Monday, August 30, 2010

3D Mega Man Art From FanExpo

FanExpo isn't just a convention focused on all things gaming, comics and anime, but also a venue for independent artists to exhibit and sell their work. Spotted at the event this past weekend, here's a nifty piece of art that some of you will surely dig; an eye-popping, 3D recreation of the famous Mecha Dragon boss battle from Mega Man 2.

The piece was for sale but there's been no word if it sold or not. The artist's identity is shrouded in mystery, too. Nevertheless, it's a really awesome piece of work. Full sized pick available here.

Source: Agent M Loves Tacos


  1. I thought it was some 3ds max rendering or something....

  2. D: Ohman, I wish I could have seen that.

    Me and my friend pooled money together for a present for Hitoshi Ariga.

    If we had seen this we would have pooled even more out for it.

  3. *inb4 mm2 haters* I might actually try to make a 3ds max thingy.. I need to practise 3d stuff.


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