Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rockman Anime Goes Off-Air

After eight years of being on Japanese air waves, the animated Rockman franchise has come to an end. Kids-Station, home to reruns of Rockman.EXE Beast and Ryuusei no Rockman, has chosen to remove both shows from their schedule with no signs of either show, or previous seasons, returning any time soon. For the first time in eight years there is no Rockman to be found on Japanese television.

While new episodes of the animated franchise haven't been produced since 2008, Capcom continued to sponsor the EXE and Ryuusei television series on Kid-Station, since 2007, in the form of reruns. Kids-Station also played host to a short-lived mini-television series entitled "Rockman Stadium", a program that aimed to promote the then up-and-coming Shooting Star Rockman 3. Stadium ended its run in the Fall of 2009.  In short, you could find Rockman on TV ever since 2002, despite the lack of any new episodes or series.

Seeing that Capcom has recently used reruns to promote new EXE/Shooting Star games, the chances of shows re-airing is always a possibility, but we've yet to hear even a whisper if a new game from the "Network" series is in development. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised; we traditionally hear something right around this time of the year.

Thanks to Ristar for the news!


  1. Disheartening. It looks like Capcom is gradually moving away from BN and SF stuff.

  2. My dream is a new EXE 4,5 in english....with a lot of netnavi for the 3DS or can be so awesome :'(

  3. I'm surprised there were actually re-runs airing. I previously thought they ended like a year or two ago.

    Eh, I'm fine with the Network Timeline taking a short break.

    Legends Development team (~2000) -> Network Development team (2001-2009) -> Legends Development team (Now?) -> Network development team (Later)

    Crank out Legends 3 already, pull yourselves together after the total embarrasment that was OSS, and come back to the Network timeline with a roaring vengance in a new series on the 3DS.

    (And conclude the Legends series, while we're at it, before we're left with yet another terrible cliffhanger with another 10 year wait, With the wait being even more painful with the teasing in the crossovers dotted in between. Seriously, am I the only one that thinks Volnutt's frequent representation in many of the recent crossovers had been used as an excuse to not develop Legends 3?)

  4. I agree with anonymous#2 a new exe game for the wii would be awesome.But it looks like we may not get any exe game or starforce game for a long time.

  5. Now bring the ZX anime to light like they were going to originally when Ryuusei won out. >.>

  6. Yup, the end of an era.

  7. Yesss!!!

    Alilatias is peeing his pants in anger hahahahaha!!!

  8. Okay, sorry Protodude, but I feel this needs to be said.


    The only thing I'm angry about is how everyone's treating the odd absence of a Network timeline game during one year - especially a year in which we're having a major handheld hardware transition in the form of the 3DS, to boot - as the death of the entire timeline.

    Because Classic not getting a sequel one year meant that it ended. Kind of like how yearly releases of EXE/SF is considered 'milking the franchise', while yearly releases of Classic and X a decade earler is considered 'catering to the fanbase', right?

    Then again, I doubt you'd understand, as you happen to be a fan of the very series that had spanned across three console generations, was supposed to end at the 5th installment, yet Capcom decided to mass retcon that through three more games -and- several X spinoffs. Not only that, but those three games and said spinoffs were still being developed throughout the entire EXE/Zero era, while a certain other deserving series called Legends was ignored throughout, to boot.

    (Not saying X6-X8 aren't canon, but I'm pretty sure it's considered a fact by now that they weren't supposed to exist in the first place.)

    And now you are getting an MMO, demanding that X be represented in MvC3 (in which I have no problem with either of these, admittedly), and still demanding an X9. On top of that, you and other X fans engage in hostility towards fans of the Network Timeline (even when X games were still being produced alongside EXE, and especially now that both are on break). And throughout all this, series like Legends and ZX are left in the sidelines.

    Freaking spoiled, aren't you, kiddypeltox?

  9. Didn't you see the sign?

    Don't feed the trolls.

    Though for the record, I agree with you. :P

  10. @Alilatias:

    *sigh* I'm an X fan, don't care for BN at all, or Shooting star, or Legends... Or Zero.

    That being said, I'm trying not to be biased here, even though I am obviously a fan of the first two series and those will always be my focal point....

    BN and Ryuusei have both had their own animes, movies, TONS AND TONS of merchandise, what have you. If you want Mega Man stuff these days, chances are, what you find will be of BN/EXE or SS/Ryuusei form. Otakon for me, being a prime example. I searched the dealers room, and every time I said "Any Mega Man stuff?" I would be shown a BN toy. It took me forever to find the Super Modeling Soul figures and Sunday to finally score what I wanted- an X.

