Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mega Man Avatars Coming To PSN

Bit of a slow news weekend, but here's something PlayStation savvy fans might want to keep an eye out for. According to Amazon's online PlayStation Network shop, a series of Mega Man-themed PlayStation ID avatars are set to release on Augusts 31 for $0.49 a pop. Three avatars are in the works: Roll, Doctor Light and Neo Metool.

Amazon are offering online game codes for each avatar, meaning you buy a code from Amazon that's redeemed on PlayStation Network to receive the avatar. Codes won't be distributed until the 31st, mind you.

Capcom's made a trend as of late to offer up character based PSN avatars with batches of avatars being made available on weekly PlayStation Store updates each Tuesday. Previous incarnations included characters from Street Fighter III and Darkstalkers. Looks like Mega Man is up next! I'll update the post with images as soon as they are revealed.


  1. Slowly the PS3 has started to accrue features and games and content that has made me want one.

    It's a crying shame I can't afford one.

  2. I would kill for a Mega Man or Bass xbox 360 avatar.

  3. ...I find it sad that this is all the news we really have on things. Toys, Avatars, Manga, and side games that look like they'll be mediocre at best...

    What about the core games? I'm not exactly asking for my ZX3, but at least something. Er, rather, something that's NOT an old-school style MM11. >_>

  4. @Role: Megaman Universe?

    I hate the word "core".

  5. I find it sad we have to pay for Avatars....

  6. @Ano2: I dunno, it's just that the game seems to just scream side-game. While that may be nice and all, I just can't get myself very excited. Both MMU and the other game they've got coming out just... really don't have me excited at all.

    As for 'core', come up with a better name if you must. While MM9 was great, and 10 was okay, it's time to move on with the other series. We could use an X9, a Zero Prequel (elf wars, possibly) would be nice, ZX3 would be awesome, and don't get me started on how many people want Legends 3.

    But we're getting a couple of things that really just... feel like side games, rather than main games in the series.

  7. But "side games" are new, aren't they? I'd rather have a new interpretation than Megaman 472.

    I get what you meant by core, I'm just sick of hearing the word. It must be the whole casual/hardcore thing that exploded with the wii.


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