Monday, August 23, 2010

Preorders Are Go For Kotobukiya Roll

For your convenience, here's a nice handy dandy list of import retailers currently accepting preorders for the Kotobukiya Roll model, slated to ship in December. Amiami was first out the door to offer preorders, but more shops are quickly following suit. Links to buy the model and prices below.

If you're looking to purchase the model, choose which shop best fits your budget and order away. Shipping and handling fees vary depending on the retailer and your location, so the final price tag could end up being a pretty penny.

As mentioned earlier, Roll isn't expected to ship until December. Her counterpart model, Rockman, is due to release at the end of next month and a Blues model (Proto Man) will be coming along before year's end.


  1. I heard that the Mega Man figure will be coming to the Capcom store or something like that. Does anybody know the details behind that? And also if Roll and Proto Man will be coming, as well?

  2. Still want. Very much so! Just...maybe not for that price. XD


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