Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wood Man, Ice Man Retro Rotos On The Way?

Once considered indefinitely canceled, it appears Jazwares might be looking to finally release the long awaited second wave of Mega Man Retro Rotos, if the packaging of the new 2010 re-released figures is any indication.

Wood Man and Ice Man Rotos, two figures originally said to be canceled, are being advertised on the backs of the re-released wave 1 figures as "coming soon" (pictured). Keen-eyed fans will note that both Wood Man and Ice Man were advertised on the backs of the original 2005 packaging (click for image), back when they were slated to originally release. However, what's interesting here is Jazwares could have taken this opportunity to remove the ads on the new packages; but they didn't. They did, however, remove all mention of the Build-A-Bot figure, whose pieces are no longer included in the re-releases.

Was their inclusion an error or intentional?  Jazware's has yet to comment, but past remarks made by Jazwares' National Sales Coordinator, Scott Levine, indicate the company is pushing to get wave 2 out the door along with a line of new 3.5'' figures. Further, it appears even Jazware's own website is gearing up for a potential second wave as the site now clearly labels the current, re-released figures as wave 1; a tag dropped many, many years ago.

It'd be nice to finally get these guys, so I'm hoping to get the official word from Jazwares soon. In the meantime, you can support the realization of wave 2 by telling Jazware's you want them via Twitter or FaceBook.

Thanks to greatbuysguy for the image.


  1. I'd certainly hope that is the case. Love to have wood man!

  2. i couldnt find any at cvs pharmacy, just saiyan.

  3. Shame that Canada still doesn't stock the other re-releases...

  4. @MegamanXX FJ:

    Was that Dragon Ball Z reference intentional?

  5. Did they redo the Mega Man figure? Because the one in that website screenshot looks a lot different (and better) than the one that was released in 2005 (shown in the picture of the packaging).

  6. Like I said before, the more the merrier. Lets see some more retro rotos! Let's one day have all the robot masters! =D

  7. OH?!
    Do WANT! =^^=
    Now if they'd go right on to the other one's missing...


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