    That being said, EXE/Ryuusei is what most fans think of first if you say 'Mega Man'. In my Metool costume, people ask "Where's your pick-Ax?!" ... I have to remind them I am not a 'virus'.. I am cosplaying as the original metools, the ones that shoot you.. and then I shoot them with my nerf gun.

    X series, and Classic series, have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to merchandising, decisions to stop/continue the series, what have you.. X never had an anime. We had a 40-year-old overly buff and fairly badly drawn X in ONE EPISODE of the Mega Man cartoon. No mention of Zero or anything.. Just, oddball plot. Classic had it's own western cartoon, and an OAV, and has seen the limelight again now that Capcom is milking Nostalgia from all the folks my age who grew up on Mega Man 2.

    X series? We got a 30 minute OAV in MHX. We got snippets of Anime here and there in X3's PSX/Saturn versions and X4. We had hope with the DreamWave comics started to include X and Zero, but just as it got good (X showing up at Dr. Light's door), the comics, and Dream Wave, were gone. X had a Manga-ka that was made, but likely will never be released here despite the fact that most US / Western fans PREFER the X series over all the others..

    X6 was made strictly because X5 got released and was #1 in sales for 2 *months* in both Japan and the US. Infaune does not *own* the series. Capcom does. He merely designs the characters and some story line. Yes, he gave birth to the series; but like all things; once it gets popular enough to where it has a fanbase, part of that series belongs to the fans. Inafune even stated this in the X section of R20 for X6, that he owned the fans an apology for 'not understanding what the fans wanted'. AKA, we wanted more of X and Zero, not Zero in some funky art style that doesn't look anything like what we grew up with.

    Aside Legends, I really can't think of any series that has gotten such short ends of the stick aside X series.. So, forgive me if I have a glimmer of hope if they're taking a break from EXE/Ryuusei.. maybe that means an X anime is around the corner.

  11. Using merchandising as a point is dumb. The games are what matter.

  12. "most US / Western fans PREFER the X series over all the others.. "

    You sure?

    I know more young people that played BN than old people that played X. They just aren't all on the interwebs.

  13. @ Wolfshadow: Even though my main point was basically just the games themselves, I did not think much of the merchandise.

    While it's undeniable that a lot of EXE/SSR merchandise was made, all I hear about nowadays, especially on this blog, are figures and cushions modeled after the Classic and X series. (It's understandable on that front though, no one really cares much for EXE/SSR merchandise anymore.)

    As for people treating EXE/SSR as the definition of Rockman... That's understandable too, I saw quite a lot of that during the height of EXE about five to six years ago. Now though? Especially on the internet, hell no.

    However, the fact that X never really had an anime is unarguable, and I do understand why you guys would want one.

    One point I was trying to make is that the amount of hate EXE/SSR gets is grossly undeserved. I'd understand if you just say that you just don't like RPGs at all.

    But then you have the ignorant as hell [censored] like spoiled Kiddypeltox up there, insisting that EXE is a rip-off of Pokemon. I can understand why someone would say that due to the version thing, but Kiddypeltox up there (and many others like him on many other sites) has argued in the past that the whole Operator/Navi relationship is a rip-off of Pokemon and other such monster battling franchises - in which anyone who knows how to analyze themes properly would say that's nowhere near a valid comparison at ALL.

    Pokemon's part of a world that has always completely revolved around capturing and battling different monsters, in which the monsters have existed in their world seemingly since the beginning of time. EXE/SSR is part of a world that later became split into two distinct realms, in which each realm has evolved together to the point where they could no longer exist without the other. That resulted in partnerships between the Humans and the created Navis of each realm, with battling coming about not only as a pastime, but often necessary in order to protect the interests of the people in each world. That's not even mentioning that both sides are completely capable of thought and possibly free will as well. Huge freaking difference there.)

    Then you have the people arguing that they hate the series because it's being milked (no worse than Classic and X were a decade ago aside from X's lack of an anime, IMO), and then you have the purists who say that EXE/SSR shouldn't be considered Rockman just beause they aren't platformers.

    On top of that, some of them like Kiddypeltox up there also insist on harassing and launching personal attacks against anyone in the EXE/SSR fanbase.

    (Such as calling EXE/SSR hobby-style games, and calling the fans immature kiddies and pretenders that fell into the kiddy monster battling craze - which can't be any different than X capatilizing on the XXXXX-TREME craze of the 90's, huh? If both generalizations sound wrong, that's because they ARE wrong.)

