigweld? Did Phineas T. Ratchet took it over?

        31. Man, why won't capcom just let CyberConnect2 make MML3...

          i'm currently playing their latest game: Solatorobo Red the Hunter on my DSi and its darn good! its been quite some time that i were as addicted as i am to a DS Game,

          this game also feels like a legends game, they already said they would like to do MML3, capcom should let CC2 make it... i'm sure they'll do a good job!

        32. @Rodney Copperbottom: Win.

        33. "Already, the Devroom is up 2,000 members since the yesterday."

          I think the 'the' is unecessary.

          Either way, I'm glad that the fans are doing what they can to show Capcom that we still do care!

        34. Oh, never mind! The Servbot button seems to work on Chrome, but not on Firefox browser! My bad.

        35. I just posted my comments and questions, and I absolutely mentioned the Facebook group.

          God, I hope this works.

        36. Although I did play (and enjoyed) the Legends games, I honestly can't say that they were my favorites (I prefer Megaman X, really).

          Not being a huge Legends fan (that isn't to say I'm not a fan, just not a major fan is all), I was actually surprised at how much I was looking forward to MML3-- and also surprised at myself for being so disappointed when it was canceled. =(

          Long story short... I am now Servbot #007787. *salutes*
          Lets show Capcom how many MML3 supporters there really are!

          Also... if a similar situation ever arises in the future for, say, Megaman X9 (I can dream!) I do hope that all of you Legends fans can give your support for that game as well. =P

        37. 2,000 is not good enough. More people join and register for becoming a member of Servbot in the Devroom, so it will go up.

          And I thought CC2 will take over MML3 with our help...?

        38. I did this earlier today and I'm really amazed by how many people are doing this. I wonder if this will send a new message to Capcom. Oh, also, I'm now servbot #005881.

        39. As merciful as it would be if (and that's a HUGE *if*) Mega Man Legends 3 was completed, wouldn't it be completely from scratch?

          It sounds like all the fan-input like the Bonne mecha, Reaverbot, and Bright Bats designs won't/can't be reused. I also get the awful feeling that the pre-existing MML3 backstory and characters (specifically Barrett and Aero) aren't going to reused.

          * On the fan-input topic, does anyone really believe Capcom's going to actually compensate the design winners somehow? I'm betting that even if they do, it'll be something lame and/or not even related to Mega Man.

        40. Sorry, that second block should've read like this:

          "I also get the awful feeling that the pre-existing MML3 backstory and characters (specifically Barrett and Aero) aren't going to *be* reused *either*."

        41. Is it possible to accidentally cheat the numbers? Because I logged into the Devroom with my standard Unity account, and got a second Servbot number, because I'd logged in with my Facebook account for my original #745...

          I guess I could always pass the number on to a family member.

          At any rate, I really hope people use common sense when it comes to their posts. The last thing we need is to be seen as a bunch of Fan Dumb who can't even formulate a thought without spewing venom.

        42. all it seams like they are doing is pissing everyone off no one can literally say that Megaman especially Megaman legends i honestly dont think that my word counts considering that they're are thousands other that are outraged by this act and also if they really wanted to make some money they would put MML3 on the Ps3 or Xbox360 so my thoughts are they do not respect Megaman like he is suppose to be treated for gods sake he's been through fire levels ice levels just for us now why cant we bring him his own game where he is free to run around and kick pigs like in MML2 i am grateful to be considered as a word among the thousands to bring back MML3 so overall just bring back MML3 so we kan start kicking new things


        43. @TTL: Here's the SS -

          Unfortunately, this makes little sense. Cookies are enabled, I've made an exception for both noscript and ad block plus, and yet it doesn't work. Same result for Chrome and IE. I'm not the only person, either. When I clear my cookies so I can see the site again, I noticed there's another person with the problem. They had a fried mention it, but they were told to look take it to the Tech Support forum, which they have yet to do. I have no idea what's causing this - even FF's suggestion makes little since since what it's suggesting I've already done.

          As for facebook... sorry, I refuse to join those social media sites. It'd be fine if my name was a common one, but it's not and as a result it'd be easy to track me down. I hate how they'll actually ban you if you don't use your real name... I seriously dislike it when I'm not allowed to use common internet safety practices.

        44. It's kind of hard to keep track
          of how many servbots there are now,
          I'm servbot #11334.

          But some people that signed up as servbots after me had numbers like "5877" and such!?
          Does anyone know if your servbot#
          is affected by your location,
          or is it just straight forward addition?

        45. Heh... It looks like MusashiAAA is turning into a second Amir.

          Inb4Amir comments to this post.


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