Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mega Man Megamix and MMZX Vol 2 Dated

At last, we have ourselves a firm release date for Mega Man Megamix vol. 2 and Mega Man ZX vol. 2. Udon Entertainment's own Matt Moylan sends word that both books are set to hit comic book retailers on September 8th. However, the release date for online vendors and bookstores is a bit less precises; could be a few days earlier or a few days later, but comic book shops will have them in stock on the 8th.

To keep you busy until then, you can check out previews for both volumes over at Udon Entertainment's official blog.  I'm also pleased to announce that Udon intends to hit us up with more exclusive previews right here on the blog as we approach the books' release. Stay tuned!

Many, many thanks, Matt!


  1. Cant wait for megamix 2. ZX was okay, but megamix is where its at.

  2. I really hope UDON starts to lose customers over this scheduling bullshit.

    Seriously, it's not worth supporting a company that can't make its deadlines AND doesn't inform anyone about the delays for weeks/months on end...

  3. After Megamix 3 comes out (if it actually DOES), I'm completely done with Udon comics...I knew they had problems with scheduling/delays in the past, but this is pretty damn ridiculous.

  4. Anon #3/4 (cuz you're obviously the same person), I realize you're entitled to your opinion and I agree their scheduling is ridiculous, but do you realize how hard Japanese companies are to work with? Would you prefer no one bring these items over?

    From seeing the guys who work for Udon talk, they have a genuine desire to bring us these materials and have even gone to extra lengths to give us some nice surprises as well.

    I'm sure each and every delay is a result of something out of their control occurring or trying to do a better job. I highly doubt they're sitting on these books thinking, 'oh, let's torment our customer base'.

  5. "Would you prefer no one bring these items over?"

    I know UDON's not "fooling around" with their customers and I'm sure there are several elements beyond their control, but I just don't think it's worth giving my money to a company that continues to be an unreliable publisher.

    At this point, I'm wouldn't be surprised if someone's working on decent scanslations of the remaining chapters (hell, I'm already looking into the prospect myself). Someone, ANYONE, needs to pick up UDON's slack.

    (By the way, sorry about splitting up my rant...I just wanted to add that last bit and I forgot to mention that Anon 3 and 4 was me.)

  6. It wouldn't be so bad if Udon would just WAIT to give us a release date until they KNOW it'll be ready instead of getting our hopes up time and time again.

  7. I do agree they should hold off on setting release dates until they know for sure. But they're a fairly new company but they have a lot of potential. They've lasted a heck of a lot longer than I ever thought they would and they pretty much publish the best Megaman material in the US. I'll give them some leeway.

  8. Darn, got my hopes up. -_- I thought it meant a Mega Man ZX 2 (game). XD

  9. Hypercoyote: Well, at least you're being pretty understanding with folks (such as I) who AREN'T happy with these developments, unlike here in the comment section:


    I know it's a bad thing to bitch and moan, but it's also pretty crappy when guys like this Dr. Jerk character makes the situation worse by coming off as condescending, sycophantic douchebags.

  10. Mega Man ZX 2 is ZX:Advent. We're looking for 3. :P

    Looking through these comments all I hear is "BAWWWWW". Stuff happens, get over it. Some people are acting like they're trying desperately to get a new kidney.. it's just a book. I seriously doubt Udon will loose people... alot of us have worked hard to get these mangas put out in English. They could be delayed until doomsday and I wouldn't care so long as I knew they WERE coming out. I pre-ordered mine on Amazon and they'll get here when they get here.

  11. Yay! I've been looking forward to this. Hopefully 3 will not take as long to be released... Thought I kind of doubt it...
    Oh well, at least I can get my hands on a version that I actually understand :)

    ... Maybe there will be a Megaman X series as well? I'd like that :)

  12. It's about damn time they came out!

  13. After Megamix 3 comes out (if it actually DOES), I'm completely done with Udon comics...

    I guess that means you don't wanna stick around for Gigamix?

  14. Clown Prince of Crime: If I change my mind about getting Gigamix, I won't make the mistake of pre-ordering it when UDON "schedules" it...I'll wait until the book's actually released at my bookstore.

  15. Well, Borders and B&N's already got Megamix pushed back to September 14th/21st, and Megamix #3's got the dreaded 12-12-2012 "release" date at the Right Stuf.

    I've cancelled my preorders, and I've thrown my copy of Megamix #1 in the trash: UDON, I hope you're happy.


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