    The kid up there in particular has been personally harassing me since last freaking October.

    Also, I never said anything about Inafune owning the X series. My main point was that X is a rather priveleged series in terms of game releases. X never got the short end of the stick in that category.

    (On that note, it does bear repeating that new X games were still being developed throughout the EXE/Zero era. I previously mentioned that Legends was ignored throughout. But now that I think about it, Classic was ignored outside of ports and one PSP remake throughout too, until MM9 was made during the SSR/ZX era. Now that Rockman Online is being developed, X is now entering a fourth console generation, while Legends is still nowhere to be seen. That should say quite a lot.)

  14. A pity... I liked the anime more than the games. Wish a third season for Shooting Star was made.

  15. PokeMan saga = Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga

    Could some of you (pokephiles) get the meaning of this? It´s easy!

  16. It's a shame I generally agree with you Alilatias, because I hate reading long posts.

    You should start posting tl;drs.

  17. I've gotta wonder what "reputable" member of the fan community is masquerading as kotipeltox.

  18. Yeah, we are always expecting something on the EXE/Starforce series at this time of year, apparently, either they want to put the continuity to a close so they can go back to breeding the crap out of X's success, or even come up with a new series in the EXE/Starforce continuity.

    But this months CoroCoro had nothing on Megaman despite this being the time of year a new EXE/Starforce game is announced, instead, it wouldn't shut up about Pokemon Black and White, which won't be discussed next issue because IT WILL ALREADY BE OUT!!!!! Maybe next issue will have something on Megaman (I'm pretty sure this months issue is out, but most people leak CoroCoro strictly for the Pokemon information and nothing else, exept for that one issue that revealed the Robot Masters from Megaman 10).

    Capcom has not said WHY they took the anime off, maybe it's just on hiatus with a Starforce 3 anime in the works, or maybe they're making Starforce 4, now don't start telling me it's over, as many fans believed that Battle Network 3 was the last game, then they made Battle Network 4, and then it truly ended with Battle Network 6.

    Still, Starforce 3 left us some unanswered questions:

    Who is Heartless really and why was she looking for Kelvin in the first plae?

    What happened to King after the final battle?

    What about the other space station crew members that were lost in the incident?

    How will WAZA get rid of all the Noise?

    These are the unanswered questions that have left us hanging, I know they probably have answers somewhere, but there is still potential for a new entry in the Starforce continuity.

    It won't be long before we get to the Penny Arcade Expo, so there's a chance that a new Megaman game will be announced for the 3DS, after all, Capcom had no launch titles for the 3DS so far, since the first Battle Network was one of the launch titles for the GBA, the only upcoming Megaman games we know of are the Korean MMO Megaman Online (the Korean Digimon MMO was just launched in North America about a few months ago, despite being made BACK IN 2003!!!!!), and Megaman Universe, which apparently is not made for WiiWare as far as we know, nothing on Megaman for the 3DS so far, but it will probably be ZX3, Starforce 4, or possibly a new Megaman series, we may never know

    @kotipeltox: Stop making fun of Alilatias, it's not funny!

  19. I can't wait for Megaman's debut on the 3DS. You just know they're cooking up something awesome.

    I secretly hope it's EXE or a new network timeline game, but I'd take anything (other than the retro MM2 "remake")!

  20. @ one of the many Anons..

    Results from the GameFaqs poll 2 years back. X series was #1 in preferrence, Classic was #2.

    Yeah, I'm sure.

    @Alilatias: :( I'm sorry you have such annoying trolls bugging you. We Rockman / Mega Man fans need to stick together and get along; if one series suffers we all, in a way, suffer...

    That being said.. I dunno, growing up, I had Ninja Turtles and even Mario and Link toys to play with, for Mega Man characters we had to rely on Play-Doh (and watch it fall apart in a week).. The Bandai X sets were hard-to-find and expensive as all get out back in 97-99 when I first found out about them. Even now, most of the BN toys and stuff are just re-packaged Japanese toys. Jazzwares was a god-send. And, like all 'good things' to happen as far as merchandising for X series goes, it falls by the wayside shortly thereafter. It just seems to be the way that luck for a western fan of that series goes. If I was in Japan I could snag whatever I wanted, no problems.. Here? Not so much.

    Though, it is nice to see Classic finally getting some new light shown on it, it was kinda always popular, being the 'original'. Back when EXE was the rage, if I was looking for the Shadow Armor-parts versions of the bandais, I would find EXE, Classic.. Heck, even the RC Rush/Rock car I could find.. it was Classic... and when it comes down to brass tacks, with the toys/goodies/anime/whathaveyou ASIDE games.. Aside Legends, X really has gotten a short stick. It's not that the storyline is there (It could easily be written like Bleach/Naruto/Soul Eater, there's more than enough supporting cast characters and tons of room to make side plots), it's just Capcom doesn't do it.. which is sad given the amount of potential that's there.

