Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kotobukiya Blues Revealed (Update)

Here it is, our first look at the third Rockman figure from Kotobukiya: Blues!

Presented at Chara Hobby 2010 event in Japan, the poster reveals Blues will feature a detachable shield and three face plates (hopefully one of those includes Break Man). While pricing and a specific release date weren't revealed, the poster reassures convention goers to expect the figure by the end of this year.

Update: Scratch that. The model is not coming out by the end of the year, but sometime in early 2011. Thanks for the tip, Stan.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. I just had the song "Sexy B*tch" running when I choose to check in here... How fitting considering I just found what probably will be the X-mas gift to myself this year <3

    Pity is only, that after seeing Roll's exchangeable model, I had secretly hoped to have the option to alternate between Blues as we know him and his manga form (black coat <3)

    Oh well ^^ I certainly can live with this one too... <3


  3. looks a lot like Rockman's body. I guess the belt will just be a paint job then?

  4. None of the figures I've bought will compare to this beauty.

  5. Awesome now all wee need is a Bass figure.

  6. Compared to Rock 'n Roll he seems to have less accessories. They could add his Break Man helmet, his quiff and Dark Man's lost scarf. But it's still a Proto Man prototype, so changes may come. He's still awesome anyway!

  7. yaaay Bluesss~
    I couldnt resist Rock and Roll, I'm so getting him too <3


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