Monday, August 9, 2010

Mega Man Kubricks Headed To Capcom Store

One of the neatest products to come from the Mega Man brand earlier this year, the Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick/Bear Brick sets, are finally coming stateside. Capcom announced tonight plans to stock both sets in their own online store on August 12:

"In addition to the ServBot Bobble Budds, I just added the Mega Man Kubrick & 1Up Bearbrick set and the Proto Man Kubrick & 1Up Bearbrick Set. Available in the Asian market for a while now, we made an exclusive deal with Medicom to localize them for the Capcom Store.
The packaging is all in English! 500 of each set were produced exclusively for us. Buy them both together and get $5 off."

Also of note, the 7cm tall Kubricks come with additional parts. Mega Man has interchangeable pieces that make him helmetless, two different facial expressions and a removable Buster, while Proto Man comes with an optional Break Man face and removable Buster and shield. Additionally, each figure has their own "Bearbrick", a translucent bear figure touting sprites of the character's respective 1UP icons on their chests.

If you'd like to guarantee a set of your very own, you may want to preorders your set(s) now -- they're going to go quick! Click the respective links above to preorder.


  1. $40 each?

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't get the obsession with these? They just look like Lego minifigs.

  3. But... At Comic-Con they were $10 a pair, I believe... Maybe I was just seeing things. lol

  4. These cost more individually than the last several megaman game releases... Why?

  5. $40?! What the heck is wrong with Japan and their hyper-expensive mini-toys? O_o

  6. Yeah, I agree Anon#1, I don't think these are that cool at all. And $40 each is definitely too much and makes them super undesirable IMO.

  7. Woah, way to throw me off.

    I thought my bookmark was broken, but then I read the news. Now I'm happy.


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