    The games have also gotten a short stick- let's not forget the voice acting in X4, and X7. Or how Capcom asked us for what we wanted in MMXCollection and never delivered.. Or how MHX / PU never saw beyond X1/MM1. Could they re-release the games on PSN/XBL? Yup. Would fans DL / Buy them? Yup. Will they release these games as DLC?


    Let's also not forget countless game mags from back when X was the hot to trot game, pissing on it just because the title said 'Mega Man' somewhere in it, claiming Zero was X's dog.. whatever. And even the ad for the X GCN controller followed this.. You don't see such mistakes and shortfalls with EXE / BN. You see it with X, and mostly, X alone. Capcom practically makes it the company loo, or Capcom USA does.. I'm not sure. I think the blame rests on Capcom USA.. The Cannon Spike manual comes to mind here, using an image of Trigger when it was Classic MM whom was playable..

    Aside Legends, I really would like to see X get the recognition it deserves, and what EXE/Ryuusei have been getting all along.

    As far as BN and Pokemon being linked...

    ......Um.. In the g4 interview with Inafune, one of the Capcom reps directly points out that BN was to 'cash in' on the Pokemon craze, oh, and Inafune wanted to get his son into Mega Man. So.. Coming directly from a CoJ rep's mouth during a taped interview, I have to disagree there.

  21. Either the EXE/SSR franchise is on a break or is finished but either way I lost most interests in Mega Man, even though I will buy Mega Man Universe when it comes out in the states. If they ever announce a new ZX or SSR title I might et interested again. If its a new title for the next year I might have a 3DS so I might buy it.....I already sold my DS as well as all of my DS and GBA games.

  22. @Wolfshadow: You didn't read my comment, did you.

  23. That doesn't mean BN is a pokemon ripoff. It was targeted at the same audience.

    It's like saying Halo is the same as Call of Duty because they're both shooters.

    Oh wait...

  24. "......Um.. In the g4 interview with Inafune, one of the Capcom reps directly points out that BN was to 'cash in' on the Pokemon craze, oh, and Inafune wanted to get his son into Mega Man. So.. Coming directly from a CoJ rep's mouth during a taped interview, I have to disagree there."


  25. Oh look, Kiddypeltox is leeching off of others' arguments, like he has always done.

    Then again, I got curious and went over to the MMX9 site, supposedly a site he's proud of - and all I saw him do there was make one topic bashing the EXE series in typical troll fashion last year. He abandoned the topic as it gained three pages worth of fellow X fans providing their own views, and at the same time mostly disagreeing with one person who is just as bad as he is in an argument.

    Hilarious how someone claiming to be older than us EXE fans has next to no mastery of grammar or basic logic as well. Same for that one person who argues like he did. I wonder if that means anything about people like him?


    Wolfshadow, if you really mean that you don't want such annoying trolls bugging us, stop providing him with false ammunition that can be twisted and interpreted to suit his trolling needs.

    That said, I can't find this supposed 'G4 interview' anywhere, not even on TMMN's interview section. The closest thing I can find is this one:

    With this one sentence etched towards the bottom, in the EXE section:

    "I created [Battle Network] so that I could experience the fun of Rockman with my own son," explains Inafune. "We both really love this series."

    What's that about Pokemon in there? Oh, it's not mentioned at all?

    Look, I'm not denying that EXE was milked in similar fashion to Pokemon. But to argue that it is actually a direct rip-off of Pokemon is a huge leap of logic. With how annoyingly prolific this argument has become, it's to the point where I believe that anyone who thinks this needs to get shot for stupidity immediately.

    I might sound like a prick, but the EXE fanbase generally treats this issue as SRS BUISNESS, and rightfully so.

    Link or that G4 interview didn't happen.


    At least those games actually existed. You know X didn't get the short end of the stick at all when you have direct spinoffs of the X series like IHX and MMXCM, one of which is a freaking retelling of the first X game, for crying out loud!

    (And that one, at least, sets the stage for the entire X series to be redone in similar fashion, should Inafune ever pick up the project again. The EXE fanbase would probably kill for something like this, seeing as EXE 4-6 is basically the equilavent of X 6-8 in terms of its effects on the story and series universe.)

    And at least you guys got a collection. Sure, it didn't have the features that you and others may have wanted. But that has happened to EVERY collection. Does Saito have to come in here and start rambling about MMZ Collection again?

    Voice acting? The EXE/SF games that did have voice acting had terrible voice acting too, unless I need to remind you about the kinds of reactions that Star Force 3 had last year.

  26. And I have to split my arguments into two due to reaching the 4,016 character limit.


    Reviews? Pfft. Go on any popular gaming site, such as IGN and GameSpot. Look at their reviews, particularly those after EXE 3, and try to tell me that the EXE games weren't being shat on in similar fashion. This happens to just about any Rockman series with a high number of installments.

    The main exception to this is Star Force... In which it was shat on en masse immediately JUST for being a spinoff of EXE.

    Ads? The Capcom marketing department during the 90s and early 2000's was pretty crazy... Eh, don't have much to say on this.


    What recognition? EXE/SF and their fans are now spat at nearly everywhere we go. I see the typical 'It's a ripoff of Pokemon/it has Japanese Shonen Plot crap, therefore it automatically sucks/it's marketed towards kids, therefore its fanbase is the bane of all gaming' syndrome whenever someone dares to discuss the EXE/SF series outside of the fansites.

    Really, the only thing that has gained the series some respect is the combat system of the games.

    If anything, X already has plenty of recognition, especially since the cries for an X9 and X to be represented in MvC3 (and earlier SSB:B) is almost as loud for the cries for a Legends 3.

    Difference being that a disturbingly high number of cries for an X9 are usually followed by bashing of other series that have a chance of recieving a sequel too, particularly Legends, ZX, and EXE/SF (of which EXE/SF have no chance at a sequel, but a large majority of people who constantly bash EXE/SF have never even played the games and wouldn't know anyways).

    To argue that X is not as widely recognized as EXE/SF, you're either willfully blind to this for the sake of the argument, or you don't visit enough gaming sites.



    1 - Kiddypeltox leeching from the adults' arguments as always

    2 - Demanding a link to that G4 interview, while providing a different interview that doesn't say anything about any connection to Pokemon

    3 - Direct X spinoff series that were never picked up again is not a good excuse for claiming that the X games have recieved the short end of the stick.

    4 - The collection not having the features everyone wanted is not a good excuse for claiming short stick.

    5 - Voice acting is not a good excuse for claiming short stick too.

    6 - The type of reviews later X games got is still not a good excuse.

    7 - Trying to argue that X doesn't have as much recognition and respect as EXE/SF is laughable.

  27. @Alilatias:

    Part 2:

    And, I'm not trying to provide any false ammo. I'm just repeating what was said, really. It wasn't Inafune who said it, it was some other CoJ rep.. He had a servbot in his cubicle, I remember.

    I know it wasn't nearly as good a remake as MHX / PU, but.. didn't you guys get OSS too?

  28. Also, something I just noticed.

    most US / Western fans PREFER the X series over all the others

    Results from the GameFaqs poll 2 years back. X series was #1 in preferrence, Classic was #2.

    Aside Legends, I really would like to see X get the recognition it deserves, and what EXE/Ryuusei have been getting all along.

    Contradictory, much?

  29. Ok, and what he said (or at least, how it was translated),

    "Making BN was difficult, as there was no other game like it at the time.. There was no pattern to follow. and, 2.. To blend an action game, with the fun you get from Pokemon games, was very difficult."

    As far as I can tell, that's pretty much them saying it was meant to be like Pokemon with a new twist on it.. So.. Again, that's where I'm coming from.. Which, no offense to Capcom but.. if I wanna play Pokemon, I'm gonna play Pokemon.. Not this. :P But!! To each their own. I really had no idea BN/EXE fans get spit on everywhere they go now; and for that I'm sorry. :( However, back when EXE was the 'thing', it was the same for us X/Classic fans.. and I think Legends fans have been spat on all along as they've waited for Legends 3. So.. It seems that every series gets that, at one point or another.

  30. Fine, I'll just end with this.


    "fun you get from Pokemon games" =/= Direct ripoff.

    Think about it. What other phrase could this CoJ rep use that would get a similar point across, without it being too long-winded?


  31. Will you people stop comparing Battle Network to Pokemon, the two are nothing alike

    Sure they may have the same target audience, but that's just about it, what else IS there to compare to......


    Seriously, we all have out opinions, but please stop the flammitory comments on the Megaman continuim......

    Say what you want to say, but leave other peoples opinions alone!

  32. Yeah, it's already been established long ago that kotipeltox is a moron. Nothing to see here, people.


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